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Shelob will be worth waiting for! they'll do her cg (of course) but I would like to see a few Ray Harry Hausen stylee affects to just for nostalgias sake...who can beat Jason and his Astronaughts or Hash of the Titans? And not to mention the Sinbad movies! . Alas the LOTR's movie is all very high tech and would look strange with anything but cg. What would be great however is to have a dead cheesy looking RHH, Pipecleaner blue peter job or muppet style Shelob appear in a outtakes section somewhere. I'm sure if French and Saunders stay on the bandwagon we may get a rubber spider job (JOY!) in a few years!
Have you seen the trailer for Spy Kids 2 yet Cirdan? It's stuffed full of Harryhausen monsters (including THOSE skellingtons) looks really funny, I may have to borrow my girlfriends kids for the day...
Nope, not yet, but I may have to now! Those skeletons were seriously cool. Did you ever see the BBC remake of Jason and the Argonauts? It was seriously naff. The cg effects were ok but the skeletons in the origional were soooo much better. Jasons haircut sucked big time too......... Sad Smilie
Indeed she is, and if they replace her with Arwen, I'll bite PJ's head off. Wink Smilie

But why do you like her? There are also other interesting characters in LotR..I like Gollum myself.

Why Ungoliant? I'think it would be kewl if they encounterd a 8 legged shriekin arwen Smile Smilie with long pincers Smile Smilie it sure would be a nice twist gettin rid of arwen finally
.... Maybe he didn't want people waiting a full year believing Frodo was dead, ....

But he could do it with gandalf? letting everyone believe he was gone to the otherside ? had a garden on his back? was worm food? had his brain spluttered all over a deep chasm?
I think even to those not 'in the know', Gandalf looked about as dead as Spock did at the end of Star Trek II. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Anywho, I'm pretty skeptical about the whole thing. Has anyone seen one bit of substantial evidence that the 'Shelob moved to RotK' rumor is true? I heard some doozies about FotR that turned out to be completely false. Arwen joins the fellowship! That would have p*ssed even me off.
Bad news guys. Shelob will not be seen until The Return of the King. Here's a quote from an interview in Entertainment Weekly:

CREATURE COMFORTS Quel scandale! Shelob, the she-spider that battles Sam at the end of J.R.R. Tolkien's ''The Two Towers,'' has been booted to the third movie. ''If we started 'Return of the King' after Shelob -- the way the books do -- there'd be very little for Frodo and Sam to do,'' says Jackson.

OUCH! A whole year to wait again to see her!!!
Wow, I can't believe all these new voices in the forum, it is soooo exciting! Welcome bigomega.
I had heard about Shelob's delay. Of course, if the scouring of the Shire was to be included in the third film, there would have been more than enough material to cover. Tolkien has done a much better job at leaving you hanging at the end of a volume than Jackson has done with the movie and I suspect the 2nd movie will not leave us in as much suspense as the 2nd book. Maybe PJ is concerned about letting us hang for a whole year.
Hey we have to wait until 2003 to see Frodo get his finger bitten off so I guess I can handle waiting for Shelob, although it does seem a bit much for one movie....getting stung by a giant spider and getting your finger bitten off. Sad Smilie
Not to mention strip-searched, locked in a tower bare naked, and whipped. Of course, Frodo was an enemy combatant and at the very least, a spy. Ashcroft and Rumsfeld would have had a great time with him. Pumpkin Smilie

It makes sense though. You can understand PJ's reasoning, no?
Yes, PJ's TTT should end with Frodo, Sam, and Gollum leaving Faramir; Merry and the Rohirrim heading for Dunharrow; Gandalf and Pippin riding off to Gondor; and Aragorn and Company ready to attempt the 'Paths of the Dead'. I suppose he will do some of these differently though. Very Big Grin Smilie
Super Scared Smilie I think Shelob is gonna be sooo scary in TTT. Super Scared Smilie

Don't mind me, you were talking about sth else, weren't you? Tongue Smilie
Look up tommy Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Shelob wont show her massively mandibled self until RotK.
Err... Of course I knew that! Disturbed Smilie
Sorry, forgot. Tongue Smilie
Eh? I thought that she was in TTT? D*mn that Jackson fellow! Mad Smilie
See! See! I wasn't the only one! Jumping Flame Smilie
Another doctoring of the books by that Jackson fellow. Who does he think he is an accountant? Very Big Grin Smilie
LOL! Very Big Grin Smilie
Didn't you hear *shock*, shelob has been cut!
That'll *have* to be a joke! Shocked Smilie

So Angry Smilie
well... if I remember right, Sam cut her pretty badly already....Wink Smilie
Ha Ha Ha Smilie Indeed, I was only windind 'ya's up Smile Smilie
It is kinda fun planting rumors, until they become true, and then I'd rather they didn't. Tongue Smilie
And I keep believing you... Tongue Smilie Am I naieve (or how do you write that), or what? Disturbed Smilie

Big Laugh Smilie Ok it's funny again now.
Last I hear shelob had been cut from the movie and I'm not sure weather thay will put her in ROTK or not Sad Smilie (I sure hope so though)
Shelob will be in the 3rd movie (according to entertainment weekly). Big Smile Smilie
I am now able to confirm that shelob will be in the third movie and not the second but at least she will be in one of them Wink Smilie
Quite true faramir! It would be terrible if she wasn't in it at all!
I thought it would have been a great cliffhanger with the movie ending with Frodo left for dead and Sam taking the ring. To see Sam fighting Shelob...that would have taken my breath away. I hope we get to see that in Return Of The King...i can't wait!!
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