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Anyone seen it yet, was it OK? I tried watching it but our broadband is just too unstable, I may try getting up really early when the user rate is low and trying it again.
The wee bit I did see looked good, and the low budget feel didn't put me off at all. In fact I feel Tolkien would approve.
I saw it (though it took me days before my internet would load it) and it is a great indie film. You can see some places where the low-budget shows, but it is still an enjoyable film and story.
I woke early(5am) to watch it.....I'm not generally given to melodramatics, though I'm finding as I get older certain moments in books and movies make me bawl like a big girls blouse, and this was no exception.
Though prolly not in the place's I expected
*****warning spoilers for those who haven't seen the film*****

Kate Madison(who I've fallen completely in love with......hope my wife doesn't read this LOL) who was the director and producer also played a new character created especially for this film, by the name of Elgarain. She was rescued as a child by Arathorn after her father was killed (by the Orcs I presume) and became one of his Rangers. It becomes fairly obvious that she's in love with him but of course Arathorn's eyes are only for Gilraen.
Elgarain also has a admirer (not sure who he is, another made up character I guess) but of course she is blinded by her love for Arathorn and bla bla, soppy soppy.
Anyway, near the end of the film just before the Orcs attack she finely decides to leave, only to have her admirer stop her and declare his love for her, her eyes are opened and they're about to run off together when the Orcs arrive and battle ensues, Elgarain lose's her new found love and then dies herself, and I bawled like a big baby. It was prolly one of the most touching moments I've seen in a movie.
But when Arathorn died......nothing......Perhaps because I knew it was going to happen, I don't know.

Anywho, I highly recommend this film and say Bravo to Kate Madison and her team, well done, and thanks for a great film.

This film is great! If you can accept and appreciate that this is a low budget film with amateur (albeit good) actors and actresses, you'll love it Big Smile Smilie The story from what I can remember (been a long time since I watched it) is mostly good too, and the costumes and scenery are fantastic. Definitely worth a watch Smile Smilie

Born of Hope was good, don't get me wrong, but I preferred The Hunt for Gollum.  I think I'm in a minority with this (I'm not sure if I've ever met someone else who felt the same way), but I felt that THFG had better production values and a tighter narrative.  BOH was very ambitious, and in some ways it succeeded, but I thought that THFG told its story better.  They're both definitely worth a watch, though. Big Smile Smilie

If I was to sit down and just watch one of them, I'd pick the Hunt for Gollum too, I think. To me it is a much more complete film owing to the tighter narrative you mention. Still, both are great films despite some cheesy lines here and there (there are cheesy lines in Jackson's trilogy too, so that doesn't really bother me) Wink Smilie

BoH is great stuff in every way but one- It has a huge mistake right at the heart of it. The threat relies on Arathorn finding out the Necromancer is Sauron. Even though nobody is supposed to know that till the time of TH. Ruined the film for me.

Didn't like Gilrain too much either, there is something to be said for natural looks but make an effort girl. Arathorn (can't remember actors name) though could give Viggo a run for his money in the making my heart melt category. Where did they find him? And could they have him wrapped and sent to my room please!

"make an effort girl" , oh Pretty how that tmade me laugh. I don't watch tele except for the videos I buy so this is all a blue haze to me. But I shall treasure those words. Smile Smilie Reminds me of a lady I know who said her pastor had become rather weary of all the 'natural' women with their tired faces and untidy hair. He told them "If the barn door needs painting then please just give it a nice coat of paint." The ones that 'got' his meaning either hated him thereafter or badgered their husbands for the money for 'a bucket of paint.'

You haven't seen it, leelee? It's on Youtube, the whole film in one vid. Well worth the 70 minutes it lasts, you'll not regret watching it Smile Smilie

really, the entire thing. Then I would make an effort to view it , though it would have to be very late at night once I have done everything and all are sleeping peacefully. Thankyou for that.

Excellent Big Smile Smilie I'm sure you'll be impressed by all the work the people behind it put into the film, got to admire them for their efforts Smile Smilie

It seems like a wasted opportunity, coming up with a sappy love story when one could've shown some actual content from the books, e.g. the story of Aragorn & Arwen, Aragorn's adventures as Ranger in Minas Tirith, etc?

