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Thread: which member of the Fellowship you are most like

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here are my results with my real name:

Orc: Sharghash the Blood-Axe
Hobbit: Elanor Bunce from Newbury
Elf: Belethtelluma is the root, and the other femenine forms are Belethtellumaiel, Belethtellumaien, and Belethtellumawen
Dwarf: Vr’r Marblespear
I was an...: Annoying Noldor (O.o)

and according to my nickname (Pizazz)

Orc: Maubr’g the Terrible
Hobbit: Robin Sackville-Baggins from Willowbottom (cool, i'm a Baggins!)
Elf: Mangond is the root, and the other femenine forms are Mangondiel, Mangondien, and Mangondwen
Dwarf: Gorin Rockmirth
I was a...: Stunning Baggins

i think i prefer the results for Pizazz quite a bit better (i can actually pronounce the Elvish names, AND i'm a Baggins!)
as for the 'Which Fellowship Character Are You Most Like?' thing, i got Legolas! Big Smile Smilie ^_^[Edited on 8/1/2002 by Legolas_no_Miko]
kewl okay here are my names for my real name are:

Olkl’sh the One-eyed


The root name suitable for feminine and masculine is:

Another masculine version is:

K’r Rubyfury

what am I:
According to the ancient scrolls of the
Red Book of Westmarch

was a Courageous Spawn of Ungoliant

According to my nick:

Sharlok the Terrible

Freddy Headstrong from Binbale Wood.

The root name suitable for feminine and masculine is:

Another masculine version is:

Tr’r Iceyears

What i am:
According to the ancient scrolls of the
Red Book of Westmarch

Boring was a Annoying Variag
(I posted the personality test thing in one of the pubs...Green Dragon, I think...can't remember just now Smile Smilie)

My orc name: Muztakh the Malicious

My hobbit name: Goldilocks Gold from Combe

My elf name: Mordiliel or Mordilien or Mordilwen

My dwarf name: B’in Cloudlegs

I was a treacherous dragon! YES! Big Smile Smilie

and using my nickname...
orc: Globtrak the Devastator

hobbit: Hilda Tunnelly from Bree

elf: Aratlambeiel/Aratlambeien/Aratlambewen

dwarf: Fundin Snowsinger

I was a drunken ruffian...hahaha
Can't be bothered now, will do it later.....
I have a son? My baby!

*cuddles Boring*

realname me was ....Drunken Noldor...figures
D**n, caught Tolkien giving two different comtempory characters the same name. Must of been a popular name with the Orc Mamas and Papas of that era. Big Smile Smilie

Snaga 1 is an White Hand Orc Scout who gets himself killed in Rohan by Eomer's troopers on the Border of Fangorn.

Snaga 2 is an Burning Eye Orc Guard who lost a hand to Sting and subsequently his life, near the top of the Tower of Cirith Ungol, when he tripped on a ladder and fell through an open trap door.
After reading the book and seeing the movie - I find Legolas character did not stand out - I mean his LOOKS yes, but his character did not.

Its like he is only the supporting character.
I'd stick with the original... no one much cares for the Sackville-Baginnses
Apparently, the Plastic Squirrel was a friendly Snaga! And then the site went f*** shaped and I got bored...
hey swampfaye, what do you mean 'no one much cares for the Sackville-Baginnses'?????? Mad Smilie Sad Smilie
read the book.... Smile Smilie
-_-;; aww crud...
I don't hink Ungoliant and offspring are very cuddly Cool Smilie
Boring my son, how many times must I tell you..we only cuddle 'em to check if they're plump enough yet. Wink Smilie

Snaga was an Orc, right? Can't remember.
So why did it say friendly then?????
I want to see the Orc mamas and papas!
"All the leaves are brown (the leaves are brown)"
"And the sky is grey (and the sky is grey)"
"I went for a walk (went for a walk)"
"Down Fangorn way (down fangorn way)"
"Pretty dumb idea (dumb idea)"
"Treebeard got in my way (Treebeard got in my way)"
"Isengard dreaming (Isengard Dreaming)"
"On such a winters day"
Could Snaga have been an epithet?

I wonder will we be seeing Snagas in the chat room now? Big Smile Smilie
I had done the first test already, turned out to be Gandalf (whatever). Can't do the second test, cos my computer is "unable to locate the server". Huh? Sad Smilie
that happens to me repeatedly when i do the test with my friends. just press back, then click the 'Find Your Name!' and it should work. albeit after a few tries if your computer is really being mean...
In the personality ratings - I'm LEGOLAS!!!! YEA!!!!!! That's who I wanted to be!!!!!! Hooray!!!
In the personality ratings - I'm ARAGORN!
That's who I want to be with. Both book and movie made me fell in love with him. Ain't Viggio drop dead gorgous in LOTR!!
I'm a HUGE fan of Viggo. I've been following him since Prophecy where he played an excellent Lucifer. Whoo hooo! but i was surprised to find that the character/actor that most intriqued me in the movie was Legolas, with whom I might add, my personality profile gelled. Sigh.

