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You know though I still remember when he confronts Saruman at Orthanc with Theoden and Wormtongue tosses down the palant’ri to try to hit Gandalf with it and Pippin picked up. Anyway I remember that Gandalf when asked by Merry why he did not look at the stone said something to the effect that even he though he was compelled to do so did not feel strong enough to do so yet. So is Gandalf the White strong? I know that when he broke Surumon's staff and ordered him back into the tower that he was strong then. But I wonder how he will be potrayed in the movie at that point? Sad Smilie
From what I remember of the book, wasn't it Gandalf's idea to go through Moria? And wasn't it Boromir who was concerned that the hobbits wouldn't continue make it through the snow? I didn't like that they made it Gimli's idea.. and they stole some of Merry's thunder when they let Frodo solve the riddle...
In the book it wasn't a riddle and Gandalf merely mis-interpeted the instructions written above the door; which he soon discovered all by himself. Merry and Gimli only helped to confuse the issue with their password idea.

Yes, it was Gandalf's idea to go through Moria and Aragorn was set against it while the option of the Redhorn Pass was still available.

And Gandalf didn't know if he was strong enough to break away from contact with Sauron via the palantir had he chanced to look into it. He was actually thankful that Pipin saved him from making that mistake. And for the fact that Sauron would now be confused as he could no longer contact Saruman directly.

I think Gandalf said to someone, 'White is powerful, but black is stronger still', I had always thought he was speaking of the Lord of the Nazgul rather than Sauron, maybe I was wrong. Will need to look for the quote, to find its context.
Then Look Grondmaster, LOOK!!!! LOL
It does seem odd... I felt Gandalf's strength when he returned in the books and I know that I was really amazed at his haste to lead and do battle with the dark lord. But at the same time now that I have read it agian for the God knows how many times, it seems hard to figure out. Help!!!!!!!! Sad Smilie
I think it was clear that Gandalf was referring to Sauron and not just the Lord of the Nazguls, or the bad guys in general against the good guys.
Found in 'The Two Towers', Book III, Chapter 5 entitled 'The White Rider' the section I had remembered. Gandalf is speaking with the three hunters on the skirts of Fangorn after their reunion with him.
'... I have spoken words of hope. But only of hope. Hope is not victory. War is upon us and all our friends, a war in which only the use of the Ring could give us surety of victory. It fills me with great sorrow and great fear: for much shall be destroyed and all may be lost. I am Gandalf, Gandalf the White, but Black is mightier still.'
So he was actually speaking of Sauron. I had thought it was said it to Pippin after Gandalf's brief encounter with the Lord of the Nazgul at the broken gate to Minas Tirith; thus, my confusion.
The haste to lead the armies to the dark lord had to do with Frodos quest, I think. He wanted to do all he could to distract the dark forces from searching for him and it worked...
Found in 'The Two Towers', Book III, Chapter 5 entitled 'The White Rider' the section I had remembered. Gandalf is speaking with the three hunters on the skirts of Fangorn after their reunion with him.
So now I know why you are the Grondmaster! Thanks for the info I think you hit it right on the mark... I went and looked it up too and I agree. Although I still think that somewhere it is stated that although black is stronger then white there is a difference in the strengths...???? Smile Smilie
There's a formula for it somewhere. Lets see..

When Eowyn met Faramir, she knew that no rider of Rohan would ever best him. So,

Faramir = Eowyn.

Eowyn beat the Witch King, so Eowyn > Witch King

But Aragorn is superior to Faramir, so Aragorn > Faramir

Therefore Aragorn > Eowyn, which follows that
Aragorn > Witch King

When Gandalf returned from the dead, he told Aragorn, Gimli & Legolas that none of them can beat him, so
New Gandalf > Aragorn. Therefore:
New Gandalf > Witch King

Old Gandalf beat the Balrog, so Gandalf > Balrog. Therefore:
New Gandalf > Balrog

New Gandalf beat Saruman, so New Gandalf > Saruman

As for Sauron, still am trying to find a good equation. How about: Aragorn wrested the palantr from Sauron, so:
Aragorn > Sauron. Therefore:

New Gandalf > Aragorn > Sauron.

Big Smile Smilie
So if she weighs the same as a duck... then she's a Witch!


and we can burn her!!!!!!

Gratuitous Pythonism, but it had to be said.
New & Old Gandalf was afraid to take the ring. Frodo wasn't! So:
Frodo > Gandalf

But Gollum beat Frodo & bit his finger off!

So Gollum > Frodo > Gandalf! Gollum is the strongest power in ME! :o

Hooray yippee yay-yay-yay!
Cripes DM! Good thinking! YAY for Gollum!!! Big Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile Smilie
Ow! Ow! Your scary math powers broke my brain!

Clever though. Very cool!
hey but then...

Gollum was afraid of Sam. Sam could have killed Gollum but he had compassion on him so Sam > Gollum.

So Sam > Gollum > Gandalf > Frodoi

One gardener to rule them all!

1) Sam was a henpecked husband and was afraid of Rosie, since he dared not leave home too long after marriage.

So, Rosie > Sam! Rosie is the ruling power of ME!

Hmm...that's not quite how I intended things to turn out....:P
Really when you think the entire thing thorugh you realize that Tom was the strongest on them all and that must have been why he was left out of the film!!~~

Big Smile Smilie
That is the true statement of the matter. Tom was the strongest of them all after he tried to pet the pretty black kitty cat: the one with the white stripe. the one that took umbrage with Tom's method of attack, and hit him with an attack of its own. Tom was then so strong that the entire cast requested his part be written out of the script. The only exceptions to this were Gollum who rather liked Tom's new fragrance and Shelob who hadn't noticed any change. Big Smile Smilie
Jaj! I am the strongest! I RULE ME!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
All these conclusions are above my sense of logic, I must say. Smile Smilie Oh well... I still rule! :P

Surely they will let Gandalf overthrow Saruman now that they have let them both battle once before in FotR! Saruman defeated Gandalf there, so in TTT they will let Gandalf win. It's easy... Smile Smilie

Goldberry has old Bombadil wrapped around her finger (who needs a stupid ring? Big Smile Smilie).

So, Goldberry > Bombadil.

All hail the River-daughter!
D*mn! Knew it couldn't last for long! *sigh* guess women always overthrow men... That's good news for me in reality though. Big Smile Smilie

I wouldn't say she has Tom wrapped around her finger though, cos... cos... oh heck, you're right! Smile Smilie
I don't know what's wrong with everybody here!?!?!
I think that the movie was GREAT!!!
All those talking about "nothing common with the book" and s*** like that...... Sad Smilie
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