Poems #1

Author - Failariel_Ancalimon

Written on - Monday 13th September 2004 (10:52pm)

Walking down the street teary eyed.
Waiting for a time when people dont die
.Wondering why there's so much pain.
While waiting for my train.
Thinking "Why do people take their lifes,
Or never learn to love their wifes?"
Wanting a time,
When their is no crime.
And hoping to see,
The real true me.
Walking down the street teary eyed.
Waiting for a time when people dont Cry.

How do you explain it when you love someone so much,
Do they just feel it in the air around you?
Can he tell that you like him not because of popularty,
Fame or fortune. But because of Ethics, Soul and personaltiy.
Love is what really matters.
Almost all that really matters
When you hurt with some Hurts that time cannot heal.
How Do You Tell Someone.
How do you ask for help.
What do you Say??
How do you convert your heart into words,
pour your soul out onto the pages in front of you.
Find words for what you cannot say.
How do you tell someone that you love them?
The soft flow of words fills my ears,
only I cannot tell what they are saying.
But I begin to feel better.
I Think of a certain goal,
And I begin to really hear the words around me.
They are as soft a water over a brook.
Words from someone I cannot See, Touch, or smell.
And yet I know these words of encouragement
are from someone I do not know and yet I feel as if
I have loved him all my life. I suddenly want to make him Proud.
So filled with the knowlage that someday I will see him,
And renewed encouragement.
I set out to make my life and the world a better place.

Just when you give up,
Just when you think that there is nothing left to live for.
There a hundered people who dont care what you've done,
They just want to take you in,
Hug you And tell you that everything's all right and that they are listening.
I have meet those kind of people and all of them live far away.
But it does'nt Matter that I dont know what they look like.
I know that they are out there. and that thought will keep me going
The Veil is you.
Knowing That,
Knowing That it is you,
Just drop.
Then You'll no longer be fearful,
You'll just be wonderful astonished.
The Self is Limited only by you.
This does not set you Free To dream.
It sets you free to know
How do you unlock your potentil,
I see withen me great drawings,
Great writing,
And great love
Look on only if you are brave This Is a little dark

Love is the most dangerous thing you an kill for it.
You can be killed because of it.
But most of all It becomes the most important thing in your life.
If Someone you love dies Weather by sword or the slow decay of time.
You feel as if you have died with them,
As if you are being ripped in two.
Acid curdeling in your stomach,
Ripping flesh from flesh,
Atom being torn from atom.
And you care so much that you feel as if you will die from the pain of it .