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I have a rather random question. When the dwarves awoke the Balrog in Moria, did it attack Lothl’rien? I can't remember, but I seem to recall that the attack, though not the fault of the dwarves, is the source of the long standing dislike between Elves and dwarves. And if this didn't happen, or if it wasn't the cause, what was?
The Balrog never attacked Lothlorien as far as i know though Morian Orcs did. The grief which lies between Dwarves and Silvan Elves is probably due to the destruction of Menegroth and its folk by one house of Dwarf (not Durin's but dwarves of belegost). King Thingol who was slain by the dwarves was akin to Celeborn as is told in the Silmarillion.
Well I really mixed up my history there, didn't I? At least Lothl’rien was attacked at some point, and the animosity between the Elves and dwarves had something to do with a forest... Big Smile Smilie
Gloin yes. He was imprisoned by Legolas father's for trespassing in their realm. He had not forgotten that. And Menegroth was in a forest known as The hidden land which was protected by A magic girdle which stopped anyone from entering. The was ended after Thingol's death which allowed the dwarves free access to menegroth.
One other point from the Unfinished Tales, Part Two: The second Age, Section IV : The History of Galadriel and Celeborn, where it says the following:
Celeborn had no liking for Dwarves of any race (as he showed to Gimli in Lothl’rien), and never forgave them for their part in the destruction of Doriath; but it was only the host of Nogrod that took part in that assault, and it was destroyed in the battle of Sarn Athrad (The Silmarillion page 233-5] The Dwarves of Belegost were filled with dismay at the calamity and fear for its outcome, and this hastened their departure eastward to Khazad-d’m. Thus the Dwarves of Moria may be presumed to have been innocent of the ruin of Doriath and not hostile to the elves.

Galadriel didn't harbour this animosity because she was farsighted knowing the Dwarves would be needed, as would all free peoples of Middle-earth, in the future to overthrow Sauron. Besides, she had been a pupil of Aul’ and Yavanna in Valinor and had a natural sympathy with the "Children of Aul’" with their minds and their passionate love of handcrafts. Read Smilie
It is a pity the Balrog thought so locally and was content with merely ruling a dusty maw filled with over a few hundred Orcs & goblins.

It would have been a chance for Galadriel, the would-be Dark Queen, to prove her worth.

The Balrog was awoken in T.A. 1980 and didn't do anything at all for over 1,000 years... talk about evil ambition.
Yes, furthermore to show his cowadice we may ask where was he during the battle of Azanulbizar?
Awaked he was perhaps but can we asume that he was not trapped in some cave?
And eventually digged out by the orcs?
Oh, and after chasing out the Dwarve,s the Balrog returned to its chamber where she resumed stokng her fires upon the high-sulfur content coal she had previously found there. After this centuries long feeding frenzy, she fell asleep and didn't awake again until a plumbing stone, plummeting in its descent from on high, smashed into a nearby puddle and splashed her with stagnant water, which awakened both her and her ire.

Of course I could have written "it" and "its" or "he" and "his" instead of "she" and "her", because we really don't know the gender of the Balrog, nor if anything I have written here contains any truthiness or is mere conjecture.
this is actually a quite interesting subject Big Smile Smilie
when i have time i will definedly write a short tale about the awakening of the balrog Smile Smilie
I wouldn't say the Balrog is a "she" else Gandalf would never have hit it, knowing the gentleman he is.

But Arath i tend to think that the dwarves freed unwittingly the Balrog from his hole maybe thinking that they had found a new cave. It could be then that Durin was killed.
The Balrog could have become entrapped by a cave-in before the Dwarves inadvertently freed him.
Ok let's say he Dwarves freed him. But how did he manage to lock himself in a cave. If i remember correctly the appendix of LOTR tells that the Balrog had escaped the breaking of thangorodim and had hidden himself in the deep places of the world. So that raises some questions:

1) Khazad Dum existed right from the first age, so how did he get below the mines? Gandalf later reveals that the balrog knew the mines well from the lowest dungeons and even beyond dark places where the dwarves do not go? So how did he reach there? The quote for that is:

Far, far below the deepest delvings of the Dwarves, the world is gnawed by nameless things. Even Sauron knows them not.....In that despair my enemy was my only hope....Thus he brought me back at last to the secret ways of Khazad dum: too well he knew them all.

2)Based on the assumption that the Dwarves freed him why did the mighty lot of them flee from it? They might have attempted to block the lodes leading to the Balrog (it was their search for mithril which led them to it).
The dwarves flew from it because Durin, their lord, was slain and they thought that they could not kill such a beast. Evidently they had forgotten the deeds of their forefathers in the battles against morgoth where they whitstood such beasts and even dragons. But i think that the balrog had a army of goblins and orcs and the dwarves were outnumbered.

the balrog knew the secrets of the passages because it had a long time to adventure in them.

as for getting under the mines i think the poor thing got caught into a somekind of a cave in while hiding in the misty mountais and found itself a passage there... or... it just turned the heat up and melted its way down there Big Smile Smilie
The Balrog was a servant. After the destruction of Thangorodrim it did what it had done after the destruction of Utumno: hide and await the return of its master, which would come before the end of the world.
hah! the return of morgoth... wouldn't like to be him when the mights of the eldar rise again. Feanor, Turgon and the rest... Even whit all his armies and beasts ever spawned he would fall!
So will many of the Eldar, Edain and many that will fight him. But the Edain, and the Dwarves place are booked in the new world that will be created after. Only the Elves will have to wait to see whether there are free seats left for them!

Oh. And it could also be that the Balrog ordered the orcs to attack the elves of lorien from his HQ in the basement of Khazad Dum.