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How much was that?

Our local liquor supplier only had three kinds- we bought the most 'popular' one. it was about $40 which is US$20 or about 15 pounds.
Pricey! Not sure how much it actually costs, always got it at Duty Free shops for much the same price, or had it brought back by friends who pilgrimage to Mexico.
Tried to find out what charicter I was again. Ended up as Gimli. NOOOOOOO! THE HORROR! :o
I did mine again and I was Boromir... hmmm from Sam to Boromir. Wonder what has happened in the last few weeks to change me into Boromir.
You haven't been hanging around little blokes with magic rings too much have you? Wink Smilie
I turned out to be Legolas this time. I think I've been so much everyone now... Big Smile Smilie
I tried to take the test and the page doesn't open. Has anyone tried lately?
if anyone can help me, I'll aprecciate it
Yes Negra, the test site seems to be out of action. All I can suggest is that you try again later in case the absence is only temporary. Very Sad Smilie
Here are a few different ones:What LOTR woman are you like:

culture fancy:

Apparently I am Arwen for the first one........I think I will try that again!
Why do you think the Japanese make Karaoke their # 1 pass time? How many Japanese Rock stars can you name?? LOL

Sorry to bring back the thread to this, but it seems we needs a bit of edumacating in Japanese music . Heres just a few Japanese artists I can think of at the mo,
1. Love Psychedelico (trancy folky rock)
2.19 (Rock)
3.Dragonash (Rock)
4.Hamasaki Ayumi (Teen pop Idol)
5.Mr.Children (Japans "Hanson")
6.Glay (Boy band extrodinaire)
7.Ua (very groovy chick..Tricky meets P J harvey stylee)
8.Bird ( Pop Rock)
9.Da Pump (Rap mixed with ballad...naff)
10.Remedy (Love Ballads)
11. Kick the Can Crew (Hip Hop...and pretty passable!)

hmmm thats all I can think of right now ...! But if you listen to Blowback (latest album by Tricky) the last track "song for Yukiko" is half english half Japanese. What he sings at the end is just a translation of the Japanese female vocals.... so teach yourself Jappo! Smoke Smilie
oh yeah and I was Frodo...quite liked that!

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Never heard of any of them Cirdan, but I'll take your word for it. Were Shonen Knife Japanese? Cos they were pretty darn good.
Hmmm not sure. Just tried phoning my girlfriend to check but shes not answering. I think you'd probably like Love Psychedelico though from seeing your site and maybe Dragonash too but I aint sure....
OK! Shonen Knife are an all girl band from Osaka! So I guess Japanese! They're apparently the beatles meets the that right? Are they any good? If so I may have to go and get hold of some! (Buzzcocks and Beatles fan Big Smile Smilie )
Yeah, Shonen Knife rocked, I has no idea they were still going, they were briefly very cool over here about 10 years ago, and I assumed they had split by now, wrongly it would seem. Must go find some stuff by those others you mentioned then.
Ha Ha Ha Smilie I did the second of those tests, the mousse-chocolate one, and guess what: (surprise surprise) I am an Elf-Fancier. Big Smile Smilie Wink Smilie
Results of the name thing:

first off, I was a loved ranger Angel Smilie

Elven name: Lhunoreion Thumbs Up Smilie

Hobbit name: Gorbulas Brown from Longbottom Thumbs Down Smilie

Dwarven name: Vror Deathskull Very Evil Smilie

Orc name: Wurrdul the Paunch Big Laugh Smilie
Heh hehehe! Just found out that Bunce is a hobbit name! Thats one of my families names that is!
Ok, Grondy, just curious, why are you like Bill the pony?
Because I'd just as soon stay at home in my stall doing nothing but eat and sleep (with maybe the occasional game of handball thrown in to break the monotony), but when called upon a quest, I will plod along and get the job done.

