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Are there great differences between the names of the characters in English and in your language? For instance, the German name of Shelob is Kankra, and Bill the pony is called Lutz.
Any other examples?
In Norwegian, all the names that have meaning in English or old English (Like Rivendell, Merry, the Shire etc.) have gotten names from Norwegian or old Norwegian, the way Tolkien wanted a translation to be. He himself has translated the names and the story from the Common Tongue to English you know. Wink Smilie

Shelob is Huttula, but Bill is Bill.
In Dutch :

Lord of the Rings = In de ban van de ring (not a literal translation, unlike in other languages)
Orc = Ork
Elf = Elf
Dwarf = Dwerg
Ent = Ent

Farmer Maggot=Boer van der Made
Merry Brandybuck=Merijn Brandebok
Pippin Took=Pepijn Toek
Samwise Gamgee=Sam Gewissies
Rosie Cotton=Roosje Katoen
the Gaffer=de Gabber
Barliman Butterbur=Gersteman Boterbloem
Stoors, Harfoots, Fallowhides=Stoerders, Bruivels, Vavels
Bag End=Balingshoek
the Shire=de Gouw
Bill Ferny=Willem Varentje
the Barrowdowns = de Grafheuvels
Misty Mountains=Mistbergen
Fatty Bolger=Dikkie Burger
Bill the Pony= Willem de Pony
Sauron=Darth Vader

And last but not least :

Let's hunt some orc=laten we lekker op wat orks gaan jagen
If you want him, come and claim him=als je hem wilt, kom hem dan maar halen
In Spanish
Lord of the Rings = El Se’or de los Anillos
Bilbo Baggins = Bilbo Bolz’n
Elves = Elfos
Gandalf the White = Gandalf el Blanco
Middle Earth = Tierra Media
Let's hunt some orc=laten we lekker op wat orks gaan jagen

I love the Dutch names, they're great. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie And some of them are very similar to German.
I've got an "El Senor de los Anillos" - poster in my room, my cousin brought it for me when she visited Spain in Spring. Orc Grinning Smilie

Some more German names:

The Lord of the Rings - Der Herr der Ringe
Middle Earth - Mittelerde
Shire - Auenland
Hobbiton - Hobbingen
Baggins - Beutlin
Samwise Gamgee - Samweis Gamdschie
Rosie Cotton - Rosie Kattun
Rivendell - Bruchtal
Wormtongue - Schlangenzunge
Strider - Streicher
In French :

Lord of the Rings = Le seigneur des anneaux
Fellowship of the Ring = la communaut’ de l’anneau
Orc = Orc
Elf = Elfe
Dwarf = Nain
Ent = Ent

Middle-Earth=Terre du Milieu
Frodo Baggins=Frodon Sacquet
Bilbo Baggins=Bilbon Sacquet
Farmer Maggot=P’re Maggotte
Merry Brandybuck=Meriadoc Brandebouc
Peregrin Took=Peregrin Touque
Samwise Gamgee=Samsagace Gamegie
Barliman Butterburr=Prosper Poiredebeurr’
Arwen Evenstar=Arwen ’toile de Soir
Bag End=Cul-de-Sac
Buckland=le Pays de Bouc
the Shire=la Comt’
Bill Ferny=Bill Fougeron
Weathertop=Mont Venteux
Mirkwood=la For’t Noire
Misty Mountains=les Monts Brumeux
Helm’s Deep=Gouffre de Helm
Bill the Pony=Bill le Pony
Mouth of Sauron=Bouche de Sauron
Sauron=Darth Vader

Is that true Mir? (you don't mind me calling you that, do you?) Darth Vader? I had suspected this long ago. Now we know, Darth Vader was Sauron when he had the Ring. So Numenor must be Alderon! And Luke must be Isildur! Now, it all makes sense!
Well, actually Isildur is Anakin Skywalker, who in fact didn't die at Gladden Fields like everyone thought, but instead chose the dark side of the force... and so he became the Witch-King of Angmar. Sauron is the Emperor.

Luke is Aragorn, so that makes Arwen Leia... Elrond became her fosterfather, after Obi-Wan/Gandalf took her to Rivendell.

and of course, the cave-troll is Chewie! They don't make the same noises for nothing!

And btw, it's Alderaan.

P.S. : yes, Jar Jar Binks is Faramir. (:-P
P.S. : yes, Jar Jar Binks is Faramir. (:-P
Naw, if you were to study PJ's movies again you would find JJB played the dual roles of 'Oh-the-Pain Frodo' and 'Klutzy Legolas'. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Moderator Smilie Oops sorry, but I think we have gotten away from the books and into the movies here.
You can't forget the Saruman = Count Dooku (Christopher Lee!)
and also the Legolas = YODA!! (well they both like green, both are super agile and they both stumble over their words eg "Blood has been spilled this nithe")
That's because Legolas was trying not to say: Spilled this night, blood has been.