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With today's technology and advances in CGI, I believe any kind of prequel should be in the CG fashion as to preserve as much of the characters as possible without crummy acting/directing.
I still am one of the anti-movie peeps, they serve their purpose of getting people to read the books but other than that they are just poop, IMO.

Make a CG mini-series of The Silmarillion. That would be epic beyond comparison, truly legendary. The mini-series would contain 2 chapters per episode and each episode would have to be 2 hours long. And yes I am fully aware that this is financially ridiculous, as it would never find any financier. But alas, one can always dream!

What it boils down to is that there is infinite sub-stories and such apart from the main one that can provide as a prequel and still be essential for the context of the LoTR tale.
But again, I wish they wouldn't.

In any case, I think we can all agree that Uwe "Bowel" would be the best choice for director, producer, and the role of both Gollum and Tom Bombadil.

Oh brother Vir.

I have, after reflection for a considerable time, have decided that Cloveress is right and here is why:

In the past two years alone, I have noticed a great apathy to the works of the great Professor Tolkien. Please bear with me on this: I have noticed the level of reading in the schools I have participated in drop dramatically because of long hours on internet. The net can of course be educational and all that; but what I am seeing is it become a baby sitter for too many children whose parents both have to work and the sitter is too tired or too busy watching reality teli to spend time actually doing anything worthwhile with the children. Reading is out unless it is dreadfully bad comics or books that make it too obvious the thrill is the important thing, not the words. I have listened to teens tell me that only he or she cares a jot about well done descriptive writing any more. And their friends groan at the very thought they would have to read more than ten pages together of a literary nature. So, with this in view it is nearly hopeless to hope that this more vague and complicated part of Tolkien's body of work could somehow be filmed in such a way as to educate anybody about the true story , there are SO MANY together in bits and pieces. I think it would be the most depressing and disjointed thing in the world. So......................forget it is what I think.


With today's technology and advances in CGI, I believe any kind of prequel should be in the CG fashion as to preserve as much of the characters as possible without crummy acting/directing.


I totally agree with this statement. And I don't think that any human actor should ever be aloud near the silmarilion. Secondly I think that going all the way back the first age might be a bit much for a prequel to LOTR.

I would like to see the events that lead to the destruction of the last of the dunedaine and how aragorn came to be in imladris and also rise of the Witch King of angmar in the northern regions, ending with gandalf looking up the hill to bagend just before he puts the rue onto BB's door. 

I wish there was a show on maybe HBO about LOTR. I'm all for seeing new versions. They would have the benefit of more time to show more content. I would also like to see it as a tv show series may e on the scifi channel. But they would need a lot of cash to do that. Maybe it will happen once The Hobbit rakes in crazy money.

I'm curious to see how this movie will do, considering the complete lack of hype and attention the Hobbit movie received compared to the LOTR movies.

It seems there's a trend towards fantasy more grounded in reality (witness the popularity of Game of Thrones TV series and book series from Joe Abercrombie, R. Scott Bakker, etc.) to the detriment of traditional high fantasy.

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