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Hey everyone, it's been a little quiet here. Here's a question. If you were Doctor Who and could travel in Space & Time in your Tardis, when and where in Middle Earth would you travel to and why? Don't forget the Space Time Continueum, if you change anything or the actions of anyone, the future of Middle Earth, and its fate may change, so be careful.
I would go take the last two silmarils right before they were cast to their fire and water fate. Technically it wouldn't mess with the space time continuum. I may end up with the world's fate in my hands.
Or scorched hands Glorfindel. Haha

Glorfindel, I have to tell you that I think that you are rather a genius. Brilliant in fact!  I really can't think of a downside to this.  Everything I have been able to dream up has a potential butterfly effect, shall we say?  The ending could be more dark than it already is.

My hands won't be scorched. I never participated in the kinslayings. The throuble about time traveling is the butterfly effect. But it could also have what I call "it was meant to be" effect. Like in the movie star trek. Scottie said, "how do we know he wasn't the one that invented clear aluminum?"

That's true Glorfindel, and good quote from Star Trek.

I think that for almost any appearance of a Time Traveler, unknown variants of the future would occur. Perhaps if you indeed took the two Silmarills from Maglor and Maedhros they would have attempted to take them back from you and therefore start a new Kinslaying.  Perhaps an Orc band come at unawares and taking the Silmarils deep underground, give them to a Balrog....  And on and on.  Time travel is certainly a brain twister.  Just like in Star Trek, entire worlds can disappear from our current time, without us even knowing they were ever there.


I would go into the third age and visit the Void just so I could laugh at Morgoth...

*insert evil laugh* >Big Smile Smilie

Khazad  at the peak of its glory and a second trip in its time of dread just before the fellowship passed through!

I would visit the Elder Days. I don't think I would try to interfere but I'd like to visit the Elven kingdoms like Nargothrond, Himring, Hitlum, and Gondolin.

I think I would pick Bree. In the Fourth Age, so no worries about changing the past, since Tolkien didn't describe it. No Sauron, either! Nice and quiet, with a good inn, and both Men and Hobbits to talk with (plus an occasional Dwarf). What more could you ask?