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Does the History of Middle Earth collection contain all of the information found in the other seperate, individual volumes?

If I recall correctly, there are 9 volumes of the HoME, but in the collection there are only 5 books. Does this mean that the collection has omitted some information or rather that it has just been condensed into 5 books?

If at all possible, please email replies to my email address at as my memory is so terrible I may forget to check here for a while!

just in case someone else wants to know, the HOME series is 12 books long. the first 2, lost tales vol. 1,2 are stories. then the Shaping of ME is about Tolkiens early drafts of some Stories. the lays of Beleriand are about (pretty much) the lost tales in verse. the Lost Road has the Entymologies in it which has many Qenya roots in it. it also has some stories. the return of the Shadow, Treason of Isengaurad and the war of the ring is tolkiens early drafts of FOTR, TTT, and ROTK. the last for, Sauron defeated, Morgoths ring, the peoples of ME, and the war of the jewels ihave (sadly) not read. Orc Sad Smilie Shaking Head Smilie If anyone disagrees please correct me as it has been awile since iread them.