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Let's see. There's that Farmer Giles thingy, And didn't he write a book about you, Tommy?
there's some other stuff, umm...Unfinished Tales, Lost Something-or-others...I think I actually own some other things, but never got around to reading them, and now I can't remember which ones they are, and I don't know if they're written by Tolkien, or just stuff published by his son.
'Smith of Wooton Major', 'Farmer Giles of Ham', and 'Leaf by Niggle' come to mind. These are more like short stories than novels and I think there are at least two volumes containing a combnation of the above titles. These are also 'fairy tales' rather than stories of 'Middle Earth'. I'll try to dig out my copies unless some one else has theirs handy, which mine are not at all.
well the 3 major books, worth reading are lotr, hobbit and silmarillion....
i have unfinished tales, but havent read it yet....seems pretty mingled up
besides those, there are the earlier works like farmer giles and knight something...
I just want to widen my collection of Tolkien books, doesn't mean I'll actually read them... Big Smile Smilie
No, seriously, I think there is a book about me, yes, *ungoliant, but was that written by Tolkien himself?
Smile Smilie
Yeah the Tolkmeister wrote Tales of Tom Bombadil, and if you ever see a copy, give it to me! I've never seen it anywhere.
I'll check in the bookshop then. One copy for *Plastic, is being noted, anyone else? Big Smile Smilie

With luggage like that, you don't even have to lug your skis around until you get to the slopes, just pack them away in the luggage. Neat! Wink Smilie
There is indeed something called "The adventures of Tom Bombadil" which contains several poems and lyric stories,not only about Tom.
I recommend the compilation called: Tales from the perilous realm .
this book contains the unabbreviated stories:
"Adventures of T.B."," Leaf by niggle"," Farmer Giles of Ham" and "Smith of Wootton Major".
I happen to own the english book edited by HarperCollinsPublishers (5.99 pounds).
Hey Rincewind, welcome back. Where you been hiding?
Swiss. Skiing. a week over christmas.
ah, by the way, happy new year!!

Glad to see you managed to avoid the ice-giants & are back safely with us, Rince! Smile Smilie

'kay then Tommy, you go get a book about TB & tell us all about it. after all, you can't be Bombadil without reading a book about him, right? Wink Smilie (your poor brother, I wonder how much he has to fork out this time)
My poor brother??? Poor me, if I had to pay for it myself. My brother's got money enough, there's one like him in each family I guess. One who has succeeded in business life... Smile Smilie Now I can't be that one anymore... Sad Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Welcome back Rincy! Smile Smilie
I'll do my best to try and find it, it's called "The aventures of T.B.", right? But maybe I can better buy that compilation you mentioned, then I have them all in one. Great idea, Rince, ta! Smile Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
Welcome back Rincewind, how did your luggage like skiing? Wink Smilie
Lol Big Smile Smilie
I didn't find a book about Tommy Bom... *sob*
Sad Smilie
But I did find Unfinished tales and the Sil, which I will both start reading soon... Smile Smilie
Like I said, the adventures of Tom Bombadil are nigh on impossible to find. I think they were deleted in about 1970, perhaps earlier and so are a bit thin on the ground.
You didn't get LOTR then, Tommy?
I think i've seen one here in the bookshop though I will check it out next week
Run Boring run! Before anyone else spots it. Can you sell it on to me then? We don't live that far from each other, do we? Big Smile Smilie

*ungoliant: no I didn't. There weren't any decent one volume copies in the shop. Sad Smilie
I don't think you really want a one volume copy of LOTR, Tommy, unless it is just for show in your bookcase. My hardback is about 6 cm thick and really too heavy to read in bed or anywhere else. A paperback would be much lighter but don't know of a single volume edition. That's why LOTR usually comes out in three volumes, whether in paperback or hardback (Oh, dumb Grondy, that's hardcover, isn't it.) :o
I've got an old Unwin and Allen single volume paperback and it's just right (cos it cuts out all the appendices save two and there's no index). And I call them Hardbacks, as do all those who speak the Queens English.
Okay, I'm flexible, cept when it comes to lifts and lorries. And I learned most a me Anglish afore her Highness' dad left da scene; the rest of it I got from Dame Agatha and that Sayers lady, Dot I think she were named. :P
well, it was very difficult to find two houndred skiing in proper size Big Smile Smilie
I have the same copy as Plast's! At least I think so. (does it have a blueish cover with Ringwraiths riding on white horses coming towards you? Then we have the same one) And it's a paperback one. But the leaves keep losening. Sad Smilie The hardback one is just for in me bookcase. Not to read it, to read it I use the paperback one. Smile Smilie
No, it's got a greeny cover with the shire on the front, and Mordor on the back. And who put the Nazgul on white horses? Bloody idiots.
mine's dull...predominantly dark green with a little illustration of Gandalf holding the Ring with an incredibly stupid looking Frodo peeking over his shoulder...
D*mn. Collector's item? Stick to it, Grondy! Smile Smilie
Can't we start a link somewhere in a tavern, where you (Grondy) read to us a few lines from the Adventures of Tom Bombadil every day? (or week) Big Smile Smilie
As much as I'd like to, I think the little bits of text I quote on the forum are probably stretching the copyright laws as it is. Were I to do a complete poem, Young Chris' lawyers/solisiters would probably be breathing down Taz's neck. Of course I may be wrong. Big Smile Smilie
yeah probably they would...I was looking at some comics and they made the illustrator take down all the ones that had Snoopy and the Peanuts characters in them, even though Charles Schultz knew about them (and even had some of the prints framed on his wall!) Sad Smilie

