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Poems #2

Author - Failariel_Ancalimon

Written on - Tuesday 14th September 2004 (02:59am)

When The knower is at peace with what it knows,
It is then effortlessly and naturally kind.
It then knows to sharpen itself,
Because it sees what it is responsible for.
No longer say something
just because you think it,
but because you know it's good.
And it has the kind of good that
Supports it.
Who do you trust?
Who do you love?
Who would you give your life for?
Who are your brothers?
Do you even have any?
What about your father?
Your mother?
Is your true Family even in this reality?
My True Family Are gone from this world
There are people out there.
Ones that i've never met.
Them i would die for.
I want to make them proud,
but it's just so hard.
But thats just it,
Thats what love is.
The sword is magnifencnt
with grace and valor,
Wisdom and age,
That is my weapon of choice
He that is
A slave,
To Truth
Is master,
To Me.
What if everything you belived in,
that you put your faith in.
What if one day you found out
That it was all a lie?
Would you be able to move on?
What if that was why you are
living? Would you keep holding on?
Or would you just give UP?
Never give up hope,
Because there is always someone,
That loves and cares about you.
It may or may not be your parents.
It may be someone that you've never met,
But there is always someone there for you.