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Hello Planet Tolkien people! I would just like to ask you guys what language in the world of Tolkien is the most beatiful? For example: Dwarven, Elven, Orc, Goblin or Giant? These were just examples so I wonder what language you love the most? My favorite one is Elven, what's yours?

Sindarin and Quenya surely sound the most romantic and beautiful but I also was impressed by how powerful Khuzdul sounds. Surely the better language to impress someone or scare them, hehehehe.

So these three would be my favorite. Never took a liking in the darker languages you hear in the East and Mordor. *shudders*

Hi, I prefer Grey-elven (Sindarin) over even High-elven (Quenya), as Exilic Quenya had developed a relatively restricted collection of sounds. Not that that in itself is bad of course, or even relatively bad. Quenya is still a very beautiful tongue in my opinion.

Minor point: orcs and goblins are the same thing so there is no differentiation of languages there. And I'm not sure that we have any examples of Giants speaking... maybe we do but I can't recall... unless you mean Ents or something.

Anyway, linguistic tastes can change, but today for me it's Sindarin.

Giants can speak there own language (I think) and I'm sorry for mixing goblin and orc , anyway most people like Sindarin or Quenya, my favorite language is Quenya and Dwarven

I mean: languages, not language

I would have to say orc.

I think that if we were lucky enough to hear some Entish, spoken by Fangorn, we would think it strangely beautiful.

I like Dwarven. It sounds cool.

With Entish I actually kind of liked what PJ did. I don't think it would be quite as much creaking and groaning, but just the general sound of being in the forest. If you've ever been camping you know what I'm talking about. The combination between wind, leaves, branches, anything else, combined with the occasional croak/ could definitely be a language to and of itself. And that's why it takes so long to talk to one another...

As for a favorite language, I know this is crazy, but I think I might have to go with one of the darker languages, simply because of the intense emotion they insight. Powerful, unforgettable, mesmerizing, all at once. We can speak the common tongue or elvish any day of the week, but black speech is barely whispered, even among the bravest. Can we not respect that which we fear??

Yes Balrogs. It's easy to forget that PJ got it right more than wrong in his films. The wonderful scene of Tree Beards Lament for the lost Ent Wives still brings a tear. Also the scene where ( although not true the books ) Tree Beard witnesses the destruction of Saruman on his own doorstep and realises that the war has come to him, is heartbreakingly palpable for me. I loved the sound of Fangorne voice. John Reece Davies did a great job.

I agree with you, Balrogs. The Black Speech is very interesting as a language and it's certainly one of the darkest languages that has been in used in fantasy literature.

And here comes the interesting part.

Summoning recorded a song called 'Mirdautas Vras' for their album: 'Oath Bound', which was released in april, 2006.

'Mirdautas Vras' was written by using The Black Speech and according to some sources, it was the first song in music's history to feature lyrics written entirely in The Black Speech.

i wonder if people still think elvish is  beautiful if it was spoken by orcs.

Lol, well to be completely honest Oerath, I don't really listen to metal for the lyrics. At all. Just the music. Mostly since they're indistinguishable 98% of the time. Hence why I love groups like Russian Circles, Blotted Science, or Between the Buried and Me's "Alaska (instrumental). I'm a die hard metal fan as we've discussed, but I never pay attention the vocals. Mostly just drums, guitar depending on who it is.

Now if it was a country song spoken in Black Speech, then maybe I could learn to enjoy country. Or a blues song. Now that would be awesome.