(Alright, I'll omit Bill can't play handball, but that just points up another similarity: neither can I.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I was:
A World-famous Ranger
Elven name: Helkadolwen
Hobbit name: Tanta Brown from Buckland
Dwarven name: Dwalin Orcskull
Orkish name: B’rzd’l the Grim

And I was most like Aragorn and Legolas Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie And I should settle in Lothlorien Smoke Smilie

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hi Everyone!

gosh- how long has it been since the last time i was here? like 8 months at least.... i know you all missed me. LOL *and everyone wonders, who the hell is she?*

grr.... tried to take the personality test again, but the link isn't working? oh well...

and for the record, i am soooo over my fiendish infatuation with a certain rather handsome elf-playing actor...who goes by the name of Orlando Bloom! i've met someone who went to the LOTR premiere party in Sydney and heard some....interesting stories about him! a-hem. Big Laugh Smilie
Please tell us Rosie, PLEASE! And since I guess it`s not allowed spreading rumors in here, you can PM me...*bwahahahahaha* Only joking Wink Smilie But I`m very curious right now... Tongue Smilie
I already said I would stay out of this one, I believe. I will leave it to Rednell or any of the others.

I am afraid my response to the rumour is: so what? OB is only behaving the way many young actor/stars do. No big shock to me. I was kind of hoping this might be a rumour somehow related to the movie, BTW. I did not realise its personal nature.
Okay here`s the plan! Rosie, If you`re out there, please run to nearest tavern and pour your heart out! Big Laugh Smilie Sorry...I feel very curious today!

and for the record, i am soooo over my fiendish infatuation with a certain rather handsome elf-playing actor...who goes by the name of Orlando Bloom!

Thank **** for that! Smile Smilie

Good to see you back by the way.
LOL i can't be b*ggered to go to a tavern, but the story is pretty racy, and as far as I know, it is NOT a rumour, but actualy true...but who knows? Cool Smilie

ok, this guy i know, who works for 2day FM radio station, btw- went to the premier party for the LOTR in Sydney, and met Orlando. He was apparently really nice and etc but .............
(Just ask Rosie to PM the story to you. It is a little riskee for our little ears. Rednell)

i would totally understand if you decided to move this to a tavern, or whatever...

i can't believe i have been away so long! i have so much to catch up on!! and where on earth did Grondmaster go? i seem to recall he acted as the head honcho type guy around here! and Alyssa, you've moved up in the world! LOL

[Edited on 8/11/2002 by Rednell]
Hi Rosie! Amazing story. I think even Legolas himself may have let the new found movie fame go to his head and be caught b***ing some dwarf maiden (relative of Gimli's perhaps) behind the outhouse. I'll have to pass on this bit of info to one of my friends who's also equally infatuated with Mr Bloom! Tut tut that man!!
btw, welcome back!

[Edited on 8/11/2002 by Allyssa]
and where on earth did Grondmaster go? i seem to recall he acted as the head honcho type guy around here!
Right here Rosie, doin' what I always did, except now I have a bunch of peers who can do the same as me, but Taz has always been our head honcho.

Shocked Elf Smilie I expect Allyssa or Rednell to whack your story a bit so as to disguise it a little more from our tender-eared younger set. I'd do it but I'm not feeling judicious enough at the moment. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
i would totally understand if you decided to move this to a tavern, or whatever...

Thanks for understanding Rosie.

It is so great to have you back.
I like Aragorn most. But my classmates adore Legolas. . .
Ok, Grondy, just curious, why are you like Bill the pony?
I have just decided I am most like Bill. No, not like William the Troll, like the other one, you know, Sam's pony. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie (Note: The preceding was determined without aid of any online website.)
Sam, the first link did not work for me either, but if you click on the 2nd on, it is from the same site, and you can locate it there. I was:
Based on your answers, you are most like

You were also very much like

Did anyone one try the hangahobbit game?

According to the Red Book of Westmarch,
In Middle-earth, Melliot Sandybanks was a
Overweight Cave-Troll

Elven Name Possibilities for Melliot Sandybanks
The root name suitable for feminine and masculine is:
Another masculine version is:
More feminine versions are:

Hobbit lad name for Melliot Sandybanks
Filibert Hornblower from Yale
Hobbit lass name for Melliot Sandybanks
Hildigrim Hornblower from Yale

Dwarven Name for Melliot Sandybanks
L’in Goldfury
This name is for both genders.