I'm Aragorn..
he's ok but i wanted to be Legolas!!! boo hoo. oh well.
Using my real name
Orc: Akhal the Thug (huh?)
Hobbit: Rosa Millbanks from Needlehole
Dwarf:Sarin Clawboot
and..i'm a Staggering Hill Troll.
i don't like any of them names!! i think i will stick to Rosie.
There is no age limitation here if you want water, else you'll have to take your thist and topic to a tavern, can I suggest the Ivy Bush. Wink Smilie
As you should, I'd drink Cider with you anytime! Smile Smilie
Cheers, Plastic.
i think i'm in the mood for some vodka though..
what's the legal age for drinking around here? Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I just had a big piss-up at my place~!!!!!!
ooohhh hoooooo~~~~
still high on them midoris!!
everyone's invitedddddd!!!!!!!!!!
everyone's falling around drunk
yeahhhhhhhh Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
*Realises he hasn't been drunk in an awful long time, mutters something incomprehensible, goes to a Tavern anyway*
hm..i think all of us at PT should go out for a big Karaoke night. it's so much fun, seriously. but not when you sober up the next morning and remember how loud you were singing Dancing Queen. just wanna bury your head in sand and die. but it's still so much fun! yeahhh~!
*follows Plast though she has a hell of a hangover, still not recovered from Friday* Big Smile Smilie

I'll try the link again, I want to know my other names!!! Smile Smilie
I got in!!!
(using nickname TomBombadillo)
Orc: B’zburz the Tough
Elf: Nevgevath
Hobbit: Pervinca Browlock from Combe
Dwarf: Palin Crashingmallet
(using real name)
Orc: Shagnakh the Malicious
Elf: Thalionsiw’
Hobbit: Goldilocks Banks from Needlehole
Dwarf: R’in Stromanvil

Tom Bombadil was a furry-footed Ruffian (???)
Real name came up with: Friendly Wainrider
Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Karaoke? Can't beat Tom Bombadil then! Big Smile Smilie Honestly, I can't sing. Suppose that's what makes all the fun, right? Smile Smilie
Why do you think the Japanese make Karaoke their # 1 pass time? How many Japanese Rock stars can you name?? LOL
I only remember one - Loudness. I thought Akira Takashaki was cute. The song 'So Lonely' was good, but the Japanese version was better. It's a bit like Gary Moore crossed with UFO. Big Smile Smilie
I used to be a big X-Japan fan for a while. Loved Yoshiki Hayashi! then decided all their songs sounded the same (they do!) and abandoned them all together. i couldn't understand a word of their songs anyway, though most of their ballads were 90% english.
Errrr... I remember a song from the 80s called Big In Japan (can't remember who did it though, not Japanese though) and a band called Japan from the same time (also not japanese) but not a single Japanese rock band (unless Shonen Knife were Japanese).
Anyhow, back on topic, on the new Lotr personality test that Faye posted somewhere, i got to be Tom Bombadil, who knew? I'm one of the good guys Smile Smilie

Anyhow, back on topic, on the new Lotr personality test that Faye posted somewhere, i got to be Tom Bombadil, who knew? I'm one of the good guys Smile Smilie

You mean you are supurfluous to the story and have such bad color coordination that your boots are yellow? (or is that from bad hand eye coordination???jk)
Alphaville did Big In Japan, I quite liked 'em as well. Not Japanese - but close enough, German. Wink Smilie Wasn't Japan David Sylvian's band? Cute poofy bloke from the New Romantic '80s.

Er..back to the topic. Did the test again, still a dwarf.
stilll a dwarf

I could have told you that for nothing Golly Big Smile Smilie
And yeah it was David Sylvian's band, and yeah he was poofy (still is in fact) Thanks for reminding me about Alphaville, was starting to bug me.
I could have told you that for nothing Golly


Take the test again, Plastic! You, as Bombadil? A mistake, for sure! I can see you as a hobbit, yes, or even a Nazghul. Not Bombadil, surely!
Well, Bombadil always struck me as a bit of a drunken nut who strolled about the place singing to himself all the time, and I'm pretty darn similar to that definitely :P And my boots have indeed been yellow for the reasons Faye pointed out earlier, yeah! Wink Smilie
Oh, well, since you've brought up the drunken nut bit....ok then. You're Bombadil... Big Smile Smilie
AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!! Plastic = me!!!! Run like the clappers! This can't be true! This is fiction! Big Smile Smilie

Wait a minute: can you be Bombadil? The thing says: which member of the fellowship are you most like? Tom wasn't a member of the fellowship, was he? That's odd... I'll do the test again too...

Ok did the test ever so many times and I've been everybody but Tom. How did you do that, Plastic??? (I think he's been cheating... Smile Smilie )

oh god oh god oh god- i'm sure i'm going to hear an earful from grondy for this but...
last night, me and two other friends went to Karaoke and finished a humongous bottle of Tequilla among just the three of us- and yup, you guessed it- they got pissed off their faces and puked up everywhere- gross! had to carry them home... *sigh* the trials of underage drinking...
Tommy- Different test that Faye posted somewhere else Big Smile Smilie
Rosie- Only one bottle? Between three? Lightweights....Wink Smilie
Me spent 12 hours in the boozer yesterday and inadvertently spent all my food money for the week, and I felt fine this morning Smile Smilie *sigh* the joys of perfectly legal drinking.
The three probably ate the worm to get that sick.

I think Sam or Gimli should have got seasick their first day out on the river. Big Smile Smilie
yes, only one bottle- unfortunately, we still have most of our brain cells still entact so the alcohol probably reaked havoc up there.

it's only a river- the boats don't rock that much.
A river like the Anduin? Me guesses it can go pretty rough. Especially if you're passed by by some bigger boats... Big Smile Smilie

Must find that other test. Where is it anyway? We'll see who's Tom Bombadil then! Big Smile Smilie
Yeah, like underage drinkers have the money to waste on REAL mescal!!
*dreams of the Worm fondly* Smile Smilie
tell me about it!
one bottle of tequilla and there goes my weekly allowance. well, almost- 4/5 of it anyway.

what worm?
Get the cash together for a real Mexican bottle of Tequila Mescal, it has a worm in the bottom of it. Eat the worm and you will have the most fun you can possibly have without actually breaking any laws. Big Smile Smilie
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