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Thread: sword of Isildur!??? etc

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get 'em all, i say..

if you want to buy the trilogy set, will have to wait at least 3 years!
I don't like the idea of that somehow... Sad Smilie
The paths of death, can't wait! They must be freakin' scary as well! Smile Smilie
So Arwen will bring the sword, but not the banner then? Or the other way round? Huh? Smile Smilie
Yup, Allyssa was right. Aragorn's post Rivendel sword and Narsil had completely different hilts. Narsil looked like a two-handed hilt and appeared to have a long ivory or pearl section of handgrip near the pommel, while Aragorn's appeared to be a hand-and-a-half hilt and had a black onyx handgrip with a couple intervening mithril bands. The best places to see these is at the beginning of the Arwen/Aragorn Rivendel scene for Narsil and in the Redhorn Pass scene right after Boromir returns The Ring to Frodo.

And this means that one of Elrond's three children have got to bring Aragorn the reforged Narsil, so he can rename it And’ril, unless of course, Elrond is going to present it to King Elessar at the end of the third movie as a token that the King now has Elrond's blessing to wed Arwen.

It also seems to me that Aragorn did extremely well with his FOTR sword and couldn't have done much better with And’ril. Then again maybe he wouldn't have been as tired or bloody at the end of the battles. I also think he ought to have worn at least a chainmail jerkin, or was that hidden beneath his tunic ala Frodo's?
Yeah, I think I just made up my hilt theory on the grounds that the camera seemed to linger for so long on Strider's sword hilt. Once again, sorry, I was wrong. that is disappointing. I just assumed that it was Anduril, and the reforging was something that would be restored in the special edition. Oh well. What's the official rumor as to who is going to Helms Deep again? Don't say Arwen! I'm sure it's not Arwen! I heard something about Haldir but I doubt he is going to be bringing Anduril. That would require quite a detour! I haven't heard about anyone else.

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Halbarad and thirty of Aragorn's kinsmen, the D’nedain, plus Elladan and Elrohir will show up some time, and me thinks they will come before the battle rather than after. It is the they that will bring the reforged Narsil to Aragron; hopefully, leaving Arwen at home with Elrond. I believe they will also bring Aragorn's warhorse, Roheryn from the north. Because Arod should be the only Rohirim horse to tread the 'Paths of the Dead', and only after Legolas calmed him, would he do so. Of course Peter will probably pare the thirty down to about nine or eleven so as not to crowd the set with all those horses and riders. And then again they may not show up until the beginning of ROTK in compliance with that other story, the one told by old JRRT. Very Big Grin Smilie
yeah right as if :P
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