Orkish Name for Melliot Sandybanks
Wazukh the Basher
This name is for both genders.

[Edited on 25/11/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
I couldn't access the link you put up, Swampfaye, but I have done other LotR tests and I have always come out Frodo. (except for the time I came out Pippin). Very strange.
Acording to that name thingie I am
Forgotten Breelander
Elvish name:calenthang
Oh I have forggoten too
According to the personality test I am like Legolas
*content* Big Smile Smilie
I think that Tolkien's characters are so complex that we can see something in ourselves in all of them.

I would hope I am wise in the spirit of Gandalf, and insightful...if I'm not, I must be wildly entertaining to you all, talking out of my butt most of the time, and a complete idiot.

I am a little like Boromir...I sometimes don't recognize my own shortcomings and they have undoubtedly caught up with me from time to time. But I have good intentions and for the most part my heart is pure.

I am kind of artsy and tree huggy like Legolas. I am passionate and I like the finer things when I can get them. But my behind isn't nearly as cute as Orlando Bloom's and I would hurt myself living in trees.

I can be both spunky and industrious, I get starstruck easily like Gimli did with Galadriel. But, like Gimli, with me, it runs a little deeper than just fascination or infatuation. What I wouldn't give to meet some of the musicians who have changed me with their art...just to say thank you and shake their hands.

I'm very nurturing and sometimes insecure like Sam, I am loyal and like to consider all the aspects of a situation then make my choices as purely based on common sense as I can.

I'm really not much like Aragorn at all because he knows his destiny and I confess I don't. I fly by the seat of my pants much more than Aragorn.

The other hobbits, I don't know how much like them I am. Frodo is pretty brave and I know I don't have that much courage. M and P I just haven't taken the time to think about much. I think in some ways, I can relate to their "coming of age" experiences. They have been called to do things we never would have expected from them, and they did it. We have seen them go from very wet behind the ears, having to let that go, and getting on with the business of grown up affairs.

The character I relate most to though...and he did help the GOLLUM. Gollum is me, but for the grace of God and sometimes in spite of it. From my first introduction of him, I saw myself in Gollum just like Frodo did. Meeting Gollum was the closest thing I have had to a wakeup call in a long time.

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I agree with you, music. THere's a little bit of them all in everyone. (here comes the self analysis!)

I am like Gandalf in that I am knowledgable (about history, math, science, languages, and somewhat tolkien!), and i also have somewhat of a temper!

I am like Legolas in that I am always watchful and alert (my sister hates it, because she can never scare me!). Legolas has a high appreciation for life, which I am proud to own, also. I regret to admit I am not a chick magnet like Orlando (what do the women see in him?), but oh well...

Gimli is a don't-even-mess-with me kinda guy. I'm that way too--so watch out!!! One thing that I respect in Gimli is his conviviality. He loves life very much, and I don't think he takes it for granted.

I'm with you on Boromir, music. I really do have a good heart, I swear it. I have shortcomings (probably many, I haven't tried to tally them yet Smile Smilie ), and I don't know all of them. Sometimes they get in my way, but in the end, (hopefully not when I'm on my death bed!) I think I will be a better person for having them, simply because I learn from my mistakes.

Merry--oh boy. I am most like Merry in the fact that I love to have fun. If I saw Farmer Maggots mushrooms, and there weren't any dogs around, I'd snatch them up as quick as possible.

Like Pippin, I don't know how big the world is, but I'm getting there.

Sam--I am a simple gardner. Period.

And Frodo Baggins...I just don't know...maybe a love for my home...

