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After seeing the 1st of the movies titled The Hobbit , I was heard to comment that I didn't think the character portraying Thorin looked very dwarfish to me. My daughters Idiot boyfriend informed me that it was because he had Human blood in his veins. When I question this fact he told me that he had just read 'the book' and that it was mentioned in it , he also went on to state that Tooks have Human blood in them. My question to this forum is. Does anyone know what book he read and is talking about? I don't have a clue.

Im pretty sure that there is no mention anywhere that Dwarves have any mortal human blood within them.

Re Hobbits, some say that Hobbits are simply very small Men, as say the Pygmy races, some say they are a whole different peoples all together. 

Im sure Galin will have some literal quotes for us all. 

Thorin and indeed all of the Dwarves are described in the books as your everyday kinda Dwarves.  Having said that, The Hobbit as a book is rather twee and childish compared to the character descriptions elsewhere.  Its hard to imagine ancient little cute Dwarves battling Orcs and Wargs, so I see why PJ shall we say, beefed them up a little.

I agree that they lost their childhood charm, I missed seeing them all leave their different coloured hoods at the door as they entered, but surely PJ could have let Thorin keep his big gold chain. and he could have been a little stouter 

I have read in another post that those who don't like PJs adaption should make their own , saddly I have not the money, time or talent to do this. if I did I would make a short film where PJ meets Old Tom and gets his butt kicked for leaving him out of the LOTR. 

I really do not expect to find any reference that there has been a coupling between man and dwarf, this is more just a vent on my behalf. but as i like to feel smug about being right, confirmation of the fact is a good thing.

Yeah he definitely made that up. Now Tolkien did say it's possible the very earliest of the Took line had taken an elf for a wife, which could explain their more adventurous nature. But nope, no men involved. And dwarves were created as their very own race from one of the "gods" of Middle Earth, who are known as the Valar. So again, no degree of men in dwarven blood.

I do agree Thorin looked a little....odd. Initially I was not at all a fan, but as I watched the movie I grew to accept it. But it's the same with a lot of the other dwarves. Did not like the look at first, but got used to it and now it seems more natural. But then again I've read Hobbit and Silmarillion several times so I had my own pretty established image of the great Thorin Oakenshield. I have to say Bombur is pretty close to what I pictured, if not quite as shiny from the makeup and bald cap...

I have read the Hobbit 17 times , yes i am a junky, i have never managed to read the Silmarillion, although i have tried , I am unfortunate to suffer from dyslexia and so it makes it a hard read , but i am now determine to give it another go. 

Rimorob, the key to reading the Sill is to manage it in small chunks.  Even just a few paragraphs at a time.  After youve read it through once, you will find you can just pick it up and randomly read a section.  Have you read through the Appendices of The Lord Of The Rings?  Might make the Sill a little easier.

Great advice Brego! It's a complicated book for sure, so just go slow. If you like The Hobbit enough to read it 17 times you should definitely appreciate the Sil when it's done.

Hell it took me FOREVER to read it (longer than I remember...or care to admit) because I kept referencing the appendices and indexes. I had at least 3 book marks in at all times, if not more, and whenever I didn't recognize a name or place or something, I'd flip to the back to find out. It was a total pain in the ass. Seriously. But in the long run I'm extremely glad I did.

True Balrogs. I find I go back to the Sill constantly. It's like an addiction. I love the very old fashion style that Tolkien and therefore Christopher use they manage to cram so much information filtered and drilled down from so many versions, essays, letters and notes written over a lifetime. I think it's a masterpiece despite some reviewers who find it cumbersome. The writing style is a long lost skill to say a lot with very few words. Really it's The Bible for Arda and encompasses the entire back history of Earth according to Elves, Men and Dwarves according to their ancient lore. I simply love it.

thanks for the advice, I was in my teens when I tried to read it now I am in my 40s I think its time to give it a go again