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Thread: Who here did NOT cry when Gandalf fell?

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Actually, there were a few moments when I felt so very sad! (I'm talking about the movies here!)

1. When Gandalf fell, the slow motion and all that just didn't do it for me; not even the Fellowship mourning him after. Yet the scene with Frodo looking at Aragorn, with just that one tear running down his face ... great scene, deeply emotional!
2. Boromir's death was also very impressive to me (as he was one of my favourite characters both from the book and the movie); when u see him standing up after the second arrow had pierced his plate, u'd have to have a stone heart not to be moved! He dies a hero's death!
3. Theoden's speech; after reciting the poem, that one question - "How did it come to this?" - is so full of sorrow! I just keep thinking: "Yeah, he must be talking about Saruman: his betrayal is much greater than Sauron's!"
4. Haldir's death, with all those Elves lying around him, with their plates like feathered wings of angels, the moment when u (wheter u read the books or not) definetly get it that Elves can die too (and that's so sad!), is just hard to accept!
5. Sam's speech and especially his question: "How can the world go back to what it was before when so much evil happened?". They learn the answer in bitterness: it can't!

There are, of course, other moments in the movies that are as sad as those I've mentioned, but the above ones really made a difference for me.

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