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She's in neither, Legata. Of course I could be wrong, I usually am. Big Laugh Smilie
Shelob was indeed in the TTT book, Legata.

As for why she wasn't in the film, only PJ can answer that one. Making films and writing books are two different things, and what's good for one isn't necessarily good for the other. PJ has probably decided it will work better to have her in the third film.
See, I was wrong. Story of my life really.
Positive thoughts now Peredhil Big Smile Smilie
You're right Stonehelm. I wasn't wrong, I just wasn't right. Big Smile Smilie
Hello everybody. I have been hearing things about PJ putting Shelob in the next movie. Why? Because Gollum/smeagol Very Evil Smilie said something in the lines of
maybe she could do it.
If he wasn’t refeeing to Shelob Very Evil Smilie I don’t no what.

K’r kve’ja: P’si

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I think she'll be in the third film because otherwise TTT would be too long, four hours at least. Even though I would be willing to sit through that, most people wouldn't.
I think she'll be in the 3rd film because Peter jackson has said she will be. Wink Smilie
I heard him say that and I thought to myself "Did he really mean to say it or did he just reveal something?" I think he reveald something Smile Smilie * Disturbed Smilie *
I think Peter Jackson left her out because he's a complete envelope!

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I will be interested to hear what PJ says about this in the extended version. Obviously, length was the major factor (thank God he has said that he will forego the three hour cutoff for RotK!), but I was also disappointed that the scene was postponed. It would have made a great ending for the movie - just as it did for the book!
I think PJ left Shelob for the 3rd movie because otherwise the 3rd movie would be way shorter than the 2nd, (like the books are). I also wouldn't have minded sitting for another hour to see that part, but I'm cool with it as long as I get to see it eventually...
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