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'The Mad Badger'? 'The Comb and Wattle?' I can't remember them. They sound grand though. I'm a bit of a bard myself. Could you get me a booking?

I haven't noticed this thread until now but I would almost certainly live in Hobbitton, it's definatley the perfect place to live. Thats if you can put up with small minded Hobbits!
Yes, well that's why we'd be the travelin' type of Hobbits. Always a warm fire and feast to come home to, but get out of town whenever the neighbors are nervy :lol: .

Yes, yes and yes!


Yeah, don't want to be caught up with any of those tenacios Sackville Bagginses! I wonder, do you think Pipeweed causes Lung cancer or contributes to heart failure? If not I'd definately be sat down blowing smoke rings, with some well earned supper and a glass of Old Winyards, by the fire in the evenings! I'd definately have a good breakfast, with lots of fried Bacon, grilled tomatoes and some fresh eggs and mushrooms. Btw now were on the subject what would be your ideal Hobbit meal or Breakfast and more importantly wwhat do you eat every saturday morning? We have a full fried Breakfast consisting of local produce, always look forward to it.
Well, as I always like to point out, Jackson added a little dialogue that leaves the identity of the Pipeweed ambiguous <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> (much to the delight of college age audiences...and me :mrgreen: ). So lung cancer depends what type of Weed we're talking about. not to mention that even if it was Tobacco, it would be much less dangerous than todays industrial chemical flavoured ciggys.

As to breakfast, when I have a Hobbit fry up (not so often now I'm trying to keep my weight down), I usually go all out. Fried Eggs, Bacon, Bangers, Fried Potatoes, Crumpets (or "English" Muffins) and a tall glass of orange juice. Most days it's just a bowl of cereal and a cup of tea though.

[quote="Gandalfs Beard":2olxd12m]Jackson added a little dialogue that leaves the identity of the Pipeweed ambiguous ][/quote:2olxd12m]

Perhaps he did, but [i:2olxd12m]Tolkien [/i:2olxd12m]was pretty clear that it was tobacco. How it got into Middle-earth (Old Europe) is a bit up in the air, but given its name [i:2olxd12m]westmansweed[/i:2olxd12m] I'm inclined to think it was brought over by the Numenoreans and then died out at some point.
I know Eldorion :ugeek: . But it's more fun to think it might be the Greener Weed 8-) . Not to mention that would have been available in Olde Europe for certain. And who's to say they didn't have both :mrgreen: ? Old Tobey's fairly obviously Tobacco, but South Farthing, or Longbottom Leaf could be anything <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> .

Tobacco it was. Let's not duck and weave on this, GB. Hey! I think tobacco is a dirty unhealthy habit (makes you late for dinner), but that's what it is!

I know I'm going to be boring here, but can I say that weed is not the safe thing people think it is. If you're prone to mental illness, using the crap can trigger it. Yes, I'm no fan of illicit drugs, full stop. Designer drugs can cause permanent brain changes too; opium and its derivatives tend to turn one into a burglar and thief and (sometimes) an assaulter - they're not a cheap fuel source; and alcohol (though legal enough) does the most damage of all to families and societies (think of all the violence it brings when abused!) Back to 'weed', too much use, even if it doesn't trigger mental issues, does dull your brain. People! Please don't dull your brains! Who will I have an intelligent (or deliberately silly) conversation with? Sorry if I don't sound hip on this. The feeling I get when meeting new ideas, or the adrenalin rush I get when I play a song to a receptive audience, or the utter (guilty) joy I get laughing my guts out with friends over the most obscure of GB's jokes, is drug enough for me! Having said this; please continue to laugh and joke about drug use (pipeweed use?) I know that joking about it won't turn us to stone! Sorry for being such a Dad about this. Well, actually I'm not sorry...


NB I'm a song writer and story writer and I've never written anything but garbage under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Yes, I took risks many years ago! I now see I was lucky not to get sucked into a certain hazy vortex of slow brain-death and anti-social behavior. Life's for living, Man, not hiding! If anyone I know needs to escape for a time - to have a break from all their worldly cares - I send them a map of ME. (I never recommend Religion as an answer - but if that's your drug of choice, go for it!)
I forgot to add to my last post, that I had a feeling you might not be so keen on Jackson being a bit vaguer on the topic <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> . Though my opinion diverges somewhat from yours regarding this issue, you still Rock, as far as I'm concerned :mrgreen: .


