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Ab Fab is still on here. Never watched it though. I really like the old British TV series, like Fawlty Towers, Are you being served?, Dad's Army, stuff like that. They can be hilarious! Smile Smilie The young ones must have been great as well, never saw them which is a pity... Sad Smilie
Didn't quite like Fawlty Towers. I preferred Blackadder...although my favourite guy there was Hugh Lawrie (sp?) instead of Rowan Atkinson.

chika: Drunkards. Although I've heard some Americans use it to describe a person who is sarcastic all the time.

Plastic: Vyvyan, eh? Now, why am I not surprised?
Plastic: You really look like Neil? Poor you *sends sympathy*

Loved the YO, Ab Fab and Blackadder. Haven't seen the YOs here for a long time though.
Only in the kind of Hippy thing Alyssa, not got the face like a bulldog chewing a wasp! No need for sympathy, I'm gorgeous!!! Big Smile Smilie
Hmmm. I think they will go as far as when Sam and Frodo are before the Black Gates. I agree with faye. Smile Smilie

The faces in the dead marshes will be really cool, at least I hope they will be. One of the better passages in the book as well. Freaking scary! Smile Smilie

Plastic: prove it! Big Smile Smilie
Tommy: Alright. How though? Big Smile Smilie
Send us a pic love.. Big Smile Smilie
Anyone know how long TTT will be? Three hours, like FotR? Longer? Shorter? I have no idea. Guessing it will be about three hours. Smile Smilie
Bout 3 hours I think. *rummages to find pic of himself*
It's amazing what you can do with three hours, you know. I mean, count them. What can you do in three hours on an average day? And think about this as well then: when you go to see FotR, you spent three hours of your life in that cinema, watching a film you have probably seen before... (ignore me, I just have too much spare time) Big Smile Smilie
*ignores Tommy*
Only seen it once, can't be bothered to go again. In three hours I can usually just about manage to get off the sofa, if I'm lucky.
So.. you must have one of those cordless keyboards?
Just a question, if Plastic Squirrel sends us a photo of his gorgeous self (*rolls eyes) how do we know it is a picture of him and not Fabio's lesser known brother?

I don't think a photo proves anything does it?

Big Smile Smilie
*chortles* Forgot all about the piccy thing, sorry. Have no recent pics of me anyway (except that one of me p*ssed as a fart in a field watching a band, but you wouldn't want to see that) My bro is meant to be sending me some of me and Rambo from Xmas, so if they ever get here I'll post them somewhere, Okay? And you can tell it's me cos it'll have Rambo there as well.
How do we know it's not Fabio's lesser known brother's dog disguised as Rambo?
Because one of them, probably Rambo, will be wearing a fabulous Plastic Squirrel tee-shirt? Big Smile Smilie
Can't wait to see pic of Rambo the dog.

I have to admire the courage of anyone who is willing to post a photo of themselves on the internet for the whole world to see.

I, myself, have mislaid my camera.
haven't had a camera since I was 10 and I left it in a french Amphitheatre. S'why I have no photos of myself except old band publicity shots and stuff people have sent me to show me how truly ****ed up I can look at times.
What you were doing in a french ampitheater... we can only wonder Big Smile Smilie
I am Maximus Decimus etc. etc. Big Smile Smilie
Okay, I have relented, you can now see both myself and the boy Rambo (and find out all about who I really am) here. okay? Are you happy now?
Questions: How old is the photo? and Aww come on, who is it really? (that kid doesn't look a day over 18)

Who told you that you were cute btw? Wink Smilie
It's only a couple of months old, I was having a good day and looking surprisingly young for once. Smile Smilie I can be as deluded as I like Wink Smilie
You really look like an Elf and not at all like a rodent!
Rambo is very cute Smile Smilie
You really look like an Elf and not at all like a rodent!
Because he is sitting in the chair, you can't see his bushy tail. He wears his hair long so you can't tell if his pointed ears are of the squirrelly type or the elven. Big Smile Smilie

Rambo looked happy that day.
Dude, it's so depressing to find people younger than me who are having loads more fun.

Plastic, you're a cutie, no matter what they say. But in that outfit with your hair all long and dark, you look more like a vampire out of central casting.

But what I want to know is - where'd you get that merchandise, and do people actually buy it? I mean it looks like good artwork, but I'm a little confused. Was I supposed to create a website for myself and sell Yummy merchandise? If so, I'm way late getting going. Ooops! How come nobody told me about the rules?
*Chortle chortle* The Merchandise is for Plastic Squirrel the musical collective of one, which this daft nick comes from in the first place (and which has existed for years and years before I ever got online) and I did all the artwork myself (which ain't bad for a guy who can only draw stick men, thank god for technology).
Not the first to accuse me of Vampirism either, my dad says I look like Lucifer himself :o
Oh no, Luccifer means (in Latin) "Bearer of Light", he must look like Legolas in Bakshi movie! Wink Smilie
:o I think me dad meant after his fall from grace.
Let me see now: We have gone from the hope for movie faces in the Dead Marshes to comments on the Skwrl's picture; and Rambo looks like a dog what doesn't say Grrrr! so how do we get back on topic?
I'll get you back on topic tommorow when I go see the preview!!!!!!!!!!

And the theater manager toolld me "not to worry" about the shows being sold out - but I bought my tickets in advance just in case!

And I read that on the DVD there will be a *10* minute preview of Two Towers - what do you think about that? That is rather large for a preview, even on a DVD.

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Can't wait for the official DVD (I must get myself a DVD player) and the Faramir posters.
Plastic: you look cute but your eyes look as though you have:
A) a huge hangover
B) make-up on (and this is clearly NOT an option)
C) had dog feet on them

Rambo looks cuter than you do... :P (always used to getting compliments from me, right?) No honestly, he looks like a daft but cute dog to me... And your site is great, I loved you comments underneath the picture... Big Smile Smilie (rofl)
Oh you're so nice to me Tommy. My eyes have looked that bad for many years, for some very good reasons, though you're not the first to accuse me of wearing make-up. I was pretty pissed when that photo was took as well. And Rambo's dead hard, honest, not daft at all. (well maybe a bit)
If your eyes are the only thing that look bad on you, Plastic, praise yourself. And it seems to be so. (happy now? :P) Wink Smilie
Very Big Smile Smilie I did tell you...
And I didn't believe you, did I. :paranoid
But for once you were right... :0 :shocked
Have you learned nothing? I am ALWAYS right. :angel :grin
always? hmm...:wink

you look like somebody I know...Rambo looks sweeter than his name implies...Smile Smilie
Bo is the most misnamed dog in the world, he looks like one of the village people, and acts camper than a campsite.
LOL! Looks like one of the Village People? Who put that into your head? He's just cute. Village People are not cute! Big Smile Smilie
Well, he's got a big black 'tache, and he wears a black leather studded collar, I'd say that's pretty Village Peopley..
Yes but still. He's a dog, for ****'s sake! Let's just say he's cute. Big Smile Smilie
Okay, but don't tell him, he thinks he looks really fierce and hard, and is in fact a Rottweiler ( I never let him near mirrors)
*whispers* Ok, will do. Wary Smilie
*still whispering* Ok you guys, I got a secret but promise me you won't tell anyone: Rambo is actually cute. :P Wary Smilie
studs IN the head? sigh. and I just came on this site because it is comforting and I wanted to forget my headache. Smile Smilie
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