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Tom sometimes good news like this should be kept close to oneself - so the rest of us won't go completely balistic with jealousy.
Good for you.
Welcome Zacay! Smile Smilie I am having a problem with your questions. Not being able to see the movie yet and only having the pro's and con's as presented here on the forum for reference, I'll take a stab at them and the others can correct me when I stray or miss your point.

Isildor got killed by the orcs when the ring slipped off his finger on his way home to the north.

Melt what together again? Are you saying that in the movie they forgot to reforge the shards of 'Narsil', Elendil's sword, into 'Anduril, the Flame of the West', Aragorn's sword. And Isildur was only important movie-wise as he failed to toss the ring down the tube and instead claimed it as his own. Had he done otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Ring bearers have feelings too. All throughout the books Tolkien told us what the ring bearer, and former ring bearer, (Gollum) were feeling. I don't see the problem here.

I am assuming you are saying they failed to specifically mention the Elves providing 'lembas' to the company as they were preparing to leave Lothlorien on their journey down the river.

Please don't feel I am being arrogant with the above comments, I'm sure half my problem is due to dificulties with translation.

Lucky you being able to afford four trips to see the Movie.

yes they haven't mentioned any lembas in this movie Sad Smilie

as for narsil. as i stated in another topic (i think) they faintly wispered after the counsol of elrond that they would reforge it...

as for the bree part it was seriously cut like they didn't have any horse with 'm when they came bargin in and stuff... and butterbur not having the letter etc etc etc etc
like so many things in the movies it has been altered .. it isn't even like the books anymore.. it just based upon as in the characters and the ultimate goal (destroying the ring)
All to do with time problems I'm afraid. Though the Lembas is gonna be a bit hard to get round!
Narsil/Anduril I've explained in the other topic where the question was asked.
I must agree with you over bloody Enya and her whining at the end.
I am being arrogant with my comments, but then I always am! Wink Smilie
Welcome, my friend Zacay. I wish I could get to the pictures often enough to see it 4 times, but it's miles away and the buses are rubbish.
As for the forging of the sword, twasn't in the movie, but I think *Plastic with his fantastic vision Wink Smilie is probably right on that point. But you have to watch the details if you want to see that! I intend to do that next time I watch the film... Smile Smilie
Fantastic Vision? Lol
Narsil shards:

In the film, I believe that Aragorn is supposed to be rebelling against his heritage, ie: Elrond's comment that "..He chose exile instead.."

My Purist Tolkien side was highly offended by this, but it does sort of explain why the sword was not reforged yet. Mabe they will do it later? since at the end of the film, he promises a dying Boromir that he will save Minas Tirith (very touching)

I wonder if Arwen will have it mended for him and turn up in Rohan? Or will she send it with Halbarad or her brothers?

The good thing about this new version of TFoTR is that at least there is some mystery left for us.
But it was reforged, they just didn't go on about it that much. look at the hilts on Aragorn's swords during the movie
I will on Sunday, God willing and the creek don't rise.
So, have you seen it Grond? And did you enjoy it? Wink Smilie
There is some mystery left indeed. And some things (like the Balrog's wings, and the sword being reforged or not) are well taken care of. I mean, does that bloody Balrog have wings, yes or no? They are there when you want to see them, but if you don't know that it should have wings, you don't see them. And for the sword-thingie you have to be a real accurate viewer like *Plastic. (and one like I intend to be next time, whenever that may be.) Cool Smilie
Boo. That leaves me as the only one who hasn't seen it yet. I've fixed it for RotK though - I'm leaving this place next year. Hurrah!

So how was it Grondie?
Hey, has anyone seen, that there were the three stone-trolls for the Hobbit once in the scnereny? After the attack on Weathertop, when the party meets Arwen. I found that pretty nice to see. But I didn't get that the first time. I guess there are many details hidden in the movie...
is there really? hmm...I gotta go see it again...
I saw it ; it was beautiful; and I didn't notice Aragorn's later sword hilt because too much was happening too soon. I must be getting old, all the scenes left no time for savoring nor contemplating. I'll have to hope they put the video out so I can hit the pause button once in a while.
There really is so much to see! I didn't notice the trolls, so next time when I go and see it I must watch it. (but then I have to watch so many things already... boohoo!) Smile Smilie
And I have to watch Aragorn sword hilt. Are there any more details one should look at? When will they release the video/DVD???
I noticed the Trolls. Dunno what else you need to look for, dunno what you missed!
But there is too much to take in at one sitting, which is what makes it a great movie.
Quite right.
Well, that's why I need to see it again... soon... very soon...
Does anyone here own a cinema where I can watch it without paying? ;-)
No, but maybe if we all clubbed together we could get one in time for the Two Towers.....
GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somehow, my friend got ahold of a copy of THE MOVIE on CD!!! It's awesome!!!! Good quality, even.

