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You know what's really curious? I've been thinking about that too! But I didn't know there was a site out here where you could learn it, so I dunno...
But I heard Liv Tyler and Orlando Bloom in an interview, an they were talking Elvish to each other!!! Now I wondered: where can I learn this? So good question, Halo! But I'm afraid I can't help you. If anyone does, post here, please please please do so!
Found this...

it's got a Quenya-to-English and a Sindarin-to-English translator thing and stuff about general grammar. Also there's a bit with the different fonts, but I haven't checked that out yet. Hope this is useful...also

has links to different things about Tolkien linguistics...some books and things, too.
I'm just going to check it ou, but thanks anyway, chika! Smile Smilie
I just checked it out, and it's pretty good... There's also Elven font there, and the language of Mordor and stuff... Cool! Thanks!!!
hey, sure...glad to help...Smile Smilie
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so what was the elvish language called? did you say there were any books on this? by the way thanks for being so helpful! thats what i love the most about this site
A lady Arwen should know that! Big Smile Smilie
On the site above there are dictionaries available, but they only contain words that are often used in the Tolkien books, the obvious ones. Sad Smilie I'm still looking for books or audio cassettes to learn it, so any help would come in hand... Smile Smilie
Wow! the book on tapes would be awsome! thanks tom. Wink Smilie
You're welcome. The book does exist on tapes, you know? You only have to find out which ones are the good ones. Smile Smilie Shouldn't be too hard... Wink Smilie
Helge Fauskanger has made a Quenya course devided in lessons and questions to each lesson. I think it's great! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
I used a book called "The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-Earth" by Ruth S. Noel, it was helpful.

The site that Amarie gave is the best one out there to learn Quenya or Sindarin.
Super Wow Smilie Thanks Amarie!! This site is a really good one indeed!

But since I'm currenly studying Russian already, I think Quenya will have to wait. Disturbed Smilie I might mix them up!
I would also like to learn elvish as well but with learning Spanish as of now, that may not be a great idea. but I shall try and hope that all goes well!! wish me luck!! Wink Smilie
And what's the difference between Sindarin and Quenya, and which one was used in LOTR??
Quenya is the ancient tongue, comon to all Elves, in the form it took in Valinor. It is High Elven.

Sindarin is the Elvish tongue of Beleriand, derived from the common Elvish speech, but greatly changed through long ages from Quenya of Valinor. Also called Grey-elven.
Seeing as how I never answered the last part of the Ringfacwen's question here, it is now being answered in Trans. from Elvish, please (spoiler) under The Two Towers.
For serious study of Tolkien's elvish languages, an important site is that of the Elvish Linguistic fellowship:

This is heavily academic but it offers an overview as well as links to Helge Fauskanger's site (as mentioned by Amarie) and a useful list of book resources at:

Another site which has numerous links to other resources:

There is a really good essay there on the topic of artificial languages (beginning with a translation of "To be, or not to be..." into Klingon!) and including a survey of whether Elvish should be considered a living language, since so many peoiple are now using it.
These sites all sound really good! Halo_Black, if you are interested in Tolkien's alphabets we have a section here about them I found very interesting, under Alphabet which is listed under JRR Tolkien. Ghan, nice to see you posting, I enjoy talking to you in chat. Big Smile Smilie
Awesome websites...I have been looking for something like this for quite some time now. Tongue Smilie
Sheryl posted on 28/1/2003 at 23:48 under Author under J.R.R. Tolkien
Is anyone currently learning how to speak Elvish?
I`ve only just started by reading some Elvish words and frases. Anyone???? if you want to learn any of Tolkien's languages. It's the best one by miles.
Also lets you download a free application for translating into Tengwar. Get it now, it kicks a**! Smoke Smilie

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I’m currently learning Quenya with a course I downloaded from

Check it out.I’m on the fourth lesson at the moment and I its quite good...a bit difficult but I try to do my best Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I've just downloaded the introduction, all of the lessons, the keys and the vocabulary from the above site. And WOAW! That someone took time to acctually write everything down! I'm impressed!
Let's just hope I find this easy to understand.. I really ant to be able to speak quenya! Big Smile Smilie
I've also been learning Quenya from - I'm on lesson 7. It's really very fascinating and the lessons are set out very well, I only wish there were more exercises.

Jumping Flame SmilieBright Spark Idea: maybe those of us who are learning Elvish from ardalambion should start a thread where we can converse in simple Quenya sentences.
ie: one person writes something in Quenya, the next person translates it into English and then writes something new in Quenya.

