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I first read The Hobbit when I was thirteen and quickly fell in love with Middle-earth and J.R.R. Tolkien's books. When I was sixteen I built this website, although back then it was called "”, followed by "”, before finally settling on People have been born, and died as members of this website and it will always be special to me.

I was born under the Sign of the Twins in the Year of the Dragon in a sleepy little Canadian village. My passions include the sea, dulse (edible seaweed), Fantasy and Science Fiction and Tolkien. My Tolkien collection is better than that in the local public library; and I should know because I work there. Since it has always been my desire to be a professional student, I continue to take Business Administration courses through Memorial University of Newfoundland. You can usually find me in the Chatroom so drop in and introduce yourself.

Hi there!
I am Amarië, or just Ama. Friends call me “you”.
I am, while writing this, two months from turning 23. I live on the Westcoast of Norway among fjords and tall mountains, here I reside together with my boyfriend and Blackie, a very, very strange cat. I am studying to become an constructional engineer, and I plan to building my own hobbit house some day.

Looking back I see that I have been sniffing around Tolkiens world since I was 10 years old, but never found my way in. Peter Jacksons Fellowship of the Ring was what (finally) opened the door to Tolkiens wonderful world of books. I found Planet-Tolkien not long after, and I have been hanging around here ever since

I'm Arwen. I live in The Netherlands (or Holland, whatever you prefer). I started reading Tolkien at the age of 11 and fell in love with the magical world of Middle-Earth. As I'm writing this I'm 5595 days old. I'm proud to say I've read most of Tolkiens work in Dutch and English. Except The History of Middle-Earth which I'm going to read as soon as I have more knowledge of the English language.

My hobbies include reading (fantasy and historical novels), horse riding, walking my dog, everything British, LARP, listening to music, going to medieval festivals, and keeping this place as wonderful as it is!

I hope to see you around in the threads! If you ever wanna talk just send me a message or talk to me using the chat. I'm always there to help (, even when I don't seem to be around)! Loss
I was born in 1989, and grew up in a small English town called Malvern. I started reading Tolkien shortly after the 'The Two Towers' film was released and since, I have been completely taken in by his legendarium and the rest of his works. I started with The Hobbit, to the Lord of the Rings and then the prequels and onwards. I joined Planet-Tolkien in September 2005, and became a Council Member in September 2008. I am very interested in Tolkien's works revolving around his mythology, myself very interested in Norse myth and legend, and his languages. I am working on a guide to show how to read Tengwar, the Elvish characters, using my own sketches and tables, to include the different systems and styles of the script, with a comprehensive list of common phrases. I will never be tired of reading his epic works.

I live in British Columbia Canada and am a freelance writer, mostly for children, but I have worked with abused children for a long time, and also with the elderly. To me they are heros like those in LOTR. I go to Planet-Tolkien to share my thoughts with others of like mind in a safe nourishing place. Planet-Tolkien is a haven for me.


Born 09 February 1940 in Spokane Washington USA--I'm young for my age.Grew up on my father's wheat ranch in eastern Washington. Graduated 1958 from Harrington High School. Graduated 1964 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University. Civilian employee of US Navy from 1964 until I retired in 1993. Married 1963; divorced and remain single since 1981. Two children: boy 33, girl 30. Currently reside on the Kitsap Peninsula, west of Seattle Washington.

First read Tolkien 1967. Joined Spring of 2001--my first and only forum--became Moderator Summer 2001. Current Hobbies: Reading fantasy, historical murder mysteries, military history, and Sci-fi; Looking at maps; Making six voice stereo classical music on a Commodore 64; Playing computer games; Astronomy; Everything Tolkien; and Listening to Baroque and Rocco music--the order of the preceding has no significance. Past Hobbies: Reloading ammunition and target shooting (.243 WIN), Embroidery (counted cross-stitch), Gardening, HO Scale Model Railroading (pre-1930s).

I am not sure what else anyone would be interested in knowing about me. So, I guess I will stop.

Born on 3rd February, a typical Aquarian who doesn't believe in horoscopes or astrology. Mother-of-three and a domestic goddess who enjoys DIY, reading, music and Sci Fi in all forms and a big fan of Farscape and Star Trek (yes, I am a sad muppet). Tolkien is The Best and I have The Hobbit, LotR, The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, the complete H.O.M.E, Bilbos Last Song, The Lays of Beleriand and (thanks to Legolaslass) some Tolkien tapes . I enjoy writing in 'Another Story - The Quest For the Straight Road' and I sporadically write poetry (see journal entries). I love dragons, second hand books, wooden boxes, and anything purple. I role-play about once a month but can't take it as seriously as the guys. I dislike arrogance, aggression and ironing but I love Eddie Izzard, Black Books, Spaced, Red Dwarf and The West Wing. My favourite films include Same Time Next Year, Big Fish, Amelie, Cabaret and The Rocky Horror Picture Show

D.O.B: 15th January 1972 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia Currently resides: SE suburbs of Melbourne A Fan of Tolkien since: I was 12, a considerable length of time, more than half my life now. What keeps me busy: Currently a student of "Professional Writing and Editing", Chisholm Institute of Technical and Further Education. I am writing a novel based in the same world as "Throwback" in the Fan Writing section and I also write short stories for local publications. I am also Leader of the Writer's Guild.


Hello! I am MelliotSandybanks and I am a 35-year-old wife and mom. My family and I currently live in Texas, near Dallas. I do not have a paying job, but I do a lot of work at home. I homeschool our 8 year old son, who is in the 3rd grade. I also tend to do a lot of different crafty projects. I love all animals and most seem to like me as well,thus we have a huge menagerie of pets. I love learning new languages and am very interested in history and mythology. That may be the reason I have enjoyed reading Tolkien’s works so much.

My family says that I am obsessed with the world of J.R.R. Tolkien. I have read: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, Book of Lost Tales I, Book of Lost Tales II, Sir Gwain and the Green Knight , Smith of Wooten Major , Farmer Giles of Ham and Leaf by Niggle. I started out wanting to know more and more about the geography and then I went on to the genealogy of Middle Earth. I now have maps on about four different walls in various rooms throughout my house, and I am in the process of working out the genealogies on my computer.


Thirty-nine is too young for an elf to lose his hair, so I've recently come to the conclusion I am not actually an elf.

My, how time flies! Since I'm now 41, it means I must have written that original statement for this council page a couple of years ago. How time flies... Those who in the past couple of years have visited my own site, will know that the hair has pretty much all gone now, but I'll keep the picture on the left there, as it's pretty much the inner me that I see when there are no mirrors around.

So what can I say about myself? I was born in a small English backwater similar to the Shire, back in 1963. Like Bilbo visiting Rivendell, however, my life didn't really begin until my late teens when I started university. It was there that I first discovered Tolkien and his wondrous world, a world that has had such a major influence on my life ever since. It was there that I also discovered role playing games, such as AD&D, and later Rolemaster, and between these and Tolkien's books, I was pretty much living in Middle Earth until the late nineties.