AND he's gonna burn me a copy when he gets a decent burner!!!!!

I'm so jealous of him right now it's ridiculous.
Oh the joy of VCD pirate copies! How many coughs does it have on it? How many times does it cut out from low batteries and did he film the interval so you get to see the ice cream lady?
it's actually not recorded from the friend's brother-in-law works for somebody and they gave him clean coughing, nothing.

and we don't have intervals and ice cream ladies at theaters around here...
PlasticSquirrel, I like that idea. and we could it use for the Retur of the King as well... When shall we start it...? ;-)
Well, I've got 50p, how about you? How much is a cinema these days?
And Chika, you can't not have the ice-cream lady! It's not the movies without her! (alright so I hate intervals cos they get in the way of your viewing pleasure, especially since they banned smoking in the foyer, and I don't like people eating when I'm at the movies either, but it's tradition!)
I can't believe your story!
That is just not fair!
the story makes sorta of sence.. after all we are talking about Belgiium Big Smile Smilie
well when we saw the movie .. there were two ppl leaving just when the monster of the deep grabbed frodo they passed me so i didn't see it happening Sad Smilie
Hate people in cinemas, we hatesss them for ever!!!!!!
Except the ones what pays, so we can see the final two instalments of LOTR. I felt compelled to eat lots of salted, buttered popcorn because my grandson kept bringing me the bucket--we couldn't find four seats together, so I sat at the very back of the theatre and probably missed out on the surround sound effects.
Oh yes the pleasures of modern day multiplexes and cinemas. Tough situation - do I go first day or first week, just so that I can sit in a crowded cinema with 500 others with mobile phones ringing, excuse me, excuse me got to go and pee (says the guy in the middle row in the middle seat) the ice creams, the pop corn. Hey everyone this is a movie theatre not a restaurant - you wanna eat stay at home and rent a DVD! Right with you Plastic - love the days when you had a big screen with 50 people only, room to stretch you legs.
In Paris, the big mutliplexes have brought in cinema "cards" which means you pay a monthly fee of around 18 euros and you can go the movies as often as you like whenever you like for FREE. Yes siree. So all the kids, all the adolescents who want to score with their boyfirends/girlfriends go to the movies; Who cares what movie - any place with conforatable seats and its dark...And the telephones; I was in at a Kitano film recenlty and some guy was talking with his mater who was in the same cinema - other movie - comparing what they thought about the movie! Aaaaaggggghhhh Now even whaen youi goto the matin’e seance its too full.
Multiplexes have turned cinemas into TV dining rooms.
Pirate DVD's - I have an ambivalent attitude to that. I mean several people are complaining about JAckson changing stories and characters and betraying Tolkien's wishes. Yeaah sure - what about taking out pirate DVDs then - what about betraying copyright. Then again Miramax are making millions any way...
We hatessss the light precious.We hidess s in cinema and we findsss precioussss; exceptes theres 500 other Bagginesses in the room!
Don't have a thing against pirate copies, cos as soon as it comes out for real everyone ditches their pirates and gets a proper copy. And they still keep going back to the pictures cos of the proper experience. Hurts movie production about as much as home-taping killed music!
And I used to love my local cinema cos it was always empty, I used to go nearly every night. But oddly enough it closed! So I have to go to the big one in the next town. It's not really a multiplex as such, but by our meagre North Devon standards it's huge. That's why I always go on Tuesday afternoons now, cos there's no other bugger there, except a few die hard movie fans with the same obssessions as me. It's nice!
Guess I was extremely lucky when I hear all your stories. I went to the local cinema two streets away, to see FotR the first day, first broadcast here. And guess what: I was all alone! I was the only one who wanted to see FotR at that time! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Means I was alone in the room, no one there to disturb me with anything!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie But the best is yet to come: they actually asked me if I wanted an interval yes or no!!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Guess what I said... So I didn't have an interval! I just sat there, in the middle of the room, no noises around me, just the film to enjoy fully! Nothing to distract me! I loved it! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie And when I left the room, there were like 500 people waiting to see the next broadcast, they were waiting outside the room, in the cinema at the box office, and outside!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie I just love local cinema's! Smile Smilie Smile Smilie Smile Smilie
So can I come live in your town then Tommy? *massively Jealous face
i was seeing a movie with a friend one time and we were the only ones in the theater...the movie was Shrek, though, so it wasn't so exciting...