Jumping Flame Smilie Bright Spark Idea: maybe those of us who are learning Elvish from ardalambion should start a thread where we can converse in simple Quenya sentences.
ie: one person writes something in Quenya, the next person translates it into English and then writes something new in Quenya.
This sounds like a game, so you may start it in the Ivy Bush Tavern with our other fun games. Might I suggest calling it The Translation Game: Quenya to English, of course if you can think of something more original feel free. Cool Elf Smilie
I agree with Grondy.
I think that would be a great game for the Ivy Bush and it may spark interest in other PT members for the Elvish language.
Sounds like fun! I know I'd play. Big Smile Smilie
I would too! im currently taking courses from Ardalambion also. Excelent site. i love it.
I think i am going to have to check out that site plus the Grondy's game. They both sound great.

yes they are great...., but i never thought learning quenya was going to be soo dificult...,specially if I am still perfecting my english.....(as you all can see) Wink Smilie
Your English is fine Thingol

There is no way I could converse in Spanish the way you do in English. I am very impressed with everyone that posts here when I discover that their native language is not English.

(blush!!!!) gee....., Thnx Cyclops Smilie
I wanna know if you REALLY LEARN elvish in these sites, because I think it doesn't work at all...
You will learn Quenya if you use either the Ardalambion course or our lessons, or both.
I'm intrested on that how and where did Tolkien make the elvish language...I'm heard about the baltic language- he made the elvish language on them but still I'm wondering...excpecially because it is a VERY beatuiful language Wink Smilie I would like that some country would own that language Smile Smilie ...there was a site where I once found the elvish dictionary...I guess it was atleast I think so Wink Smilie
I'd just like to mention that the aforementioned book by Ms. Noel is both outdated and inaccurate and should not be taken seriously as a real reference for learning Tolkien's Elvish languages.
I know some elvish.
well i duno bout you buyt i found the actuall mechanics of the language increadibly easy (quenya im talking about btw) but what i find harder is meoriseing the words, but hey im gettin there, if you every do start a quenya course feel free to msg me with any questions

10 point to anyone who can work out my real name from my elvish name (my screne name)
i like Elvish, such beautiful language, they should really teach it in skools (hey this is a planet right maybe we should have our own language, hmmm Quenya or Sindarin hehe)
i know that this is a double post but i posted that previous one ages ago, i have some websites that i think that you will all love, this is the ultimate 'how to write in elvish' i love it

you type in a word and it comes up in elvish underneath its brilliant and a good way of testing yourself

there is this one as well

write any word in ten minutes but as you get to know the characters for each letter and the vowels rules its so easy,
i hope you all enjoy this and spread it around i actually know what my name is written in elvish YAY and how to write in elvish now whoopeee

i would very much like your oppinion on this just to see what you think
Unfortunately, with the second site, the two dots under a consonant can only be used for a following consonantal Y. It also fails to mention that in most examples of English (and English names) being written in the tengwar, the vowels are placed over the following consonant, not the preceding one.

As for courses, Thorsten Renk offers some for Quenya, Sindarin, and Ad’naic. I think the courses have been additionally translated into other languages, such as French, for the ease of other users. He has many articles that are worth seeing, also, on his site Parma Tyelpelassiva, such as about Quenya (pronouns, the past tense, and compounds), Sindarin (word reconstruction, mutation, the verb and case systems, pronouns), Noldorin (intensifying prefixes, compounds, early plural patterns), grammars for Goldogrin and early Qenya, agental suffixes/gender distinction, using the verb 'to be' in Elvish, and impersonal constructions. Songs, cartoons, poems, and other things are available as well.

Ardhon Ellammath, 'Realm of the Elf-languages', is a wonderful resource for pronouncing Sindarin, and it also lists recordings of several known texts in Sindarin, Quenya, Khuzd’l, Telerin, Noldorin, and the Black Speech. It can be found here.
Thanks for those, about the second site, there are many verisons of Tengwar, thats why it can be changed to suit different languages, i even found a document which shown how to write it in Old English, with thou and the like. So dots can be put wherever as long as it complys with the launguage, Quenya style is very different to the English style.

i downloaded the documents form this site, its long and many of them, so enjoy reading, but in these documents it does state that placements and use of letters and names are placed in different points to be put with the right language
So,,,,,,then you are a scholar now in Elvish dear Loss?
sigh........I long to be able to read and write it,but it seems so very complicated and difficult and I am in the middle of relearning Spanish, Hebrew and learning Russian and I am worried I will end up speaking a combination and have peoples from several different countries trying to kill me for grave insults I m ake unwittingly.
I admire that you can do that.
Do you teach classes on line or something?
try if you're really in teresting in learning elvish. it offers downloadable word format courses.

the site is called ardalambion
All of you should check this one out it is quite good

it is a dictionary but you can use it to write in sindarin quenya and blackspeech