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Is it just me, or does this reviewer not know much about what she's talking about?

Morgoth forged the ring?
Bilbo won the ring?
Exploding Head Smilie

here's the link

There are may good points are brought up in the review, but some are pretty bad.
The only thing i really have to laugh at is Morgoth forging the ring, because the rest of his comments are correct.

The comment made about Frodo and Same:
The strong friendship between Frodo and Sam Gamgee echoes the relationship of a knight and his squire, or a soldier and his servant in wartime

I don't really agree with that part much. Yes you could say Sam was squire or servant for Frodo, however, Sam also played more of a knight/soldier role than Frodo did. At least when it came down to the physical aspect of the story. They both showed tremendous amounts of courage but Sam showed proved to be the more stout when it came to combat.

Bilbo did win the ring from Gollum just like it was posted in that review.

I didn't see her spell Tolkien wrong, but if she did spell it as Tolkine it's safe to say it was a typo, it happens to the best of us....
Is it just me, or does this reviewer not know much about what she's talking about?

Instead of calling this person a "lousy reviewer" and posting her apparent mistakes in here, why not instead contact her to point out her mistakes?

That would be more discrete and considerate than an undeserved public scrubbing.
Professional reviewers are probably required to review about a half-dozen books per week. I don't know if you could read that many that fast and still get the facts straight, I know I couldn't. I presume the reviewer had read the books earlier in her life and was drawing on her memory rather than looking up the information. Anyway, I'll cut her some slack because she got the gist of the story right. Teacher Smilie
Ya, you're right i guess. I shouldn't have called her "lousy", but it just made me laugh, that's all.