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42 Posted Thursday 28th February 2008 (09:37am) the following question in our The Person Below Game thread and I decided I'd like everyone to have a crack at answering it.
If you could only read one chapter of LotR ever again, which one would it be?
Right now I'm leaning towards 'The Window on the West' found in The Two Towers, in which Faramir takes the chance and shows his quality: the very highest.
The Houses of Healing.
Minas tirith
i don't know why but thats the chapter i ike the most Smile Smilie
Moria (Journey in the Dark I think its called).
The Grey Havens (last chapter of the trilogy... the finality of the "far green country under a swift sunrise" and the "Well, I'm back." is enough to bring me to tears!)

Although the Window on the West does come very, very close... I also liked the chapter after that, "The Forbidden Pool", where Faramir and his men find Gollum. I should really start memorizing them, in case one day America invades and all books of knowledge are lost...
A journey in the dak - i love Moria
The Grey Havens, certainly. It evokes that sense of history and of time passing by, never to be relived. And the bittersweet parting of the hobbits is, to me, very moving.
I have to agree with Clover, and our new member, (Welcome to PT!), the most hardest thing to do with writing is to find that perfect ending, and he succeeded ingeniously. Really quite moving that chapter and brilliantly written. It brings you back to Earth when Samwise simply says, "Well, I'm back." You can always have the fantasy seem out of this world, but when the journey and adventure is over, you can always feel that contentment of things that have gone by. When I first read it, I didn't want to!
These are the chapters Elk Grinning Smilie i like most

a long expected party
herbs and stewed rabbits
window of the west
stairs of Cirith Ungol
Minas Tirith
Houses of healing
Many Partings
Home bound
My favorite chapter is the Siege of Gondor. Not only does it have a lot of battling in it, but it has a great ending: the Witch-King facing Gandalf under the archway of Minas Tirith and then the horns of Rohan start blowing with the rising of the sun. Perfect, but it always makes me want to skip the "Ride of the Rohirrim" chapter and go to "The Battle of Pelennor Fields."


Suddenly they came out into the open again, and found themselves
staring up at a glittering palace all made of crystal and coloured glass.
Delicate spires and tiny minarets of Elven-colour were cleverly woven into
a beautifully designed castle. A splendid sight. It was the home of
Galadriel, the Elvenqueen.
(by J.R.R.Tolkien)

I am aware I am busting out the old threads, but I'm new, and I joined because I wanted to talk about Lord of the Rings, and this is a Tolkien discussion site after all! 

I love how the answer to questions such as "if you could only choose ONE chapter to ever read again forever, what would it be?" inevitably turn into LISTS, and guess what, this answer will be no different!

OK, I'm not going to list my favorite chapters in order.  But, I would choose The Siege of Gondor and The Battle of the Pelennor Fields.  I would beg whoever's locking me away with only one chapter that it SHOULD be considered just one, and please, please let me.  It's soooo "obviously" just one chapter with Ride of the Rohirrim tossed in.

But, we can't do that.  It's just ONE chapter we can choose. 

Council of Elrond. 

It's funny, I hated it for so long, but now I love it.  It gets the nod over Shadow of the Past only because there are more people talking.  Clearly, I like the expositional pieces.  I wouldn't say they are my favorites, but Council would be best if I could only read one again and again.  I feel this way because I could read all the history, hear all the characters, and see what is to come.  And that way I could imagine the rest of the 3 books out from that one point.  An action or journey heavy chapter might get stale after a while. 

Oh, not that anyone particularly cares, but just so I don't have to revive yet another old thread, my favorite (at least currently) chapter of all LotR is the Battle of Pelennor Fields.  Sends chills down my spine. 

And I love how Theoden tries to take credit for killing the Witch King on his death bed, btw.   ; )