My grandpa just found a copy of "Lays of Beleriand" which is like, all poetry and things like that...I haven't started reading it yet, but I was wondering...has anybody read it?
Yep, i can see it from here. It's part three of the HoMe, very good if you like poetry of the epic type. Boring as hell if you don't though (I'd imagine). Lots of versions of the Children of Hurin, and loads of Luthien but that's about it, apart from the obligatory CT bletherings that is.
There is the History of Middle Earth Series (Which I have yet to read most of):
I - The Book of Lost Tales I
II - The Book of Lost Tales II
III - The Lays of Beleriand
IV - The Shaping of Middle-Earth
V - The Lost Road and Other Writings
VI - The Return of the Shadow
VII - The Treason of Isengard
VIII - The War of the Ring
IX - Sauron Defeated
X - Morgoth's Ring
XI - The War of the Jewels
XII - The People's of Middle-Earth
I've managed four now, and I like to use them as a healthy alternative to Valium. Big Smile Smilie
Big Smile Smilie Rofl

Probably not my kinda stuff... They don't sound very interesting, or is that just me? Smile Smilie
yeah, I tried the History of Middle Earth, and I didn't get past the first chapter...definite snoozer...
I've read most of those but I tried to skip the notes by Christopher and just focused on the 'stories'... They're really good!
The stories are really good, you say. But all of Tolkien's stories are good! Well, ok, most of them... I still have much left to read, I see it... Smile Smilie
Well, ok, most of them...

To be honest I can think of any "bad" or "less good" story that he've written... Smile Smilie
Neither can I really. But I've only read The hobbit and LOTR, so I can't speak for much really... Big Smile Smilie
Iago: When you wrote:
To be honest I can think of any "bad" or "less good" story that he've written... Smile Smilie
I think something was lost in the translation. Did you mean:

'... I can't think of any "bad" or "less good" stories that he's written...'

or did you mean:

'... I can think of many "bad" or "less good" stories that he's written...'?

Very Big Grin Smilie
I hadn't noticed that really. I assumed it meant: can't.
Jumping Flame Smilie
I have been looking for a book I heard about: Monsters and the Critics and Other Essays which is all these essays Tolkien wrote plus his famous the Monsters and the Critics Beowulf lecture, I think it is edited by Christopher Tolkien. Has anyone come across a copy of it?
I got the sixteth aniversery hardback edition of the Hobbit with gold and silver leaf on the cover plus some fine @$$ illustrations through out it. Best ’100 I ever spent.
I came across a lot of Tolkien books in the past few weeks, but I must say I've never heard of that one. Sorry, Sam!
I have LoTR, (except the Two Towers, which I am going to buy tommorow if I can Smile Smilie ) The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, Farmer Giles of Ham w/ The Smith of Wootton Major.

Where are the other History of Middle Earth books? I haven't seen The Return of the Shadow -- The Peoples of Middle-Earth yet.
Hello? is everybody 4gettin Roverandom? the puppy turned toy story that Tolkien wrote 4 his son Michael? (i think)
I have the Roverandom, but have not read it yet. I also have most of the HOME series, but have not gotten far in it. Lays of Beleriand is my next book that I am going to read.
Roverandom is a really cewl book! i wont say 2 much bout the story right now, tho (unless u want me 2). Wink Smilie
I heard somewhere that Tolkien did a short autobiography called 'Tolkien on Tolkien'. I do not know if this is published or not. Has anyone heard of it?
The Father Christmas letters. I read these to my children when they were small. If any of you have small children/grandchildren i suggest you get a copy.
Welcome to our forum Gail, I hope you will enjoy your travels with us. Happy Elf Smilie
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