"The Fart of the Rings" preview (Scene 1)

Author - Ardawan

Written on - Wednesday 9th March 2005 (09:48am)

The Fart of the Rings

Act I
Scene 1

Enter FRODO and SAM
SAM is carrying five bags

FRODO: How did you like our camping trip, Sam?

SAM (moans)

FRODO: Don’t show off Sam! You know exactly that I am carrying the heaviest load off all: (takes a ring on a chain from his Pocket) The two ton heavy ring, which my uncle forgot when he went to Rivendell.

SAM: (pressed) How much further is it?

FRODO: I think we’ll be home in a few hours.

Enter (from other side) NAZG’L1 on COW1.

COW1: Moooh!

SAM: (Trying to see past his luggage): What?

NAZG’L draws his sword, SAM and FRODO run off NAZG’L points his sword at them and the COW1 slowly moves after them.

The entire play, staring Samwise Gandja, Aragorn Bushman from the United States of Gondor and many others.... will soon be available.
.... More information to come...