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I was playing paintball the other day and i saw a white was about six feet tall.i forget the name of the type of tree,but they are very rare in my area.didnt use to be the Yankees came down and killed most of the white trees!! i think they are a type of birch.

(Grondy reduced the volume on the above historical statement.)
That's pretty interesting.
o.O Oye I'm from up north
We get a lot of Silver Birches in England, which as their name suggests have a silvery coloured bark. As they become older, many of these often then get a white lichen growing on them turning them white.
I wish I could see a white tree! I just think that that would be so cool! Lucky you, English folks, who get to have their beautiful white trees, while us down in the south U.S. only get frickin' pines, and a few spruces! I'm just kidding! But it would be cool to see a white tree...

Yes, we have some silver birches in the timber just outside our house. I've given hubby strict orders to leave them alone when harvesting wood for the winter. I've always been intrigued by them as they are not as common as our other trees in Iowa (oak, walnut , maple and pine.) Glad to meet someone who finds them just a beautiful!
in austria there are lots of birches, there are forests full of birches only. I like them very much, too, they're somewhat special trees, and there are also some in my garden (maybe they'll soon be gone, my brother is probably allergic to them, and that might be their end Sad Smilie), but I've never thought of comparing them to the white tree of gondor... what a funny idea, it looks very different from a birch in my imagination. Smile Smilie
Telperion won Galathilion; Galathilion won Celeborn; Celeborn won Nimloth; Nimloth won Nimloth II; Nimloth II won Nimloth III... or maybe Gandalf just planted an albino oak. Who knows.

Anyway, quite peculiar that suddenly a plant pops up out of nowhere.

Me thinks Gandalf brought some Galathilion/Celeborn seeds with him to Middle-Earth, to plant them should Sauron be defeated.

Thank you, Gandalf !
Or possibly some seeds were hidden in the dark recesses of the Library at Minas Tirith, along with Isuldur's scroll; and Gandalf just happened to purloin and plant one while searching for knowledge of the One Ring.
But the silver birches are small and weedy usually, despite their beauty they aren't at all like the White Tree... well at least not like I imagine it....
Ah, but if you start with a patch of birch and select the best one and remove all the rest and gently nurture the one, feeding, and weeding, and talking to it every now and then, then with the passage of time it will grow into a much larger specimen having a girth of much greater proportion than the spindly things one finds along the banks of streams. Paying a tree reverence can go to a tree's heart and make it swell much more so than does that of its siblings, especially if you have cut down its competition.
put that in twist my words Grondy... Wink Smilie