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i watch FOTR a lot too. but not everyday. just a lot Smile Smilie
What`s alot? Once every 2 days? More? Less? You need to explain these things to me. I`m great with English, maths and Science, it`s just some other things.
Wow, this is kind of late, right? Yet I'd have to say that by now I've watched FotR over 50 times (ten times in the theater, ten times on VCR and the rest on CD/DVD), while TTT got my attention only 20 times (all CD). It couldn't have been otherwise, since I was displeased with the subtitles and decided to make them myself; it took me about two weaks on FotR and three days with TTT!

As for the books, I've read TH and LotR three times, while I've enjoyed Silm more than five times already (and I'm still waiting to do it in Romanian!).

OMG, I can't help myself; I keep posting under these long forgotten threads! Pls forgive me, I'm just Tolkienatic! (or Tolkien addict, if u like! hehe)
The facial expressions ... yes, those were a feast for my eyes! Let's see ...
The Men and Elves' faces when Sauron shows up on the battlefield. (who in Eru's name would be glad to face pure Evil?!)

Isildur: just before the attack on the Gladden Fields (when he rides his horse, he does look a little fey, IMHO!) and when he denies Elrond's request to get rid of the Ring.

Gandalf: anger and courage (with Bilbo "Bilbo Baggins! Do not take for a conjurer of cheap tricks!" and with Pippin in Moria: "Fool of a Took!"; the fight with the Balrog: "You shall not pass!") - u can truly see his Maia greatness there. Compassion (with Frodo "There was one other who knew that Bilbo had the Ring!"). Dismay (when Frodo says "Wait! There are markings!"; when Saruman asks him about the Eye "Yes, Sauron ’" and, then, he realises this one's betrayal "You didn't seriously think a Hobbit could withstand Sauron; there are none who can!"; when he first sees the Balrog and bows his head). I really understand why Ian McKellen is a Sir.

Legolas: dismay (the way he lowers his bow when he hears the Balrog coming; his little fight with Aragorn "300 against 10.000!"). Sorrow (his attitude in Lorien, after Gandalf's fall; his little prayer for Merry and Pippin, when they found the pile of Orcs).

Aragorn: when he stands alone against the Uruks; Boromir's death scene; when he says to the newly returned Gandalf the White "It cannot be! You fell!".

Boromir: pride ("Gondor has no King! Gondor needs no King" and "By the blood of our people are your lands safe!"). Dismay - when he describes Mordor at Elrond's Council. Courage - tha scene where he fights, with two arrows already piercing his plate.

Gimli: "Well, here's one Dwarf she won't ensnare so easily: I have the eyes of a hawk and the years of a fox!" just before they're caught by the Galadhrim! That's hilarious!!!
Galadriel's scene when Frodo offers her the Ring: scary, yet impressive. (I think that image and her powerful voice are her inner Noldo showing up! hehe)

Frodo: I just love the scene when he turns to Aragorn, after Gandalf's fall, and u can see just one tear running down his face; it's my favourite scene from FotR! Haldir's death is almost as impressive: all those Elves spread around him, like fallen angels! *sighs*

I watched the movies as many times as to be able to give an objective opinion on them.
I watched the movies as many times as to be able to give an objective opinion on them.
Ignore Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I have watched the FotR extended DVD hundreds of times, and the TTT DVD at least 20 or 30 times. :P

Also, I think that some of the actors did a tremendously well job (i.e. Ian McKellan, Christopher Lee, Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, oh never mind, they all had good parts...)

And even though I've seen the movies so many times I can't even remember that Aragorn wasn't exactly a rebel, I um... still remember some info i.e. Faramir *cough* they overdid it.

OK, i've managed to make this post into a rambling jumble of nothing at all. And I have no clue what i was gonna say...

Well, basically yeah I'm a Tolkien geek. (Can u register?? Wink Smilie )
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