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Was watching this really interesting doco/movie on sky the other night about the lead up to/and subsequent battle of Hastings.
And was interested to hear things like 'Middle earth"(the Norman's name for England) and "Elf" the English name for a Forrest spirit, there was also a few other Tolkien references but I forget them.
Part 2 is on next week, the program is called 1066 if you're interested in tracking it down.
Yes, Elfwine is a real name from Anglo-Saxon, for instance.

And if you know anyone named Alfred (as in the famous English king)... one interpretation of the name is 'Elf-counsel'.
Thanks Galain.
Part 2 was on last night, it's a really top quality program.
Last nights was about the stand at Stanford bridge, one Viking beserker blocked the bridge and just slaughtered one Englishman after another, the only way the English could get through was by stealth(A English warrior snuck under the bridge and stabbed him up through the floorboards) And no sooner did the English drive the Vikings off than they had to head south to fight the Normans.
I wish that was on here, it sounds so interesting, Rho. Maybe it will be later. We get a BBC channel with Dr Who and the Robin Hood series has been on etc but not that. I really love things about that whole time period.
It is good, Ian Holme is Narrator.

Orc (Anglo Saxon)=Foreigner, Demon, monster
The final was quite good, I found it interesting that a Viking warrior who fought against the English in the first battle joined them to fight against the Normans in Hastings. He was absolutely lethal in battle, remind me not to upset Ama........I'm not sure how historically accurate that is, though I guess a lone survivor from and enemy army may have found it quite beneficial to swap sides to save his skin.