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Indeed she is, and if they replace her with Arwen, I'll bite PJ's head off. Wink Smilie

But why do you like her? There are also other interesting characters in LotR..I like Gollum myself.
I like Gollum, too...I just hope that, from what I heard--that he's going to be completely CGI-ed the whole movie(s)--that he doesn't end up looking, well, CGI-ed. They did a good job with the other CGI's, though, so maybe it won't be too bad...
i like her because she's big and black and really MEAN! sort of the Machiavellian type which i really like. sort of reminds me of Iago, the best villain in the history of English Literature. well, in my opinion.
She rocks!!!
What do you think she'll look like, if not toatally CGI? PJ did not mention her in his list of CGI characters, so I'm wondering what they'll do with her...
Can't see how else they'll do it, so maybe that's another one to get upset about!
And hello Alienfx007, I reckonses that Gollum will be just fine, my preciousssssss
There's always that big black rubber spider onna string trick, Plastic. I must admit that I was kinda hoping to see the strings on Gwaihir on FotR too. Sad Smilie Does anyone know who will be doing her voice though?

Hi AlienFX007, & welcome! I kinda liked the way he said, " Gollum... in the movie. I think he'll be alright - although I must say that he did look like a cross between Yoda & ET.
Welcome AlienFX007.

Gollum was a little more wrinkled than either Yoda or ET though, if my eyes remember rightly, with only one viewing.

I just hope they make Shelob big or long legged enough for Sam to stand up right with his sword raised under her, before she lifts her body up to smack him down with it.
i reckon they'll get Oprah to play her..
stick her in a big black shiny spandex body suit and voila!
LOL! I forgot all our cheap effects ideas we had before golly! Shame they didn't appear. And she probably will be in it, what with the light being the only gift of Galadriel to surface.
Well, a friend of mine just made spider sock puppets with her kindergarden class. Just need some pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Think she should lend one to PJ?

Seriously, though, I agree that Shelob is a great character. One of my faves in TTT, along with Eowyn (of course). She has so much personality! The devil gets all the best tunes, I guess.
Shelob is sooo cool! But does she have a voice? In that case, what does she have to say? I don't remember, honestly. I just remember her being one heck of a lady! Big Smile Smilie

And Gollum will be just great! Smile Smilie His voice issss ok, and the rest too. His eyes were fantastic! Wink Smilie
As I remember Shelob just gurgled a lot and gave off fairgnomes(sp?). Big Smile Smilie
pheremones? ewww...

'sides, you don't need to talk to have personality. My cat has entirely too much. Wink Smilie
No, she doesn't talk, just stinks.
Big Smile Smilie

in the book, it says that she's a far older demon than sauron, so where did she come from? maybe she's in the same family as the Balrog?
She's the spawn of the evil Ungoliant who ate the Trees back before Morgoth roped Sauron in.
so she's got breeding as well as class.
a rare combination, that.
ooh so all the family skeletons are finally coming out of the closet, eh?
Wink Smilie

i wonder whatever happened to her after she crawled back to her cave. Tolkien was rather vague about that.
He purposely left it vague in case either Christopher or Peter Jackson wished to add a fourth installment to the trilogy. It would be called "Return of the Spiderlady". Cool Smilie
Yeah Grondie, I think it's nice that he didn't kill her off. Doesn't seem logical that a small hobbit could kill a monster like her - wound maybe, but not kill.

Oh! Just remembered! Plastic said:
And she probably will be in it, what with the light being the only gift of Galadriel to surface.

Hmm. I thought I saw Boromir, Merry & Pippin wearing the brooches given by Galadriel, although the movie only showed her giving the light to Frodo. I remember seeing the brooches on Boromir during his death scene, and also on Merry & Pippin. Can't remember if Frodo or Sam wore them, have to watch the movie again for that.
Yeah, they were wearing the cloaks and brooches, but who knows who gave them to them Wink Smilie Cos they only showed the light thingy.
yeah they edited out the bits where everyone received gifts, though they were there in the trailers.
so non-tolkien readers would be like
why are they all wearing the same cloack and brooch and where the hell did they get'em from?
They must have come from:

'Elrond's Emporium: Eastern Eriador's Purveyor of Phine Products,
Outfitters of Elven Equipment, Extremely Essential to the Exceptional Expedition
Elrond going into small business? Hmmm. Does the shop sell Murivour in one of those coin operated refridgerators?

I noticed the cloaks too. I think they should have left the gift giving in. The cloaks need an explanation.

I believe there will be a shelob in the movie. When I was watching "The Making of..." I noticed a model of a leggy, bulbous bodied spider.
Unfortunately Elrond didn't make any sales that day, Grondie, since they weren't wearing the cloaks & brooches in Moria. So can we also assume that Sam got his box of earth from Galadriel then?

