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As we all know Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings and all things that go with it as a historical legend for England, he did this because England had no mythical history.
Now if any of you have made myths up about your countries or made-up countries post your legends here with who lives there, what it looks like or even the made up language tha goes with it.

Ever since I was little I have been doing this.

But one race i made up were the Noo-Noos.
They looked evil and had massive bends in there knees so they can spring/junp really high to catch Soptercots (their prey) who lived in trees.

I wrote many stories about the Soptercots tricking the Noo-Noos so they wouldn't get eaten.

Hey, I was little.

Please Post
Aaaah...but doesn't this seem to be the wrong place to start the topic? I mean, this place is solely to discuss about the H.O.M.E. series. This topic ought to have been started in the "Writer's Guild". Thank you!
Agreed. So I have moved this discussion to the writers guild, where it can hang around the other creative threads. You will be magically transported there by clicking here!!
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This thread will selfdestruct in a few days or when I suddenly remember it.
Actually this section was not created for discussing the H.O.M.E. series of books, but for discussing the history of Middle-earth and initially contained the only the lengthy mail-in trivia quiz and its decendents. The book series would be better discussed under our Other section under Books.