It's important to have respect for different opinions, and I accept we might not see absolutely eye to eye over 'weed' and (possibly) other substances. I know that prescription drugs can be as much a boon as a source of trouble for people. It's a troublesome area of medicine to get right and to regulate on society's behalf. I'm not a Redneck about drug use - but I know while it's good that we can joke about drugs, we still need to be thoughtful about the very real dangers they pose, of abuse (and in some cases) even of simple occasional 'use.'

Anyway, enough with distractions. Did you see my response on a certain other thread? Witty, or what?


NB Aren't many Rednecks abuses of alcohol (it is a manly pastime after all!)? Is there a certain flavor of irony involved, do you think? My vision of grog-fueled Rednecks includes them hating 'druggies'? But - no more distractions, I said!
Lothlorien, and I'm surprised that no one else has picked it before now.

Good you've put this thread back on track. I mentioned earlier I thought it'd be nice to live in Crickhollow. On thinking more about it - I'd have to say Bag End is the place for me. Your very name reminds of what a delightful residence it was!

Speaking of getting this back on topic, I realized I hadn't posted my choice here so I'll do that now. I'm afraid I can't really choose just one though. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />

Imladris - the perfect house to do any number of things according to Bilbo, would be very nice, I think. Especially the library of Lore held by Elrond! :mrgreen:

The Shire would also be nice. The quiet and peaceable life of a hobbit would hold a lot of appeal for me.

Rohan or Gondor would also be cool, as I [i:9odwx9g9]do[/i:9odwx9g9] like humans. :P They're also very beautiful (naturally) countries.
I would have to go for somewhere in either Gondor or Arnor. In Gondor, probably Dol Amroth. Although it's not described extensivley in the book, I think it sounds amazing: perfect combination of beautiful countryside inland and the sea for voyaging and exploring. In Arnor, I think it would be cool to resettle one of the ancient cities, and be in contact with Bree, The Shire, the Dwarves and the remaining Elves in Rivendell and the Grey Havens.
I would love to live in Minas Tirith as a Tower Guard or a knight, I just love the elaborate armour they wear! Id rather use a palantir to communicate than use phones or computers :mrgreen:
[quote="Istari":mqxjfp0a]Id rather use a palantir to communicate than use phones or computers :mrgreen:[/quote:mqxjfp0a]

Then you should be a King or at least a Steward, not a knight. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />

there was such a place, no? i remember as a child, about 13, reading LOTR for the first time....

adored tookborough. and the whole of the shire.
and if i were to live in gondor, i'd live in dol amroth, and if i were to be a knight i'd ride with prince imrahil, as you might have figured...

but i'd prefer tookborough
Tuckborough, I think it is. I can't remember either.

Yep, Tuckborough in the Green-Hill Country.
right, tuckborough. i dragged out the map. i thought it was in the south-farthing, but it's actually west-farthing.

so, like alot of folks here, i fell in love with the shire after reading the beginning of Fellowship (if i wasn't already after the Hobbit.) i used to wander the woods of the jersey shore and the lanes of the little suburban town i lived in looking for spots that could pass for the shire.

now, i haven't read LOTR since 2003, and my memory this past decade is not so good. i tend to remember things from 25 years ago better than stuff from last week. my point is that my prevailing impressions of the shire still seem to be the ones i had from my teens.
so those impressions were that, though very pleasant, the hobbiton area was a bit stifled and stayed. buckland had a somewhat gloomy feel to it, probably the proximity of the old forest. but the south-farthing (west-farthing, apparently), the took lands, that is, had a wonderful, open, somewhat wild feel to them. maybe it's because Tolkien didn't write too much about the area that makes it that much more compelling. the less i am told about the place, the more i want to know. maybe. though there was at least one episode at woody end, with elves. that's down in the general vicinity.

the odd thing is that i'm pretty much a confirmed urbanite. i've lived in an urban setting since 1991. but my choicest spot to live in ME is the wildest part of very rural society. well, i did love wandering in the woods and bogs and lagoons in the swamps of jersey when i was a kid.
I used to have a holiday flet in Lorien but I had to stop going, singing all night from every direction and when you go for two weeks and then come home you find you've been gone six weeks, lost four weeks wages and been sacked from your job.
Makes you wonder why you didn't stay, Mr Tyrant? If I had a choice between Scotland and Lorien... mmm... I wonder what [i:22c3go4f]I'd[/i:22c3go4f] choose?
For all Loriens fine points it has no haggis! So couldn't stay.
Ha! So you are torn between Highland Glen and Lowland Forest then?
Very literally Odo, I live between Highland and Lowland!
On another thread I am thought Wise, but I disclaimed there any psychic ability - but maybe I was wrong! Psychic abilitities, I've heard, are very mysterious, and sometimes the most unlikely folk have things like The Sight; including, possibly, people who don't even believe in that twaddle! A conundrum?

