Great way to start the day

Author - Arath

Written on - Sunday 22nd February 2009 (03:27am)

I began this day as I usually do, waking before the suns first light and getting ready to start off this day whit a cup of tea.
Today though I did something that I haven't done in a whole year.
I meditated and now I feel great so I'd like to share this whit you Smile Smilie

Try it out Smile Smilie
1. Find a place where you can be at peace.
2. (Optional but recommended by me Smile Smilie) Put on some relaxing music (I recommend:This)
3. Take a comfortable position
4. Close your eyes and focus on your own breathing and the music.
5. Let the song run on and forget your hurry and anxiety. When the it fades into silence open your eyes Smile Smilie