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We know that the dwarves generally were very secretive about a lot of things. Their language Khuzdul for example was not spoken by outsiders or taught to outsiders or even spoken in front of non-dwarves. They also had secret names in Khuzdul and only used their outside names amongst non-family etc. I also remember reading somewhere that their history of creation (Aulë and the seven fathers of the dwarves) was also kept closely guarded (anyone know where I may have read this, because I have sadly no clue). --- Now to my point of interest, does anyone know if are there passages in any of the books that give us an idea of what the dwarves still keep secret and don't talk about in the time of The Hobbit and LotR ? Khuzdul I think yes, but what about their history, habits etc.? Is how they were created common knowledge you think? Is there anything that gives us an idea of how secret the secrets of the dwarves still are? I would appreciate your input :-)

Dwarf women were kept secret. They wore clothes that usually dwarf men wore when traveling.
Nice thread Esbith.

In my mind The Dwarves weren't quite as secret as we think. I think that once close in friendship, say with Celebrimbor, The Dwarves would have been more fluid with their customs. The Sil states that there was a great friendship between the surviving Noldor and Sindar survivors. I'm sure these people's would have known much of the culture of the other.

@Glorfindel: Thanks, I meant to mention that in my original post but then it slipped my mind :-)

@ Brego: You may be right with that. There were periods in time where the Dwarves were right friendly with certain groups of Elves. Celebrimbor, of course but if I remember correctly Galadriel was allowed to pass through Khazad-dûm on her way to settle in Lothlorien.

The dwarves of the third age probably had a lot of secrets the elves knew about but were too polite to mention ;-). Now I don't quite remember how exactly it was in The Hobbit book but were the moon runes on the map actually written in Khuzdul and Elrond could read them or were they written in a different language? Anyone know?

Welcome Epsith.

Before Moria Gate Gandalf says the Dwarves teach their tongue to none, and even though there are posthumously published descriptions which technically contradict this information -- at least in some measure, as Gandalf may be generalizing a bit here -- Tolkien [so far] does not appear to include Elrond among those who learned a measure of Dwarvish.

As far as I recall at the moment, anyway. But for example the Elf Pengolodh learned some, generally speaking.