(jealousy jealousy jealousy)
Allyssa, I was thinking the same thing, that since PJ hinted Arwen will be featured in TT that she must be bringing the sword to Aragorn (and that's why they had that scene with him and her in front of the mural).

As for cinema's, I almost always go to the matine. Only a few people attend the matine, and usually the only problem is with kids - but I find that parents are much more polite about taking screaming kids out than some people in late showings on weekends with freakin cell phones. When i went to see LOTR:FOTR at the "big" theater on a weekend there was a guy actually "talking" on the cell phone!!! And someone behind me was taping their feet impatiently... since it's stadium seating, it made that foot right behind my ear... It wasn't worth seeing it on the bigger screen on the weekend.. I'm going to see it on the regular theater screen at matine again (5th time). Turn of your pagers people... and why are you calling or answering a phone in the movies??
The Theatre where I saw the movie had a request on the screen that asked people to turn off their phones and pagers and by golly they did--Washington is a far cry from New York. Big Smile Smilie

However, to get in seven screenings in one day, they didn't have an intermission and so people were coming and going through most of it. And some people left before it started because they couldn't find a seat, or didn't want to sit in the front row. My first viewing of Star Wars was from front row--actors appeared way too tall and my neck ached for a week.
I loved Shrek! It was one of the only 4 good movies of 2001. Really funny, had me in stitches.
I liked it too...only problem was that my friend didn't think it was funny, so it was kind of creepy to be laughing all by myself in this big old theater...I think I actually would have liked it more if there were other people there, too...
Shrek is really good!!! I laughed me silly
Never saw Shrek. Not my kind of thing, I guess.
HAHA!!! I finally got you into being jealous at me! (I don't see why, but still... Big Smile Smilie )
Boring: it's moments like that when you realise how lucky you are to live in a place like Belgium... Big Smile Smilie
If anyone is still interested, Aragorn's sword in FOTR is not Anduril. I had a close look at the sword hilts and they are not the same. Narsil must still be in pieces in Rivendel as I suspected earlier....until Arwen brings it to Aragorn in Rohan when she comes....
Hey Skwrl, as long as the eggs are broken, you may as well make an omelet. Big Smile Smilie

And does that mean Arwen will be delivering both the sword and banner(?) before the Battles of Helm's Deep and Isengard? Or is PJ going to let her miss out on an opportunity to show her prowess with sword and bow?
oooops! Gave PJ too much credit there then!
*slinks off to wipe the egg off his face*
Lets hope not. *wanders off to make egg-fried rice*
According to my reasonably reliable sources, a company of elves overtakes Thoeden and co. before they arrive at the Hornburg and prove to be very helpful. Arwen is with the elves but it is unclear whether she is leading them. I think she will definately bring the sword, but as for the banner I wonder if PJ will forget it? since Arwen is now a warrior, she may not have had time to do any sewing. Wink Smilie
I will not get annoyed or upset in any way. I will put my trust in the Phantom Editor to delete all Arwen the Warrior-Princess scenes in his phantom edits. So PJ can do as he d*mn well please 'cos it wouldn't matter in the end. Smile Smilie

10, 9, 8,....,3, 2, 1


In the end it doesn't even matter

Isn't that the song of those nerdy nerds from Linkin Park??
We have got to have the banner! Without the banner how can Eomer discover that it isn't the Pirates of Umbar that are sailing up the River Anduin towards the Fields of Pelennor.

Arwen has got to bring the banner with her when she comes south, where else can Aragorn obtain it on such short order? I don't thing there are any 'In-&-Out Seamstress' shops along 'The Paths of the Dead'.

And finally, Arwen has had neigh on twenty years in which to stitch up that darned banner, I'm sure she could have fit that in between her fencing and jousting sessions. Maybe in the evenings, when all the other Elven wariors were off 'a drinking and a wh**ing', she sat at home by the fire. And while listening to the music and poetry, she embroidered on the banner and dreamed about the day her prince would come.
psssst, new rumour, no banner, so Eomer has no idea who is in the ships and inadvertently burns them all, killing off Aragorn et al in the process. Oops! Smile Smilie
dude, I was at Radio Shack the other day, and one of the clerks was playing is VCD of FOTR - the quality was fantastic. I was out of my mind with jealousy, and I think I detected a slight willingness in the guy to copy it for me. We'll see. I'm going back tomorrow to see if he'll be willing to make the copy.

PS is right, though. I'll probably buy the DVD when it comes out. But, I'm debating buying the individual DVDs or waiting until they come out with a trilogy set.
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