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My profile picture or the Avatar had some letters(Cirth or Tengwar) on it for a few days!! I could not see one in earlier posts or now in the latest ones. Anyone know why this is happening and IF anyone could decipher what those lettering mean I would be even more grateful!

That would be the avatar of another member who also signed up with the username Estel. The avatar shouldn't show up on any of YOUR posts though?  Please e-mail me if it does:

The avatar spells Omneya, the name of other Estel, using Tengwar and sindarin mode. If I am not terribly mistaken. Smile Smilie

Hi Amarie. Nice seeing you again on Planet Tolkien.
There is actually something else I wanted to ask. There was a poem I wrote! It seems to have disappeared. I dunno where and all I got is a message from Rednell saying that it was removed as it was unsuitable. Where can I get to see it or when in that case?