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What will they leave out of The Two Towers? Let me guess: 1) Gimli's standing up for Galadriel against Eomer; 2) Pippin and Merry's sojourn with Quickbeam; 3) Gimli's description of The Caverns of Helm's Deep; 4) The Palantir of Orthanc; 5) Most of the trials on the Emyn Mui; 6) The dead faces in the Dead Marshes; 7) Preparation of the coney stew; 8) Half of the climb to Shelob's Lair; and half of Sam's monologue as what to do after Frodo has been killed by Shelob. Sad Smilie

And if they're not going to Scour the Shire in the third movie, then they will have to kill off or banish Saruman to the Netherworld in the second one. Sad Smilie

Hopefully none of the above will be omited and we can get back to the story as told by Tolkien. Smile Smilie
Can't wait to hear Gollum's voice. Yessssss!
hear hear, *grondy I think You should have been director of the movies, you know precisly what to cut and to modify.

prolly arwen will leed some elves to scatter the seige of the Hornburg, so you can leave out the Huorns or deposit them at isengard..
As for your guesses Grondmaster:
1) and 2): Yes. 3) They will not even mention The Caverns. 4) I think not for they already showed it in the first part. 5) Yes. 6) No, that is a great scene for a movie! 7) and 8): Yes.
At least that's what I fear!
Will they keep Eowyn, or will Arwen Tyler kill the Witch King? Wouldn't be surprised, you know. *ungoliant
I think Eowyn is definitely in...I remember seeing a picture of whoever they cast for her...can't remember who it was, though.

They should make a special uncut version for all us Tolkien nuts...probably they'd make a decent profit off it...there seems to be a bunch of us out there.
That would be great Chika! And there is someone cast as Eowyn yeah, never heard of her though, Miranda something or other I think (look at Tazzy's cast list, she's on there).
killing the witch king isnt that ROTK?
Yes it is, but she has to meet and swoon for Aragorn at Edoras, so she can throw herself at him in ROTK, just before he leaves Dunharrow on his way to the Paths of the Dead.
Yes indeedy, Hey! I finally broke the 100 mark, I am a friend indeed!
*Plastic *drink
Indeed you are. Smile Smilie
Cheers Buddy! No longer a fiend then? Wink Smilie
Always will be, *Plastic! *kidding and being jealous* Wink Smilie

I do hope they don't leave out too much in the second movie... If any of the above mentioned by Grondy is left out, then what have we got left??? Not much, I guess... The plain story, with no special effects... Would surely suck... Sad Smilie
Oh well. Who's ROTK anyway?
I wish they would have done what chika has suggested. (director's uncut?) Smile Smilie
R(eturn) O(f) T(he) K(ing) duh!
I know. Just found that out in one of Chika's posts. I feel quite dumb now... Smile Smilie
Is there an emo list somewhere, part from next to the edit version? I miss Grondy's owl in the list. Guess he's not back yet... The *drink emo is really cool though...

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the smiley list is still not up except in the edit post I don't know any of the things for the icons...
I'll ask Taz about moving the smilies, adding mine back, and if his request that we not use signatures appled to this quasi-temporary forum or just his home grown version, as 'Ring-a-dillo' has now joined the 'Uruk-Hai's Feelings'.
Sorry!!! Didn't know that... Sad Smilie
I liked my signature... But I'll remove it... Smile Smilie
The whole cross dressing motif might lose it's humour though?
I think Taz just got upset about sigs like my old one, that took up most of the page and was stuffed full of links!
Don't quit using your signatures until I get an answer back from Taz.

Naw! The *ungoliant signature should be from the Monty Python diddy:
"I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay." or "She's a lumberjack and she's okay."
oooh. So mine can stay? *innocent look*
Big Smile Smilie
Oooh! Must have one too then. Trouble is, I don't say much in the Silm. Sad Smilie Except for some slurping sounds when I er...gave those 2 trees an innocent spidery kiss. Slurp, slurp! Howzat!
Good one! I'd go for slurp slup! Smile Smilie Mine was a bit easier, though not as original as Halo's... Smile Smilie
How about Tree's Bite?
Don't need the video portion nor the audio; just one line of the words. Probably the 'I'm' one is best.

