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Thread: Frodo - love him or hate him ?

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In my version it said that Frodo hated goulom and the only reson he did not kill him was because he knew the way to mordor, not because he pitied him.

I think that Tolkien wanted us to know that Hobbits above all were decent people. To kill someone, even Gollum for no other reason than thinking he is evil is not decent. Gandalf's beautiful thoughts on this during his conversation with Frodo in Moria explains this.

Frodo and Bilbo could have simply killed Gollum when they had the chance and if they had would the Ring have been destroyed? I doubt it.

Handing out death on a whim is exactly what the Dark forces do, with no laws or rules in regards to life. When the Elves held Gollum in Thranduil's cells before Between The Hobbit and The Fellowship they treated him with care and tried to undo the evil which had twisted his mind. I think humanity has something to learn from this.

Now why on earth would i use the term gay to insult anyone?! I AM GAY!! and if that bothers anyone then oh well. But all I was saying is that I think that Elijah over did all the facial expressions of pain, making it look rather sexual. And if Tolkien wanted to make Frodo gay, we wouldnt know, so why not think about the possobility?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDD- I know i am slightly immature to be my age, but that's what is so fun about life, you know? I make things better than they seem in other's eyes. Next time, watch the movies and mute it, maybe add your own dubbing- see what happens. And you can read the books and think something that isnt there, but that's what your mind suggests.

"He took Sam's hand and ran"

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I like the way this thread has begun but not the way it's actually. Please don´t want to hurt anyone but we are talking about fiction, characters, any opinion is welcome but don't mix up personal characteristics with fantasy please. So we can go on with the discussion and avoid misunderstandings. That´s my opinion.


Now I would like to add, that from my point of view Frodo (in the book) was stronger, serious as the character in the film. I notice that in the way he speaks to Sam, moreover in the film he looks younger and there are many differences in comparison with the book. Anyhow, I find the book a masterpiece and the film wonderful (story of course, actors, landscapes, etc).

I edited some posts in this thread, trying not to change the contence too much. Please don't take it personal. In this forum we should always keep in mind that there are children present.

All I can say then Smeagol is you should know better then. Peace friend, but keep it respectful of others.
Kk. Sorry though. But hey, when you read through the books, frodo is strong and not afraid to show attitude, whereas in the movies, hes allittle too gentle. They cut out that oneart where he practically went all demon possession on Sam screaming and snarling GOHome! And it became a simple go home. I hated that. I wish frodo had gone all ring demon on him.
I liked more "mellow" Frodo from the movies. It made sense, why he could resist the rings power, being so gentle in heart.
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