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Thread: Does anyone think the same or only me?

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aragorn didn't return from any where but when his father died he was susposed to be king and he didn't want that power and he returned by the thought of that he changed his mind and returned to his rightful place as king
There wasn't any kingdom for Aragorn to be king of when Aragorn's father died. That kingdom had been destroyed generations before, back near the time when the Witchking was in Angmar and before he became the Nazgul Lord.

Aragorn and his fathers before him were merely in direct lineage of Elendil via Isuldur, and they could rightfully claim the defunct northern Kingdom of Arnor, but they did not have the manpower to reinstal or hold it. In fact there were probably fewer than 50 Dunedain left in the north as Halbarad could only find 30 others to join with Aragorn after the destruction of Isengard.

Being in direct lineage of Elendil, Aragorn could also accept the Kingship of Gondor were it offered. Teacher Smilie
I know that Aragorn has one of the main parts...... isn't that wonderful? we get to see him more.... sure he could use a shower but.... i mean whatever! just kidding

legolas i think is always the same, completely clueless and always stating the obvious, but on the plus side he learned to do some new tricks!!!

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I guess I was over reacting. (Alot!!) Sorry about that. I wasn`t in the happiest of moods when I`d come home from school anyway so don`t worry about it. I`m really sorry. I feel really guilty now. Can you ever forgive me? You were lucky I wasn`t face 2 face when you said that. I could have gone after you like an unleashed dog. That`s if you were anything like the boys at my school. They try to find different ways of insulting everyone, every day. It just gets on my nerves most of the time, if you know what I mean.

So, I`ll say it again:
SORRY!!! Angel Smilie Elf Smilie Girl Smilie Tigger Smilie Waving Hello Smilie Wiggle Smilie

C ya l8tr.
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