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Somewhere I commented that a miniseries of Sauron's rise back into power and the wars of Gondor against the shadow would be a cool idea. With the dropping of the "bridge" movie I wondered what other possiblities you could imagine for the big or small screen?
I'll flesh out a little of my first thought. I loved Band of Brothers. Each episode tied into all the others, but each one stood on it's own as well. I thought a similar story could be used for Gondor. Band of Rangers if you will.
I would like to see Faramir as the captin working with his men.
Battles can be seen in Ithillian/Minas Ithil/Minas Morgul, Osgiliath, and some skirmishes against Cosairs of Umbar.
Balance the episodes with some that detail life of a soilder, etc.
It would be a much more ambitious project because Tolkien doesn't flesh out much of any of this.
Granted, a project like this, with little to go on from the source material would either enthrall fans or enrage. But I for one would like to see it.
I'm not one to go for tv series. And if they went by what you're describing, it seems like it would just be war episode after war episode.

But a 30-min or hour long show every now and then, to me, doesn't seem in the spirit of Tolkien. His stories always turned out to be epic adventures, and you really can't encapsulate his genius and his world in a tv show or miniseries.
I agree Beren, his stories has becomed something "holy" to the world, and I do think we would destroy it by making a TV-show out of it. It will be too common, and then it wont be any special anymore.

There is something magical by reading something in a book, you know <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />