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I'm off to see the movie in one week, five hours, so you guys have got to do the reviews to help temper my anticipation. Ooh ooh, can't wait. :o
Oh right, you haven't gone yet! I'm off in exactly 5 hours and 50 minutes (cos I've only just finished work so I can't get to the cinema by 1pm) I'll leave you to do the reviewing then! Would flood your board for you, but I've got to go and meet my mate in the pub opposite the pictures and chastise him for not booking early!
sniffff.... I'm off to see it in exactly.... errr.... help! hilfe! help! i still need to book some tickets.... argh!... gerrof my leg!
Am I the first to post here who has actually seen the film??? YIPPIE!!! Officially the first for the very first time ever on this forum!!
I have already done what Taz said he would do (posted a large review), so if you want my opinion, read it. (I do hope it gets published here... Big Smile Smilie )
:o :o :o :o :o :o
The film amazed and stunned me in every way, it's hard to find the right words at the time. The Orcs were great, and the Balrog ( a discussion point) was marvellous. Great film! Definitely worth seeing. And the money. And just like the book, the film was too short! Cool Smilie
I think they f***ed about with the book too much, quite frankly. Didn't blow me away at all. I will have to go and see it again before I write anything about it properly. Gods teeth I hate Enya!
Skwerl: Just ignore what was missing, get some earplugs for Enya's songs, and go back and view the FOTR a couple more times as a movie, not as a literal translation of the book. Then see if your perspective changes. Oh, and try not to be too lubricated when you go into the theatre. Big Smile Smilie
I have to say that The Fellowship of the Ring was easily the best film I have ever seen in my short existence. Yet I do have the following gripes...

Since when did:

1) Saruman cause the caradhras mountain(s) to strike agaisnt the company, wasn't it the God of the mountain(s)?

2) Merry and Pippin set of the big Dragon firework at Bilbo's birthday party

And also did anyone else think that Galadriel came across far to agressive than what you would of thought?

Also like Elrond when he was telling Gandalf what he thought of the Men race and how week Isildur was to not through the ring in the cracks of doom, did he hold the ring? No, so therefor how can he judge someone else for what they did! I think he came across with no wisdom and more like an elf with a pine stuck up his butt.

But anyone, 5 stars...that was one wicked film Smile Smilie
Your comments worry me. I havent seen the film yet, but am already concerned with the treatment of Elrond. I feel Hugo Weaving is a poor choice, to start with and that they have taken all Elrond's good lines and given them to Galadriel!

Elrond is a favourite character of mine, and I hate to see him treated this way. You?
He is not my favourite but I did not like the way he was portrayed at all, as for the other characters... Well, Gandalf is now a comedian evidentally *taz
First of all, hi to all, I'm new here, so don't be too angry if I'm doing something wrong.
I saw the film yesterday and was pretty impressed. I think the scenery was great, especially the differences between all the locations. (Moria was stunning!)
As for the changes made compared to the book I think, it's just neccessary. I mean, you can't produce a movie that is longer than three hours. So, as a result: In my opinion it is one of the greatest movies ever and a great adaptation of The Lord Of The Rings.
Hey there Pete! I agree about the scenery, and I'm with Taz's gripes. But I have more!!!!
Since when did Frodo figure out the Moria gate password?
How crap was the way they got Merry and Pippin in on the action?
All that other stuff I said last night to Grondy in the chatroom!
And most importantly Why have they made Boromir out to be so bad? They gave his best line to Aragorn "If by my life or death I can aid you, I will". And what's with Aragorn? Telling Frodo to go off on his own? THen saying "Lets hunt some Orc" as if he was Bruce Willis talking about kicking butt.
And could Merry and Pippin have got more Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?

On the plus side, Arwen is forgiven, that chase to the ford was fantastic!
The opening sequence had my tongue hanging out.
I cried when they were coming out of Moria in the dreamlike trance of disbelief (great tunes Mr Shore!)
The collapsing steps in Moria were great!
Actually, a lot of it looked great, but they kept knackering up my favourite bits.

I'm in somewhat of a conflict over the whole thing, I've had a day to mull it over now, and the half of me that is a raving diehard obssessive Tolkien fan hates it with a passion. But the half of me that cries at Casablanca, screams with joy at exploding Deathstars, and Jumps when Jack Nicholson hacks through a door (the obssessive movie fan) Loves it like it were a free bottle of single malt Laphroaig!
Ah well, I'll go and see it again after Xmas, maybe it'll change my mind. Btw Taz, it's still no Star Wars, may the force be with you kiddies.
i agree completely with the Squirrel chap, they hacked and distorted the narrative, hollywoodized and schmaltzed the characters, and Eru only knows what happened to the dialogue. i don't agree with all this 'it's a movie, so alter your perspective' horseshit. ifthey can't create an authentic representation of a classic text then why bother? Gandalf was an outrage; he smiled and cuddled so much i thought he was going to ask everyone what they wanted for christmas. ho ho bloody ho. - 4 out of 10 for the balrog and orthanc.
At last! A bit of Support! Thank you Bangrod, I was staring to think there was something wrong with me! I'm not the last angry young man then!
I think y'all are a little tough on it. I just finished the first book a couple of months ago, and I'm plowing through the Two Towers, so I do not know what happens next. But, I thought the movie was good considering the overwhelming material they had to work with. What struck me was the seriousness of Frodo. While I was reading the book, I knew the basic premise of what Frodo had to do, and I kept wondering when he was going to get serious about his quest. The Prancing Pony incident was so foolish considering the heavy weight of his duty, but in the movie, Frodo was a very serious character all the way through.
Yeah, all the characters became a lot more clear cut than normal. Merry and Pippin=comic relief, Frodo=serious chap, Sam=lovable dope (who unfortunately goes back to being a yank when he gets flustered) Strider=big hero type Boromir=right b*stard.
I s'pose Movies have no room for complicated characters. Shame.
Welcome to Allyssa, StormyPete, and Bangrod.

I was just listening to a radio talk show dicussion about the movie. There was one profesional critic who said he also had to see the movie again it was so good. There was one caller who said he walked out before they got to the Ford--that's called cutting-off one's nose in spite. The general consensus was that it is a great movie, will beat out Harry Potter, it is a different version of the story than the one in the book, and that we Tolkien fans must just accept that fact and enjoy the movie and the story it tells.

The bottom line is if you haven't seen the movie, do so. You may have to see it twice if you have the book ingrained in your head. The first time for the inevitable comparison and the second for pure enjoyment. Smile Smilie

Disclaimer: I have yet to see the movie and my only reason for touting it is to ensure that the second and third movies are available for my viewing. Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 20/12/2001 by Grondmaster]
Ok, I have a question for the more informed:

Who is Ted Nasmith (sp?). I know he did some Tolkien art, but was it before the movie, or in conjunction with it. I suspect it was done before, and if so, weren't you impressed that the art director of the movie incorporated so much of Mr. Nasmith's work into the film?

fair enough, i might pop in and give it the once over, again ... just to make sure. And i'll concede that it looks fabulous. but whatgives me the shits is the needless reworking of details, eg, the aforementioned doors of durin sequence. 1. why is the outline of the doors visible prior to the utterence of 'mellon'? can the doors remain secret if the emblems are visible without the secret words which only old gandalf seems to remember? 3. were they supposed to be 'holly' trees? 4.why has a miss-translation suddenly become a riddle? 5.why does the 'watcher in the water' have to smash the place up instead of just shutting doors like normal? 6.why am i such a pedantic git? 7. love mate, that's why.
1) From the book:
"...and he passed his hands to and fro, muttering a few words under his breath."
The doors and their inscription wasn't visible until Gandalf did this. The doors wouldn't open until he said "Mellon".

2) See 1) above.

3) Yes

4) Stupidity of screen writer, I guess.

5) In the book, the doors were blocked by boulders and the uprooted trees, because the watcher got tired of travelling gits tossing stones in its pond and it decided that if they could no longer open the doors, they would no longer be travelling past its pond. Sheesh, all it wanted was a little peace and quiet. Big Smile Smilie

6 & 7) Rhetorical

I think you are all comparing the movie a bit too much to the book. And yes there are some things in it that don't match the book, but they had to make a bit of a story that is not too complex to follow for those people who haven't read the book. That is probably why they let Saruman in control of Caradhras. I think they let Merry and Pippin do all these stupid things, like the fireworks, to let the viewer see how immature they actually still are. But by showing how they distract the Uruk-Hai to let Frodo escape, Jackson has let them do their bit of heroity. I think they will be picture much more maturally in the next movies. Anyway, I still think the movie is an excellent one, but we should stop comparing it to the book, for God's sake! You cannot possibly make a movie like you write a book! So forget about all these things that are not in it or that annoy you, just look at the film as a film, and judge it from an objective point of view. Look at it through the eyes of an average viewer, not as a critical Tolkien-freak. *teacher
I think TomBombadillo is mostly right. You just cannot transfer every single bit of the book. And if you tried to you would get a film that takes at least twelve hours. I suppose that's a bit too much.
Nevertheless, the book is and remains the original work. Just take the movie as an attempt to get it on the screen (To me, this attempt was done greatly.), including all those little changes that were just neccessary, and some othes which were not so neccessary.
Okay Tommy. I suppose you're right for once! I've decided to look at it like David Lynch's version of Dune, got F*** all to do with the book, but it's a great movie. And it will be interesting to watch Merry and Pippin's development through the trilogy definitely. I'm, just an obssessively critical Tolkien fan. And I don't need to see it again because it was so great, but because there was just too much to take in at just one sitting. I hate to draw this comparison again, but it was the same with the Phantom Menace.
Yeah, yeah, gloat on people...

I can't see it and won't be able to for the next few weeks. Damn! Can't wait though...
Well Ungoliant, it's worthwhile the waiting...
Nearly forgot why I was posting here earlier! Ted Naismith is a highly acclaimed Tolkien artist, who unlike certain others, actually reads Tolkien's descriptions and paints what is said, Yummy. He's been doing it for ages and ages, and is rather good at it. However, anyone who saw him singing Frodo's Gandalf song from Lorien on the South Bank show last week, will know why he is a painter and not a singer!!!!
South Bank Show? Is that a British show? Maybe BBC America will air it. Funny image of him singing.

I too think the scene at the gates of Moria was a little rushed and confused. They should have taken their time with that. I think the movie could have stood a few more slow moments. It was a whirlwind.

And PlasticSquirrel, you and I must have very similar tastes. I'm a huge Dune fan, the book and movie. I thought David Lynch's vision was fantastic.

Question - I don't remember the book very well (I read it one time a while ago), but I thought the Lynch movie was much truer to the story than the Sci Fi network miniseries. Do you agree or disagree, and why?
Grondmaster sorry, i don't think i made myself very clear back there. What i meant was that the textual details of the book (with which i am fully conversant) have been altered for apparently no reason. It seemed from your reply that i came across as requesting information, which i was not. moan, gibber, rant. nothing personal guv.
I saw the Sci-Fi Channel's Dune mini-series and can't remember a single thing about it; therefore, I gues I wasn't impressed by it. I liked the movie though it wasn't like the book.

*stupid With any paper to film version of a story, I suggest that people forget about what is missing or said by the wrong person, and simply view the movie as the same story, just told by a different person, I think they will enjoy it a whole lot more. (This seconds what Tommy said in her above posting.) Smile Smilie
You're right, of course. i'll quit with the negative waves. i think i need second helpings of FotR to calm me down a bit.
Dune miniseries sucked. I switched the tv off after 15 minutes, and haven't seen it since. Lynch's movie was much better - although I read on a.f.dune that the miniseries were supposedly more faithful to the book. Don't think so though. the first few minutes disgusted me.

But am trying to keep an open mind for when I finally get to see FotR, although Grondie, I don't think I can view it just as another movie, and not as a literal translation of the book. I was tricked into seeing the trailer at the HP movie, almost screamed when I saw Arwen saying something like, "You want him, come and get him". Tell me she didn't really say that in the movie? Please?
That's not the worst of it. Of course I don't get to see it until next Wednesday so half of my glossing/touting is also to keep up my enthusiasim.
Well i haven't seen IT yet - some time this weekend - But it's six months the DVD will be released and then after you have bought that they'll release the directors cut and lo!... it will contain all the "missing footage" Tom Bombidill will be pasted in from the cutting room floor and the dialogue will be all corrected. Or maybe some computer gee whiz will film some shots and replace Arwen with Glorfindel. Bust Up
No, in this case I think we are actually seeing the 'directers cut' the first time out.

And welcome, SpoonDivy.

Also like Elrond when he was telling Gandalf what he thought of the Men race and how week Isildur was to not through the ring in the cracks of doom, did he hold the ring? No, so therefor how can he judge someone else for what they did! I think he came across with no wisdom and more like an elf with a pine stuck up his butt.

From what I've seen and heard Elronf does behave like a bit of a butthead in the film. Thats a bit of a bummer, cause I always liked Elrond. Sad Smilie
Yeah i always thought Elrond was the one of the wisest elfs left in Middle Earth
Yeah, what you all said.
And I haven't yet seen the miniseries of dune. I was gonna buy the box set of videos for myself as an Xmas pressie, but I'm not so sure now. And Arwen saying "If you want him, Come and Claim him" was fantastic!
South Bank Show is british, it's ITV though so you won't see it on any BBC networks.
I don't have the impression that Elrond was made a butthead. He was just talking about the weakness of men, that's all.
saw the film yesterday and in my opinion thought it was a superb film with an excellent cast but a very disappointing ending, if it had been another 30 mins longer with a brilliant ending where they finish the quest it could have been the best film of all time.

Which quest are you talking about?
Ok...just saw the movie...overall, really great. All Taz and Plast's complaints from earlier, I second...I still liked it a lot, though...I want to go see it again so I can watch without going "oh I can't believe they cut that part grr" every few minutes.

By the way, I really don't think they could have wrapped everything up in another 30 minutes...that would probably have been more dissapointing than the ending that they have now.
Welcome evadjm. Smile Smilie And had they been able to wrap up the quest in an additional thirty minutes, all hell would have broken loose around here. People want it wrapped up in not less than another six hours. We still have four more books to get through, two each in "The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King". Evadjm, I think you better read the books and you might consider starting with "The Hobbit" first. *reading
Evjadim, you don't really mean the whole quest, do you? Anyway I totally agree with Grondmaster chikakat. It's a great movie with a few things which make you wonder why they did it like that.
And Grondy ain't even seen it yet! And Evadjm we do need the other two films to finish it, twill be great! Welcome by the way, any troubles you have with Tolkien's work just shout at one of us and we'll help.
Spotted the biggest mistake ever the other night while reading the Lotr again, BOROMIR DOESN'T DIE UNTIL THE TWO TOWERS! Whoops! Wink Smilie
That wasn't a mistake, it was done on purpose to get a better end of the first part.
Yeah, I guessed that, just thought I'd be arsey again! "Lets Hunt Some Orc!", dear god what have they done to Aragorn.....
The Squirrel chap's hit the nail on the head. And does anyone think that they were taking the piss with Gimli? He seemed a smidge more ironic than usual. But i did like the bit when they'd just left Moria and Legolas is desperately trying to restrain Gimli - what a maniac!
Okay, I understand what you don't like about the film. But I wonder whether you still think the film is any good or not. Did you like it?
I think it's a great movie...I went with a bunch of people who had never read the books, and they loved it...I think we're all just picky because, when you read the book, you get this whole idea in your head of what everything looks like, and then when, in the movie, things look different, we all get bent out of shape...doesn't mean it's not a good movie, though.
Right you are Chikakat. And everytime we reread the books we pick up something more that we missed the previous times making us even more susceptible to pickiness.

I'm scheduled to see the movie Wednesday by the way. Can't wait! I'll try to suspend my preconceived notions, remembering that the movie isn't the book, and just watch the story unfold.
Thank's Ed for aknowledging my question. Haven't seen the movie yet - it doesn't open till the 26th here. Already got tickets for the 27th so I will definitely be back to comment then, since I suppose its not really fair to criticise a movie I haven't seen.

Would love the oportunity to chat with some of you folks but chat room is always empty.

I apoligise for being possibly the only Elrond fan on the plannet. I seem to have a thing for half-elves. You know, the whole choice between which fate is preferable - immortality on earth or immortality of the soul beyond it. Any comments?
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