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You don't need an entire army to conquer Belgium, Plastic. A fruitbat would be sufficient. Big Smile Smilie Unless Bombadil lives there of course, then you're gonna need a lot more than Badgers.

Tommy doesn't wear a pointy hat! Erm, you don't do you?
Says he wears a hat, I just pictured it pointy, might even say it is somewhere.
*stupid Don't think it does, you know.
I wear a hat, mind you, but it's not pointy. And you don't need much to conquer Belgium, agreed on that Ungoliant, but I still live here! So you'll need a whole army of Plastic Squirrels invading Belgium before I move out! Big Smile Smilie
Would the Badgers do? An army of me's.....marvellous, where can I get one? And I have a picture of Tom Bombadil (can't remember who painted it) with a pointy hat on, which is why I think that all the time, okay?
Stop thinking that then. Wink Smilie I DON'T HAVE A POINTY HAT!! Got that? :P
Badgers won't do, no, sorry. They don't scare me, really. I'm Tom Bombadil, remember? You'll need sth like sauron to scare me out. And I don't think that would do either... :P
... an old battered hat with a tall crown and a long blue feather stuck in the band.
From "The Fellowship of the Ring", Book I, Chapter 6, entitled 'The Old Forest' by JRR Tolkien Cool Smilie
Sounds like a 10 gallon hat to me... Tom must be Texan...
Tall crown=pointy in my head, or a top hat, and then you just get the Mad Hatter.
And Tom wasn't?
Tom is mad in an endearing sort of way...I didn't find the Mad Hatter particularly pleasant
Maybe its that Cat in a Hat guy written by Teddy wozzits name, Mr. Spock, Dr. Spock, Dr. Seus?

And whose to say the inmates aren't more sane than the keepers. I refer you to one John Watson, who prefered to be called Wonko the Sane and was certifiably so; therefore, it was the rest of the world who had the problem. (This paragraph was torturously paraphrased from Douglas Adam's 'So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish'.)
Wonko the Sane also had the best house in all of literature!
Happy unbirthday! All change!
just remembere..
has anyone read the parody of LOTR?
it's called Bored of the Rings and it's bloody hilarious!
i think it was published in the 60's and i came across a copy at the state library..
Didn't read it, no. Is it really good? Smile Smilie
Anyway, I don't have a pointed hat. You can take my word on it! Smile Smilie
I didn't like the Mad Hatter. Maybe I'm mad, but in a pleasant way. Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
yeah it's hilarious. though some tolkien fans may be seriously offended. They change the names of characters, i can't remember but they changed Bilbo to Dildo..
I tried to read it but left it in Kansas City when I changed planes. Saw it advertized recently; must get it again, as it was hilarious. Big Smile Smilie
I tried it once but I didn't finish it...I remember being a bit disappointed becasue I was expecting something like Pratcheet. Must try it again. Thanks for reminding us, Rosie!
Haven't seen a copy of it for years, but I absolutely loved it, Dildo Daggins, fantastic!
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