Note: Taz said we can use signatures as long as they aren't ads, ie. links, URLs, etc.
Never got into MP go I don't really know what you're talking about. Too bad...I'll have to remain signatureless...Sad Smilie
how does one make a signature, anyway?
It's in your profile somewhere very easy, otherwise Tommy couldn't have done it! :P
To add signature:
1) Enter 'Your Account'
2) Enter 'Change Your Info'
3) Type in your choice of words in the space just below "Your Interests'
4) Click 'Save changes' button

Can't get it to add the words; guess I'll have to ask Tommy for help. :P

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Now that's funny!
And Ungoliant, did I hear you say you weren't into Python? Unbelievable! That's as bad as Tommy and Star Wars.
Now how did I do it again? It was somewhere else, but I can't recall where! :P
Wait! I've found it! It's under "profile". There is a thing there where you can add a signature! Big Smile Smilie
Yeah, I just went and found that out for Grondy a couple of hours ago, and here you are beating me to the helpful post :P
Hey I told you how to do it I just couldn't get it to print my words below the line. Must have something to do with
Type your signature with HTML coding)
Whatever that is? I just wanted it to say "KNOCK KNOCK" Big Smile Smilie

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Can't do 'em either Sad Smilie

Never got a chance to see MP. Incredible, but true. Wouldn't mind geting the videos the next time I go to London though - there's a couple of sketches that I want to watch.
Man have you missed out! Can't you get the vids out there then?
"Good afternnon sir, how can I help you?
Well actually, I'd like to be a lion tamer"
They don't get any better than that sketch - that and the parrot
No 1..... The Larch
Wasn't it No 5???
Even I have seen some Monty Python things. I like the Holy Grail thingy, and the one with the sperm song! Man did I laugh then!! Big Smile Smilie
Started as No 1, and the punchline was no 3 I think.

"Abc, 123, Eric the Half a bee"
MP and the Holy Grail is one of the greatest things this flute-section sleep-over thingie I had to go to last year, somebody brought 4 videos of MP...all we did for like 10 hours was watch Monty Python...
How much fun? I used to watch it non-stop when i was about 13.
Can't remember much about Brit tv programs...

But when I younger I loved the one about four drunken young men...Young Ones I think. Then quite a few years about these two women getting plastered all the time, one of them was Joanna Lumley I think. And this other one about the two lager loving lads with girlfriends, one of the girls was rather stout and the other a pretty blonde - Leslie Ash? [Edited on 8/1/2002 by Ungoliant]
You are referring to Absolutely Fabulous (Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders) and Men Behaving Badly (Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey) the latter of which was loosely based on me and my mate Big Smile Smilie Whilst The Young Ones (one of my personal faves of all time) was also based on my old house.
Ab Fab! They just made a whole bunch of new ones of them...meant to watch them, but I don't know when they're on and my sister abscounded with the TV Guide...
They were rubbish, trust me.
Ah..Absolutely Fabulous. I saw the first couple of seasons...loved 'em. Reminded me of me & my best mate...didn't think it would still be on though. And MBB - Plastic, you would be the long-haired bloke, right? But the Young Ones was definitely my favourite - always got into fights in the common room 'cos the other girls wanted to watch something else.

I'm starting to get worried you know. Anyone reading this would mistakenly assume that we're a bunch of piss artists.
[Edited on 9/1/2002 by Ungoliant]
Anyone reading this would mistakenly assume that we're a bunch of piss artists.

eh, what? confused again...don't know what 'piss artist' means...doesn't sound pleasant though...which makes me worried about why someone reading this thread would think we were ones...
But we are!
And I may well look like Neil (the Hippy) but my hair is much longer, and I got told that I was in fact more like Vyvyan (the punk guy with all the studs in his head).
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