Leggy, bulbous bodied...hmm..sounds like her alright. Although she was a lot fatter before she left home.. Big Smile Smilie
perhaps Elrond sells on line and they had internet connection in Lorien? Big Smile Smilie

ungoliant, you must be anxious to see you daughter again after all these years. Wink Smilie
Unfortunately Elrond didn't make any sales that day, Grondie, since they weren't wearing the cloaks & brooches in Moria. So can we also assume that Sam got his box of earth from Galadriel then?
Well they wouldn't have wanted to get them dirty from all that accumulated dust in Moria would they. Nor was it cold or raining in there either. And it was so dark in there, that I couldn't have told if the brooches were there or not. :P

The Gift Giving was important and should not have been left out, of course maybe Arwen passed through Lothlorien on her way south and picked up Sam's Box, the hobbit's brooches, Boromir's belt, Gimli's lock, Legolas' bow, and Anduril's sheath.

If we don't scour the shire, Sam doesn't need the box and Galadriel's lock of hair now appears moot. As Legolas would have required too much practice to become proficient with the new bow, so it isn't necessary in the movie. And Pippin can loose something else or Aragorn can just see his footprints.

I can't remember whether Boromir had the belt when he took his last white-water trip, but Faramir needs to see it so that Frodo can explain its source when they meet at Sam's tailgate party, preceding the TT's Battle of the Oliphant.

And Arwen can bring, along with the sword, the sheath from Galadriel, Complete with a do-it-yourself Sword Naming Kit, which includes many Fine Gems for applying your Chosen Name to your Sword's Sheath. Age eight and above.
no, Boromir wasn't wearing any fancy shmancy elven belt. i had my eyes peeled looking for it in the last scenes but didn't see any.
i wonder how they're going to incorporate that into the story? maybe faramir will just see the brooch?
I saw pics of Galadriel giving gifts to the other hobbits in the media packet, so I assume (of course when you assume, you make an @ss of you and me...) that it was edited out for time...

Boromir's horn wasn't broken either... I think the broach will be enough. The broaches were very well done, don't you think?

I personally can't wait to see Faramir. Boromir was so excellently portrayed and (I assume again...) directed. Faramir is one of my fav. characters in the book.
yeah, and i bet he's a babe! Wink Smilie
He had better be!
Oh dear god not again........
haha ok, Plastic, point taken.

do you think there's any illegal way of getting my hands on a copy TTT before it's released? i WANT TO SEE IT NOW!
Wish I could think of one... Big Smile Smilie
Haven't read much of the above posts, sorry people, but I really don't have much time. Smile Smilie

Shelob will be freakin' cool, if she isn't, PJ is going to have some stinks in his face. Wink Smilie GIRL POWER!!!
Once again I feel compelled to say, oh dear god.
Weren't you an atheist, Plastic? Big Smile Smilie Thought I heard some rumours about that...

Who will be Shelob's voice again? Sorry if it's been said before, too lazy to scroll down... Big Smile Smilie
Militant atheist Tommy, but I like to blaspheme still. Big Smile Smilie Since when did Shelob say anything?
She had no spoken lines, but I can't believe she was completely silent. I liked the BBC Radio version's burbles, gnashings, and screams that they gave her.
Didn't she speak with Gollum then? Oh well. Burbles will do for me... Big Smile Smilie
I don't believe Tolkien recorded any of their, Shelob and Gollums', conversations.
No, but since PJ is not Tolkien, I though he might have gone for a conversation between a spider and a creature that once was a hobbit. :wink
He could have... :paranoid
From what i have heard they are going to use two monkies that smoke and so Ed Sullivan impeshions to do Shelob. Really big schew really big. Where this came dont ask me. i guess in the outter void of my nut case mind.
Hey Longbow13, you are in excellent company. Most of us here at P-T are loony, or at least half-baked, myself included. Oh, and excepting the Skwrl who really knows where his towel is. Paranoid Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
Here's my Towel... I wanna see the smoking monkeys!!!!!!
I can't wait to see shelob in TTT. She is my absolute favourite, i have no idea why. I hope PJ doesn't disappoint... she's so ****ing cool!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

Shelob isn't going to be in TTT...Peter Jackson is moving her to ROTK...oh i hate Peter Jackson!
Oh the pain! Mad Smilie I suppose making Sam (and us) wait for a whole year for Frodo's rescue would be carrying authenticity to the extreme. Shaking Head Smilie But I do so want to see Shelob!

So then, is TTT going to end with our wee heroes ready to enter the Morgal Vale and with the rest of our heroes victorious over Saruman and his minions, and now heading-off on their separate ways? Or does that latter bit get transferred to the ROTK? Rolling Eyes Smilie
Shelob isn't going to be in TTT...Peter Jackson is moving her to ROTK...

What? not cool...Sad Smilie...stupid PJ
OI! Since when has PJ the right to move parts around? Oh well, he's the director of the sodden thing, but I don't like it. Angry Elf Smilie So Angry Smilie Lighening Smilie
There was always going to be some difficulty in converting the books to film because they end in such awkward places. I'm sure PJ knows best. Maybe he didn't want people waiting a full year believing Frodo was dead, or maybe it'll be a case of some unseen horror stalking Frodo right at the end, and leaving you in suspense before you actually see Shelob in the third one.
And as for moving things around.... No one seemed to mind when Boromir dies at the end of the FOTR film. In the books, he doesn't die until the first chapter of TTT.
Just out of curiosity Evenstar....where did you come across this bit of info? Not That I doubt you, but there may be reason to doubt the source. You know those internet rumors... Rolling Eyes Smilie
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