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Middle-Earth changed too much and is very unstable.First was a huge continent with a lake in the middle and an island(Almaren) in that lake.Also it had two very large mountains(They were the only mountains) named Helcar and Ringil.Then Morgoth came, party pooping around the place and made Middle Earth smaller and they were new mountains and lakes all around the place.The Mountain Ranges were called the Orocarni(Red),Luin(Lindon and Blue), Misty(Hithaelglihir), Yellow, Grey and Engrin(Iron).The two great lakes of Middle Earth are Helcar and Ringil.Then, after the War of the Powers they were many new highlands in Beleriand.They are Ered Wetrin, Ered Lomin, Echoriath, Dorthonion, Andram and the hills that are in the March maedhros. I forgot the Ered Gorgroth too.After that, at the end of the First age Beleriand sunk and most of the Iron Mountains got Destroyed as well as the Grey Mountains and Helcar and Ringil disappeared(Helcar became Mordor).At the end of the second age Numenor sank and goodness knows what happens in the Forth age. Why does Middle-Earth seems to get smaller and smaller?
A few corrections...

Halcar and Ringol were lakes, not mountains. Illuin and Ormal were the two great mountains, tallest in the world above any that came after them. They were not the only mountains in the begginning though. Melkor rose the Iron mountains before them in the far north.

The Inland sea of Ringol dissolved after the War of Powers when a huge southern chunk of Middle-earth broke off to form the new continet - the Dark Lands.
Why does Middle-Earth seems to get smaller and smaller?

For the same reason our Earth has gotten smaller: with the passage of time mankind can travel farther per day than he could before. A few centuries ago it took close to two years to circumnavigate the world; now it can be done in 90 minutes.

Likewise time compresses as we age: when we were toddlers a year lasted a lifetime; when we were in school we thought the day would never end; now that I'm in my sixties, a week goes by in a day, and by the end of a month the season has once more changed and Christmas is almost here again. Too little time; too much to do. Teacher Smilie
The main reason why the Earth seems smaller is because they used to have horses, carriges, boats and our feet. Now we can got helicopters, cars, trucks, buses, aeroplanes, speedboats and so on.All of these can go faster than horses. So we can go around the Earth faster which is good, but it makes it seem that the world is smaller. What a dreaful prospect!
Why is this dreadful? It brings people and the rest of the world closer. It becomes harder and harder to close your eyes and ears and say "these things doesn't concern me, they happen so far away".
The more we learn about the world, the more we see how much there is to learn. No matter how many airplanes you have, you will never be able to explore the whole planet in one life time. You will never meet all the people in the world, see all the animals, visit all the villages and cities, the caves, the mountain tops, the islands, the sea floor. *cue violins and sappy background music* Anyway, the earth doesn't change much, but people do. Hopefully to the better.
But for what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
Well, I sort of get the point of what Amarie said but what happened to all those cities and towns in Middle-Earth or even the forests?Did the Easterlings and the Haradrim go on a rampage? I don't know but one thing is ceirtan:the world has changed.Lots of places had sunk, or buried, burned, flooded in the forth to fifth(metal)age.Could we be the decendents of the Dunedain or the Elves, maybe even Hobbits or Dwarves?I will certainly like to have some elvish or dunedain blood in me. And what on Arda happened to places like Minas Tirith, Edoras, Isengard, Helm's deep, Rivendell, Umbar, Bree-land, The Shire or the Gey Haveans?How did all of them get destroyed in Middle-Earth?
Perhaps after the Elves left and the Dwarves withdrew even more into there mountains with the dominion of Men they evolved? Perhaps they found better defences so changed the old fortress into cities and began inventing more modern styles of defence. Even in the Third Age there were clocks in middle-earth and its not much of a jump from clocks to electricity.
I don't want to be a soggy blanket, but we must remember that we are talking about fiction here. Teacher Smilie Still, feel free to speculate as if it was our history. Happy Elf Smilie
feel free to speculate as if it was our history.

Sure, why not?! After all, that was what JRRT originally intended when he wrote the Lost Tales. Wouldn't it be nice if we were all descended from the Dunedain?

And another thing...I live in northern NJ and I think there are definitely still some half-orcs around here -- just go on any highway during rush hour, LOL!!! Orc Going Huh Smilie
Yes, they are many people that seem like they decended from orcs. For they are ugly, mean and careless of what happens to others and try todo what harm they can do. Also, they are some people who look like they decended from Hobbits.And some people have that tall, fair, solemn and proud like the Dunedain or even elves(Through the houses of Elrond and Elros or/and the Moriquendi) and some people do not look like they decended any of these.