I'm not interested in watching fan fiction.

BoH is based on a passage in the appendix. The opening paragraphs of the Tale of Aragorn and Arwen.

All the things Tolkien highlights, Gilraen being considered young, her mothers words, her fathers reluctance for her to marry, the fate of Arador and of Arathorn are all in BoH. Obviously if you are going to make a film out of three passages you have to flesh the inbetween bits out, but I felt they were truer to the spirit of Tolkiens work than PJ got anywhere near. And the dialogue in BoH is far more Tolkienesque than the appalling modernized version PJ gave us.

"Aragorn's adventures as Ranger in Minas Tirith, etc?"

With the limited funds they had, I don't think Minas Tirith would have looked all that impressive Wink Smilie And sure, they could've filmed other parts of the book, but I'm just happy some people make films like Born of Hope and The Hunt for Gollum for those of us who are too lazy or unable to make our own films Smile Smilie

Virumor, it would have been fanfiction even if they showed the content you would have liked, since the appendices give so little to go on.  Fan films such as Born of Hope are destined to be fanfiction from the beginning, but that does not detract from their artistic qualities, such as they are.

Didn't we have a discussion about whether BoH was fan fiction or an adaptation "back in the day"? It got pretty interesting as far as I can remember Big Smile Smilie

I'm having most trouble with the fact they added a fictional female Ranger and a romance story with the token sad ending.

LOTR made it clear that women in combat roles were highly exceptional (and in fact, unacceptable), not to mention the fact that the Dunedain were so few in the last years of the Third Era, it does not make any logical sense for a dying House to risk their women of maritable age to die.

As for the romance, with all those bad endings, it's a wonder people get born at all in Middle-Earth.

"Didn't we have a discussion about whether BoH was fan fiction or an adaptation "back in the day"? It got pretty interesting as far as I can remember Big Smile Smilie"

I didn't even know about this until yesterday.

"I didn't even know about this until yesterday."

I was referring to a discussion we had before the two forums merged, so you are excused Wink Smilie What you say makes sense, though, never thought about it that way.

Vir might be caustic in his remarks(from hanging about too many years with muppets), but I assure you he takes great care in thinking things out, never misses a thing however miniscule and is always true to Tolkien.

I know you are gone from us Ringdrotten( do you not have a nickname a little shorter? Smile Smilie ), but I did take the time to watch it ,twice in fact. It was amazingly well done, a few things disturbed, but nothing terribly important except for what Vir has said. I wonder too, why they bothered to make up something silly when they could have picked any number of characters and just flew with them. Still I admit , even grudgingly I did like it. I was astounded though at the wife of Arathorn, she was so very chubby nfor the leading lady....Agreeably surprised, for she was pretty and in real life guys do fall in love with such girls. Refreshing in a way, though it made me wonder why I bother working out  other than for the sheer joy of it, and I wondered what anorexic Hollywood thinks about it. Shocking, ! Here in our city I am quite certain she would just be considered a candidate for the dietitian and a work out coach. How brave, I liked her.

I haven't disappeared completely, and you may say RD if you like Wink Smilie Glad you liked the film!

Hello everyone here. I can only agree with Virumor. I think if you are going to make a Tolkien movie you should try to stick to things Tolkien.

leelee: "do you not have a nickname a little shorter?"

 ""  "



I liked the film.

Just watched this movie, and overall I thought it was good, especially considering that they spent very little money making it. However, the writing could have been a bit better, and should have taken into account the low budget of the film. That being said, the film was in general good, and I recommend that people who haven't seen it watch it.

Among my sister and myself, (we have both seen the film) she thought the orcs looked mighty stranger than those blighters looked in the lotr. Although i agreed wholeheartedly, because it was so low budget, I thought about it afterwards and came by a different solution. Different strains of orcs looked and tasted(Gollum is a witness) averse than Elves or other beings did. This would just be me thinking here but Eriador orcs would be brutes that looked like trolls or trollish, or had thicker, heavier features. I think then that most of the orcs in Boh would be trollish or have trollish features. But just like the goblins they are still have a fierce hatred of THE SUN than the other breeds, any questions?