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Bilbo's strange reaction to the ring at Rivendell
That was probably the most jumpy part of the film because it was totally unexpected.
I'm unsure why PJ did it like that. Either he was dying to use some of his old shock/horror style and thought that would be a good place to put it, or maybe he wanted to show how much of an hold the ring would still have on Bilbo and did it like that because it is hard to visualise emotions on screen.
I was a little concerned because my 8 year old thought afterwards that Bilbo had turned bad.
I could not find Bilbo's strange reaction to the ring at Rivendell in the book.
After the feast in Rivendel, when Frodo first met Bilbo again after seventeen years of separation, and during their catching up on the comings and goings, Bilbo became curious about the ring.
'Have you got it here? he asked in a whisper. 'I can't help feeling curious, you know, after all I've heard. I should very much like just to peep at it again.'

'Yes I've got it,' answered Frodo, feeling a strange reluctance. 'It looks just the same as it ever did.'

'Well I should just like to see it for a moment,' said Bilbo.

...Slowly he drew it out. Bilbo put out his hand. But Frodo quickly drew back the Ring. To his distress and amazement he found that he was no longer looking at Bilbo; a shadow seemed to have fallen between them, and through it he found himself eyeing a little wrinkled creature with a hungry face and bony groping hands. He felt a desire to strike him.

The music and singing round them seemed to falter, and a silence fell. Bilbo looked quickly at Frodo's face and passed his hand across his eyes. 'I understand now, he said. 'Put it away! I am sorry: sorry you have come in for this burden: sorry about everything. Don't adventures ever end? I suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on the story. Well, it can't be helped. I wonder if it's any good trying to finish my book? But don't let's worry about it now--let's have some real News! Tell me all about the Shire!'
From FOTR, Book 2, Chapter 1 entitled 'Many Meetings,' a couple pages prior to Bilbo's poem, E’rendil was a mariner.
Hmmm... I don't remember that. I suppose that scene made a little more sense after all.
Silly me, I was looking in the wrong place. Can you imagine looking for it in the scene where Bilbo gives Frodo the mithril vest? Now what would make me look there?
I remeber that scene, when I read it, at first it surprised me. But it really explained the effects of the ring very well. I loved it.
Totally agree. Great scene. Smoke Smilie It scared the hell out of me in the movie, that's for sure. Super Scared Smilie

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I'll second that, the Bilbo -Frodo scene was done really well although it was scarier than I remembered the scene in the book, and the same goes for the Galadriel -ring- Frodo scene too.
However I think that the scariest character in the book is definitely the Witch King altohugh CL on screenwas terrifying, I found the Carahdras (I wish I could spell) scene really scary , something to do with his voice.
Back to the usual Arwen rant IMHO PJ should really have used Glorfindel and NOT Arwen I really didn't picture her as a warrior that was Eowyn's job!!!! ANd can anyone clarify her turning up at Helm's deep? (In the next film).
ANd can anyone clarify her (Arwen) turning up at Helm's deep? (In the next film).
I think it is merely speculation on our part. Going by the past antics of PJ in expanding her part in FOTR in order to draw in the teenie-boppers, we just assume he will do it again.
And we're probably right, anyway... Cool Smilie
oh dear
Well, you don't think they spent $350,000,000 US just for us, do you? 'Tis the teeny boppers that do a large part towards breaking box office records, which is what is needed for the LotR trilogy to be a success. I'm not saying I like it, but those are the facts.
And the facts are usually hard to deal with... Smoke Smilie
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