(Funny word, [i:1p3eescx]conundrum[/i:1p3eescx], for I both [i:1p3eescx]know [/i:1p3eescx]what is means and [i:1p3eescx]don't know [/i:1p3eescx]what it means - or is that a paradox?)
So many beautiful places in so many times,how to choose!??

Perhaps one of the Noldor,returning to Middle Earth with high hope & expectation of defeating Morgoth,exploring these new,wide & beautiful lands,meeting men & trading with the Dwarves of Nogrod & Belegost. Living with the high lords of the Noldor & seeing all their might & splendour,the banners,the fortresses,the music & beauty of Middle Earth before the light of the Elves dimmed

Or one of Hurins men of the House Of Hador in Dor-Lomin inthe first age,marching off to war towards what will be known as the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, I know the end but 'day shall come again' & who would want to leave those beautiful north lands?

A Numenorean, returning to the Middle Earth after the Downfall to make War on Sauron,the splendour of the armies of the Last Alliance of Elves & Men, Elendil & Gil Galad.

Or a Dwarf of the House of Durin,hard labour underground then the grim battles of the Misty Mountains leading to Azanulbizar or perhaps a Rohir riding the plains of Rohan,herding & emjoying the free life of Rohan,writing no words but singing songs as in the days of yore.
Or a Ranger of the North,tall,lean & grim,harrying & hunting Orcs & the servants of evil in the ancient realm of Arnor,protecting simple people so that 'simple they shall remain' despite their taunts & lack of understanding......

If only we could disappear from this soul-less world we live in to take up this life......<img src='/images/smileys/sad.gif' border='0' alt='Sad Smilie' />((
Whike I enjoy fantasizing about Middle-earth, I don't really want to leave behind modern amenities, medicine, electricity, central heating, the Internet, etc....
That's why being a Hobbit Wizard would be handy <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> . All the modern amenities would then have pre-industrial equivalents.

I suppose a Palantir [i:560rdnvh]is [/i:560rdnvh]somewhat like a smartphone... :lol:
See! <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />

Sorry for bending the rules but... NUMENOR!!!
(Before Ar-Pharaz’n of course)
I tend to include Numenor in Middle-earth, so I think you're safe. Give me a house at Crickhollow, though, for I do find Numenoreans a bit too high and mighty for my liking. <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />
Numenor, Great place to visit and see the sights, but I'm with Odo. Give me a nice comfy Hobbit Hole to return to after my adventures :mrgreen: .

Well a hobbit hole would be nice and comfy, but I think I would personally like to live in Rivendell. The place sounds amazing and elves are pretty chill right haha? I think I would either like to be Numenorean or Elvish. Numenorean because they die eventually of old age and can possess some wisdom (excluding Ar-Pharazon of course haha). Elves because they are generally the wisest of all the races...although if I were to choose between the Beleriand elves of middle earth elves I would have to go with the Beleriand ones. For business I would be a hunter and fisherman and trade my pelts and meat with some other people in the area.

I would like to live in Lindon in the Grey Havens cuz like Estel said, Elves are Chill. :lol: I also might like to live in Dol Amroth, sounds like a nice place to live thats far enough away from all the annoying hobbits :lol: 8-)
Anywhere away from Dwarves. They are far too surley.
I think I would live in warm Harad.

Wise Odo, I think I am getting a hang of this channeling:

Take me down to the Haradian city,
Where the sand is warm and the girls are gritty;
Oh no thats just their camels toeohhhhhhhhhhh.

(The first draft of Paradise City chorus by Guns'n Roses- the rest of the band thought it a bit too vulgar, so it was removed)

And rightly so, Noom, I would think. Though I admit it is funny in a vulgar way... My goodness, am I sounding like the Odo Twins? :shock: That would indeed be a horse of a different color! :lol: (And yes - my apologies to the Wizard of Oz).
The worst are Leprechauns! :P Always trying to hide their Lucky Charms....Oh wait...there AREN'T any Leppies in Middle Earth. Thank Eru.

I would like to live in a nice hobbit hole.
I think Bilbo had the best hobbit hole in the whole world to live in, don't you?

Yes. I liked it a lot. Im going to my cousins now. Bye. <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />
Bye then, Henry. Have fun! :lol:
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