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I think it was very brave of him to film the book, no matter in what way, you need some balls to do what he did. You can't just make a movie from Tolkien.
And I do think he follows some of the discussions. I read that somewhere, that one of his staff members said he did worry about all the gossip a little (before the film came out) but that he was sure of himself and that the result pleased him very much and that he hoped it would please the public too. So there you are then... Animated Wink Smilie
Have any of you seen an osterich or a penguin, they have wings and don't fly around much. Also the artist interpretation of the chasm shows that there is no way that the Balrog could have opened its wings to save himself.
Oh! and to make a quick comment about "smoteing its ruin on the mountain" I always imagined that the balrog was already dead and its body was falling. Just a little somthing to think on.
Btw ... Anyone know what the hell a "Belrog" is?

'Cos i havent gotta scooby!

Does it have anything to do with the Mighty Milkor ?

Bad King Smilie
I am a Belrog : a Belgian Balrog. Tongue Smilie

Happy now, Mr Prince of Wales ? Wink Smilie
i thought the belrog looked awesome. just think of how bad it could have turned out and stop worrying about if it should have wings or not. Jumping Flame Smilie
i liked the belrog!! So Angry Smilie
The balrog *note Balrog, was pretty neat, really good effects and it actually looked like it was burning

Very Big Grin Smilie they forgot the fluffy slippers! LOL Very Big Grin Smilie

oops, sorry bad joke
Heehee, have you been looking at the Tolkien Crackpot Theories page too?

This is one of the things I can't stand about Tolkiens writing... TOO MANY DETAILS!! Just tell me he's smoking, don't tell me where the pipeweed comes from and how long it's been there!!

Swampfaye, some people actually ENJOY his writing. And some people enjoy, having read the book, studying the details, and becoming experts on them. And sometimes people actually find there to be not enough details. No one is making you read Tolkien's books. No one is making you join a site full of Tolkien fans. You have a free choice.
Here here!! I think this is the first time Loni said something smart Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
...or whether there was such a thing as dwarf women or why the elves were leaving middle earth or how Aragorn and Arwen fall in love and so on. It is however, fun to speculate on some things (see "Rivendel").

Tolkien does right about how Aragorn and Arwen meet, in the LOTR, just not in much detail. I know there is more material on it in another book or 2, try reading the Appedix of The Return of the Kind, also try Unfinished Tales, it might have something.

There is mention of dwarf women in his books, but very elusive.
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