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I don`t even have the time to read 10 pages today! Wink Smilie
I don`t even have the time to read 10 pages today! Wink Smilie
You could if you made fewer forum posts per day. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Then you would have read something about which you could ask quesations and answer the questions of others, making your posts much more interesting and meaningful.
Happy Elf Smilie

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Have to agree with Grondy, Sheryl. I think it'll be more fun for you to read about the characters and events yourself rather than finding out from what people say in the threads. Then you might get confused as different people have different interpretations of the same thing. Smoke Smilie

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Read the books.
You`re all right, okay, I`ll start after I`ve replied to the posts I need to. Big Smile Smilie
I was very confused about that Arwen thing getting on the boat to sail to the Grey Heavens ...I guess it was heavens if my memory don't cheat will it move on? Eowyn will merry with Aragorn and Faramir with some...I don't know what! It's a mess!
I think that was sort of like one of Galadriel's mirror images of what might be, rather that what is or what will be.
Well well....Arwen going of to the Grey Havens to sail to Aman.....that’s just sad...I mean....PJ please can’t he even keep track of Arwen?!?! Liv is going off to Aman and he says NOTHING?!?!
Hahahhaa that *****!
What is she going to do later then? Tell the elven ships to turn around to save her loved one and destroying the corsairs from Umbar?!? That’s propably PJ’s idea....if he does that I’ll toss my soda and popcorns right at the silverscreen and then give him a call!

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