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The monster of the deep
the friendship between Legolas and Crickhollow, when Merry and Pippin and Sam tell Frodo they know all his plans, etc...Frodo singing about the man in the moon at the Prancing Pony...
I missed the whole crickhollow thing, and the giving away of Bilbo's stuff. Really wanted to see Lobelia get in a huff.
At Rivendell:
Pippin: "You need someone with intelligence along.." (something like that)
Gandalf sticks head through the window: "Then you certainly will not be chosen, Pippin.."

'Course, I haven't seen it yet, the rest have assured me that it's been left out. So I'm sure I'll miss that. Sad Smilie
there was a lot of little random humorous things left out...ex what Ungoliant just said, and the part where Frodo won't answer the door for Gandalf when he thinks it's the S.B's...I would have liked to see a lot more of that in the movie
yeah but they put that in as Bilbo not answering the door cos he's fed up of people trying to find out about his Party.
Boring: wasn't the monster of the deep in the film?
My answer is obvious of course: I really missed the Old Forest part. Not just because of Tom Bombadil, but also because I thought it all went too fast in the beginning of the movie. You have the party, then Bilbo leaves, Gandalf leaves, returns the same evening, Frodo must leave immediately (instead of having 30 years in between to live), they head for Bree, and they arrive there shortly afterwards. No Old Forest. Sad Smilie It didn't seem to make sense in the beginning of the movie...
But also the scenes when the gifts are distributed, when Frodo and Merry catch people in the house, when Lobelia and Otho come to see the will, when Gandalf would 'blast his door right through his hole and out the hill'. It's stuff like that that you miss most. Sad Smilie
But considering what they've left in, it's still a good film. Smile Smilie
With all due respect, I don't miss the Tom Bombadillo part at all. That never made sense to me... I can't understand why it is in the book. It has no real connection with the novel. You can take it out and make it a short story on it's own, but Tom has no real important place in the trillogy and is kinda a "toss away" character. He doesn't influence or affect the hobbits. He doesn't even give them anything (like Galadriels' gifts) that make any lasting effect in the future scenes. I think Tom is one of the postAuthorIDs biggest flaws. I think it was just a favorite character he came up with and didn't know what to do with him, so just picked a place to stick him in.
You know, I said that to a friend of mine (that I didn't miss Tom Bombadil) after we saw it the first time, and I swear he almost punched me (he's high strung). I've read all sorts of explanations for why Tom's there- he's a lininal character between the hobbits' idyllic world and the harsh world outside, he's a portrait of isolationists, blah blah blah... any explantion you can think of. And none of them really work for me. So yeah, I agree. I think Tolkien just liked old Tom and wanted to get him in somewhere. Maybe he should have lifted that part out and made a book, like The Hobbit. Something short and sweet. But I just don't see why so many people were upset that he wasn't in the movie. He's not even important in the book.

um... no offense meant, Tommy.
Ooooh! You guys are gonna cause a storm here. I don't care anymore (which is just as well) but a lot of people are gonna argue this one with you, just wait and see....
*stupid Uhuh. But some songs and poems could have been left in it? Like the Frodo singing part, and Sam's (read: Bilbo's) poem. They were just too good to be left out. But with there being no Tom Bombadil in the film, they cut most of the singing and poetry already... Big Smile Smilie

I still have to find that Tom Bombadil story. Anyone know where to find it? Smile Smilie has a copy of "The Tolkien reader" 1898 edition. 'The Adventures of Tom Bombadil' are in it. Smile Smilie You could also search Boarders and B&N.

Ooops! Make that 1989 :P[Edited on 22/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
1898? So he was writing at 6 years old? That's fantastic. Wink Smilie
You can remember when he was born off the top of your head??

And from how well Moulon Rouge did I guess musicals cant be doing that badly, but I agree with Jehanne and Swampfaye that I didnt miss Tom Bombadil in the movie.
I did miss Glorfindel though, Arwen was really going too far.
Hey Tommy Bomb: When you reply to the above posting go easy on old 42, because he/she/it is the answer to the 'Great Question'. "The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything." Cool Smilie
But does he/she/it know what the question is? (Where's Marvin when you need him?) Smile Smilie

Yes i know what the question is, and where the dolphins went, and Gods final postBody (and thats all i can remember right now)

poor marvin Sad Smilie
moral: be nice to the paranoid android!
So you're an it then? Did you have the same operation as my Dog then? (his paperwork says he's an ex-male :o ) and could you tell me the question so's I can be enlightened? Smile Smilie
Read the books ye unenlightened squirrel.

and i am NOT an it!
are you a boy or a girl, 42? Very difficult to tell from your name, and I don't want to accidentally insult you anywhere...

and...the question...but...they said you can't ever know both...they're mutually exclusive and if they're ever known in the same universe the whole thing'll just go away and be replaced by something even more bizarrely inexplicable.
As I remember the question was: "What do you get if you multiply six by nine?" So the whole experiment was a bust. Except I've always wondered if that was the question Marvin knew, or if over the intervening two million years, it had mutated into something a little more meaningful.

