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Raptor originally began this thread with the following post

I saw/read somewhere that Tolkien intended at some point to write another book on Middle-Earth,in the fourth age?Is it true?Does anyone know anything about it?Thanx.

Allyssa replied

Hi Raptor.

Yes, Tolkien did begin writing a sequel to The LOTR. It was called: The New Shadow. It was going to be about a resurgence of the Cult of Morgoth, some 200 years after the War of the Ring, during the reign of Eldarion. It was abandoned after only a few pages, but you can read it in The Historys of Middle Earth: The Peoples of Middle Earth.

Tolkien commented:

: "...of course, I discovered that the King's Peace would contain no tales worth recounting; and his wars would hold little interest after the overthrow of Sauron; and that almost certainly a restlessness would appear about then, owning to the (it seems) inevitable boredom of men with the good..."

Really?? I didn't know anything about this. I must start reading some more about Tolkien, in stead of reading so much by Tolkien. I guess... Read Smilie
Hmmm...regarding The Historys of Middle Earth: The Peoples of Middle Earth. Are those books good. I have been told by several friends that they are "boring"...I have flipped through them and they seem interesting...I mean I have thought of getting them..any recomendations? Or is there any thread in which anybody talks about this?
There's a thread or two about them in the "History of" section under Middle Earth, and "Other" under Books. And they're pretty subjective really, if you really want to know what made JRR tick, and how he worked then they're worth their weight in Mithril. However, if you couldn't really give a toss and you want some new stories, then don't even look at them. Heavy going, but rewarding would be the best description, though dull comes a close second. Wink Smilie

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I didn`t know anything about the book! Big Laugh Smilie
Was it finished?
Was it published?
If it is published I`d like to read it sometime after I`ve read LOTR collection! Cool Smilie
wow!!!!! i never knew Tolkien wanted to write a sequel to the lord of the rings. too bad he didnt finish it. Read Smilie
No, I think it's good he didn't finished it. Just think about it, how many sequals are good? NONE! They are all the same, remember? Boring, predictable etc etc. And come on now, why do we need a sequel? Don't know about the rest of you but I can just read LotR over and over and over and..
LOTR is a sequal to the hobbit.. Angel Smilie
Amarie is right, Tolkien wrote LotR because of pressure to produce a sequel to The Hobbit. However, it's easy to overlook this fact as the styles are so different they almost seem to be written by two different people.

But I have to say Aire has a point. While writing a sequel to The Hobbit was one thing, recapturing the grandeur of LotR a second time around may well have been impossible, even for Tolkien. This is probably why he scrapped the idea so quickly.
The sequel probobly wouldn't be as good, theres no evil leuitenants of Morgorth left who would rule them?
Source: lotrrevisited.orc

War of the Crown

* Prologue *

Three thousand nine hundred fifty-seven years after Sauron's fall at the end if the Third Age of Middle-earth, there was no law in the of the land and the people once more did wrong in the eyes of Eru and he delivered them into the hands of the Cruel Haradrim for seven years times seven years.

At that time a new Dark Lord condensed from the vapors of the Second Nazg’l, he whose name was Ers’tz. He had disappeared upon his master Sauron's final fall. Ers’tz, in his quest for power, usurped the governorship of the State of New Mordor, and from this base he planned the domination of Middle-earth and eventually all of Arda beyond.

To ensure this victory, all Ers’tz needed was the Witch King of Angmar's Iron Crown. The original wearer of which, was better known as the Lord of the Nazg’l, he who had been dispatched by a woman, as has been previously been told in that portion of The Red Book of Westmark titled: 'The Downfall of the Lord of the Rings and the Return of the King.'

This then, is the story of a small band who secretly cherished The Light, and of their endeavor to keep the Forces of Darkness from gaining that ultimate power.

Click Here to continue reading the 1397 pages of the saga. Read Smilie

War of the Crown ’ Grondmaster 2003 Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

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Turned Fan-Fic writer on us Grondy?
That`s a good point Ross.
Grondy that`s a good start but have you seen how thick Tolkien`s books are and all stories have to have a beginning, middle and an end! Big Laugh Smilie
(Only joking.)

