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OK guys and gals - lets agree if we locate anything that looks good - to advise each other. Grond if you see another copy of the 5 set leather bound Easton Press -I'd be interested. You who are so good with the maps, are the reproductions good? Personally Idon't like copies with drawings - like Alan Lee- just a personal thing. Let me know what it looks like - date of publishing etc. That way I can look for it on the web.Thanks
You don't like the big Alan Lee illustrated edition? I think it's great, but it is a little cumbersome for everyday reading. I know they've rereleased it in Paperback seperates, but I'm not sure of the hardback situation. Never seen a box set including Sil or Hobbit, but I like the millenium edition with seven books, far easier to hold in one hand while you're drinking Smile Smilie
My working books are the boxed set of four paperbacks. I have the big red hardback in a slipcover that has the three LOTR volumes in one book an as such is a tad bit awkward for reading. I won't tell you I saw it on last month for about $60. I also have a matched set of five leather bound volumes which would probably now run at more than $50 each from the Easton Press. I also have a green slipcovered hardback of 'The Hobbit' which I haven't seen for sale in years. I really need to find my original hardback of the Silmarillion and quit using the leatherbound one for work. Course the original may be a first edition, or more probably just the American first edition which makes it unspecial. Cool Smilie
I only have one really old paperback copy, but I'm looking for a hardback one as well. Looks better in your bookcase doesn't it? Big Smile Smilie
Huan: I left you a postBody about the books.

And an update which I should have copied here for the benefit(?) of all. Which you may do, before you delete it if you wish. I don't think I can retrieve it. [Edited on 9/1/2002 by Grondmaster]

The meat of the info was each of the five volumes cost $50 US and are available; however, international shipping adds another $15 to that, which makes them very dear indeed.[Edited on 13/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
Sorry grondmaster - I haven't found your reply on my mail -
I think he means a postBody in your postBody inbox, here on the site. You can find it if you go to Your Account. Smile Smilie

I don't like books with drawings either. Spoils your illusions. Especially with Tolkien. I have been to the bookshop recently, but I only saw 3-volume editions. With crappy pictures on the cover. sWhy I didn't buy them. Smile Smilie
Yes Huan, access your postBodys from 'Your Account' page--see link to it upper left of here in Main Menu. Smile Smilie

TOMMY: DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!! If you don't like what's on the cover, make and paste/tape a paper book cover for it. And Tommy, had you really wanted to read LOTR again, you would have bought the three volume set, you didn't, so you hadn't. Should be end of subject, but I know it won't. Big Smile Smilie[Edited on 10/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
The Alan Lee boxed set is my favorite...but it's what inside that counts. Smoke Smilie
We* have noticed there is a difference in the number of doors in the The Black Gate found in the different editions of RotK. My original says there were three and the Mouth of Sauron came out the middle one. The newer editions say there are only two and he came out of one of them. Some non-English editions say two but he came out the middle door, go figure. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

We* also decided when Frodo saw the Black Gate in TTT, he was so far away he couldn't actually count the number of doors in that "single gate of iron."

* When I say "we," I mean a group of us in the chat room a couple weeks ago. (I think it was Renell, ProgHead777, Virumor, and myself. If I have missed anyone else, I'm sorry.)
RE: The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion book sets, I wrote last year:
I also have a matched set of five dark green leather bound volumes which would probably now run at more than $50 each from the Easton Press.
A year ago they were actually priced at
... each of the five volumes cost $50 US and are available; however, international shipping adds another $15 to that, which makes them very dear indeed.
Now the new info which arrived today is that there will be a matching, except for dimensions (is 8.5 by 11 inches compared to the books which are 5.5 by 9 inches) volume of Karen Wynn Fonstad's The Atlas of Middle-earth. for which they are taking advance orders. The price will be $68 US which includes shipping and handling. International shipping will probably add another $15.

I'm going to order one with all the money I saved on tickets and popcorn by not going to additional screenings of PJ's LotR: TTT.