The real reason that the planet in Galactic Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha had to be made "perfectly safe" two million years later, is found in 'Young Zaphod Plays it Safe'. Big Smile Smilie
Marvin never told anyone the question. It was never disclosed (unless you count the aforementioned wrong sum, which was part of the malfunctioning Planet Earth.)
And sorry, but you did say you were an it Smile Smilie
I thought the question was "what is the answer to life, the universe and everything?"
is this some bizzare joke that i'm not getting?
what book?
what's going on?

from throughly confused Rosie.
Rosie, we're refferring to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Truly the finest five book trilogy ever.
And I am not a number, I am a free man!! (please can someone get the reference for once!)

Faye, that was the original question yes, but as the answer was 42, it became apparent that that wasn't really a proper question and so Deep Thought had to design the Earth as a super computer etc. etc.
hey..."the Prisoner"...for once I actually understand an obscure reference you made...the world is truly getting strange Big Smile Smilie
Your taste is obscure TV shows is inspired! But who /is/ Number One?
That's an easy one. Patrick Mcgoohan himself if I remember the last episode correctly, bit like a bad acid trip though Big Smile Smilie

*gobsmacked* Chika got one of my bizarre references for once :o
first you're agreeing with people, Plast, and now I'm understanding things...what is going on here???
right on
will check out the book plastic, in fact, my english teacher recommended it to us for de-stressing during exam period.
first you're agreeing with people, Plast, and now I'm understanding things...what is going on here???
The Apocalypse? Cool Smilie
Rosie, you have the greatest English Teacher ever!
And yes, it is the apocalypse, here's a new quote from the book of Squirrel...
....and after the horsemen have finished their beers, they will go for a kebab and a hooker, then the agreeing skwerl will start to be nice to people and a kat known as chika will understand bizarre comments from that same skwerl.....
Wow...'tis getting spookier & spookier. Check out the 'God in LotR' & 'Rivendell/Imladris' threads. Even Tommy is talking sense now.
LOL it must be the blue moon
is there really a blue moon this month?
ba ba ba ba ba dang da dang dang, ba ba dang da da dang da dingy dong ding blue moon.....
You saw me standing alone.....

(is that the same song?)
*cheesy lounge singing*
Without a dream in my heart...without a love of my own...

I'm singing the same song as you, Ungoliant...don't know for sure if it's the same one as the Squirrel's...oh well...

checked the calendar, by the blue moons till 2004[Edited on 1/28/2002 by chikakat]
wait, so blue moons actually exist?
what sort of phenomenon are they?
The second full moon in a calendar month is called a blue moon. As there are approximately 27 days between full moons, we seldom get to see a blue moon. Hence the expression, "once in a blue moon" means not very often. We almost had one last Fall; however; by the time the second moon was full, we had slipped into the next month on the astronomical calendar, so it didn't count.
I was singing the rubbish Showaddywaddy version of Blue Moon, sorry, should have been doing the fantastic Elvis version. Same song though, just different arrangement. Moon looked pretty Blue this morning, could have just been the light I s'pose....
maybe you're just hallucinating... Big Smile Smilie
So which one was chika & I singing - Elvis?

Maybe Plastic *was* is a full moon outside after all.
i can't see the moon. maybe because it's 5pm. still early.

i went and saw LOTR for the 5th time yesterday- BIG MISTAKE!
now i'm so absolutely sick of it, i don't even remember what i liked about it in the first place! i didn't even find Legolas cute anymore! Sam and I laughed at him cos he looked so girly carrying the pitcher in Lorien.
Sounded like Elvis to me......
And there was some clouds and stuff making the moon look a bit blueish. And yes Legolas is girly, and gay looking.
Thats coz he's an elf! they are all gay and girlish
Thats coz he's an elf! they are all gay and girlish

well, except for Elrond... maybe it's just the Lothlorien elves... I think there must be something in the water there. All the elves in Lothlorien looked like little girly men Smile Smilie)
Legolas is a Mirkwoodian elf. Smile Smilie

[Edited on 31/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
Boring is right, so it isn't just the Lothlorien elves that look like sissies. Big Smile Smilie

I missed Frodo cowering from Farmer Maggots' dogs.

WARNING: Viewing the movie more than four times in one month may be harmful to your health! Symptoms are upset stomach, lack of memory, and general malaise concerning a particular male elf and his actor.
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