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I probably spent close to three hours writing that prologue
Some people just have too much time on their hands Big Laugh Smilie

I think you should carry on though, Grondy.
Grondy that`s a good start but have you seen how thick Tolkien`s books are and all stories have to have a beginning, middle and an end! Big Laugh Smilie
(Only joking.)
What, didn't either of my links work, Sheryl? Couldn't you find the other 1397 pages of my saga. (Also only joking as they are still blank.) Elf Winking Smilie

Allyssa: I probably spent close to three hours writing that prologue, at that rate it would take me ages to fill in the remaining 1397 pages, and then there is the index and appendicies, not to mention all the maps. I'm just too lazy to try and add on to the Master's story, were I anywhere near creative enough or filled with such chutzpa to try. Besides I don't have any idea how the story continues. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I think you should carry on though, Grondy.

Yes, I.too, think you should carry on. Big Smile Smilie
I think you should be MADE to carry on Grondy. Wink Smilie
I'd definitely read it! Keep on keeping on Grondy!
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Go Grondy Go Grondy! Big Laugh Smilie
Let`s just hope you can fill those blank pages.
Thanks people, but I barely have enough time to get through the forum each day, I spend to much time writing dumb things like the above, as it is. And I've still got to sort out last year's shoebox full of paid bills toward getting ready to do my 2002 Federal Income Tax. Super Scared Smilie
I know how you feel, i've just finished eighteen tax returns for the clients I deal with, Smegin' inland revenue!
Unlucky. Thankfully I`m not at the stage where I`ve got to pay taxes and sort out reciets. Well, what can you expect, I`m only 11! Big Laugh Smilie
Ah but just wait until your sixteen, you have to pay taxes but you still can't do anything, well not legally anyway! (Cough fake I.D.)
Ah but just wait until your sixteen, you have to pay taxes but you still can't do anything, well not legally anyway! (Cough fake I.D.)

Depends on what you want to do Ross.... (Is talking about cigarettes and getting Married of course, nothing else)
Now I know, you know how I feel on getting wed!
R u getting wed then? If you are "CONGRATULATIONS!"
I hope you have a wonderful future wife. My 2nd cousin is getting married soon, my mum thinks I`m going to be bride`s maid, because she talks about me all the time. I thought na..... Any comments? Big Smile Smilie
No I'm prime Batchelor material, I like most men don't belive in marriage but know that most likely I will be collered into it one day! Sad Smilie
You should be a bridesmaid you'll get people buying you drink and you will most likely pull!
Shirley Temples at this point only Sheryl!
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I can think of a good fan-fic LotR sequel. Morgoth's escape from the Door of Night. Are, any problems with this idea? I remember something in the Silm.
But Morgoth himself the Valar thrust through the Door of Night beyond the Walls of the World, into the Timeless Void; and a guard is set for ever on those walls, and E’rendil keeps watch upon the ramparts of the sky...But Manw’ put forth Morgoth and shut him beyond the World in the Void that is without; and he cannot himself return again into the World, present and visible, while the Lords of the West are still entroned.

How about calling this the Fifth Age or whatever. Imagine since "no one believes in the Valar anymore, they slowly disappear and dwindle. Morgoth gathers his strength and forces his way into the new World, after the Valar are unenthroned. He crashes into Wall Street...etc. What do you think?
Tolkien wrote no stories set after LOTR, he even abandoned 'The New Shadow', set in Gondor in the Fourth Age, because all Elves had left ME by that time, and there was no remaining element of High Fantasy without them. The Wall Street idea looks promising though...
The Wall Street idea looks promising though...
Yeah, Morgoth could even pull strings to ... wars.

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Yeah, you're right. However, I just read that Tolkien considered this time-period near the beginning of the Seventh Age (shortly after). So, no "Fifth Age" thing, and sequel would be boring probably...