I think we all see ourselves in Gollum. Desperation, inner turmoil, longing for friendship, schitzophernia... I think I am a better person for reading the books and seeing the movies, because it makes you realize how far you have to go and how much a single person can do. Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

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According to the Red Book of Westmarch, in Middle-earth, I was a "Mischievious Ent"

Elven Name: Novthoron

Hobbit Name: Rosie-Posie Sandybanks of Frogmorton

Dwarven Name: Gralin Sandhammer

Orkish Name: Ufnakh the Ripper (hmmm)

Lol, I like my Hobbit name bestest! I don't know if the thing with the what character I'm most like is accurate, it says I'm like Elrond...
Oh yeah...I took the personality test on the Barrow Downs, and it said I was Frodo, and also like Aragorn and Gandalf.

Now how did that happen?
Ok my names, I'm a world famous N’menorean called;
Andhuin’ or Andhuin’ion
In Hobbit Posco Bracegirdle from Tookbank
If I was a Dwarf Dwalin Sandarrow
If I was a Ork B’rzk’ the Ripper
Here's the results with my name:

According to the Red Book of Westmarch,In Middle-earth, I was an Ale-drinking Ghost

Elven Name Possibilities:
The root name suitable for feminine and masculine is:
Another masculine version is:
More feminine versions are:

Hobbit lad name: Marcho Hill from Combe
Hobbit lass name: Adamanta Hill from Combe
Dwarven Name: Pundin Manskin
This name is for both genders.

Orkish Name: Grishkrut the Abominable
This name is for both genders.

aww i love my hobbit name lol Smile Smilie
According to the Red Book of Westmarch,
I was a (ehem, ehem) World-Famous Valar Cool Smilie

Elven Name Possibilities for me -
The root name suitable for feminine and masculine is:
Another masculine version is:
More feminine versions are:

Hobbit lad name : Polo Underhill from Archet
Hobbit lass name : Pansy Underhill from Archet

Dwarven Name : Balin Graveanvil
This name is for both genders.

Orkish Name : Gh’shbag the Mauler
This name is for both genders.

Imagine that, Frodo used my hobbit name as his disguise Tongue Smilie
Ok....I do not understand what the heck you guys are talking about but you do not make sense according to the topic!!
Ok....I do not understand what the heck you guys are talking about but you do not make sense according to the topic!!
I think the names they are talking about are those that have been generated using a name generator mentioned on the opening page of this thread.
That's right, the name generator is for you to find out ur ME names and the personality test is to find out who you are most like. Smile Smilie

Btw, in the personality test, I am most like Frodo, also like Merry and Pippin.
I've done the name generator(don't remember what my name was) and the personality test, I was most like Sam.
According to Barrowdowns, the translation for Arco... is Vanwal’mion. I think that means gone-twilight-of...or something like that. Arcorma, my usual nick, was Galenondo. I think that's green-stone. (Q-S) My real name (not full) was Taralkar (King-Radiance?), and it said I was a frightened Half-Elf. Very Sad Smilie Though I like the name Chymael a lot. According to the tests, I am most like Frodo. However, there is a test I like much better. Goto and check it out!
On that quiz I was Legolas (though I usually get Frodo or Gandalf).
According to the Red Book of Westmarch,
In Middle-earth, I was a Beautiful Avari!?!!?

my real name:
Elven: Lossenlot
Another masculine version is: Lossenlotion
More feminine versions are: Lossenlotiel, Lossenlotien or Lossenlotwen

Hobbit: Bungo Baker from Hobbiton

Dwarven: Thr’in Oakenarmour
This name is for both genders.

Orkish: Skragash the Clutcher
This name is for both genders.

According to the Red Book of Westmarch,
In Middle-earth, bugyfeanor was a Valiant Shirriff

Elven: Vinyaharma
Another masculine version is: Vinyaharmaion
More feminine versions are: Vinyaharmaiel, Vinyaharmaien or Vinyaharmawen

Hobbit: Saradoc Hedgeworth from Brandy Hall

Dwarven: Bofur Musicmouth
This name is for both genders.

Orkish: Ashkrut the Choker
This name is for both genders.

Apparently i am most like... Legolamb.

Hehe, kidding i appear to be most alike to Boromir.
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