For Love of Grondy

Author - Leelee

Written on - Thursday 21st October 2010 (11:37pm)

Twas dark and silent
as my fingers sped along
Internet Highway

Came Planet-Tolkien
into my tired jaded view
and I paused and thought

Should I stay or leave-
Could Middle-Earth be my home
Indecision ruled

I read a few posts
One especially enthralled
It was by Grondy.

Who was Grondy then
And why should his strong stark words
Cut me to the heart?

I read and I read
And in so doing grew strong
He was my magnet

Teacher and Comrade
In praise of JRR's work.
A leader in thought

And so I did stay
And made this sweet place my home
Because of Grondy

His form is gone now
But his spirit does not budge
from its solid place

I hear him speaking
In every post that I read
And peace comes to me

And so I shall stay
for the love of dear Tolkien,
Because of Grondy