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I totally agree with Ringy, she`s right, I think there`s going to be some big problems in making that film, it`ll probably be a big challenge, also, he`ll have to use Ian Holm again bc he used him in the beginning of FOTR. The bit that was in The Hobbit. Do you know what I mean?

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I just keep wondering how they're gonna pull off a younger looking Bilbo? Are they still gonna use Ian Holm or someone else?
For the sake of continuity, it would be criminal if PJ were to use different actors for the same roles within the three LotR movies. With the Hobbit, however, I think it would be treated as a different project with a totally different cast. Personally, I'd have no problem having Ian Holm play Bilbo in LotR and a different actor in the Hobbit. I'd rather have that than see Ian Holm attempt to play a young Bilbo throughout a whole movie.
As I said, I've seen the preview and noticed that PJ used a lot of the other movies' scenes for these one, and yes Holm is playing Bilbo and I guess the other actors are staying the same too.
But Ian McKellen sure is Gandalf.....and Magneto!!
I have heard nothing about 'The Hobbit' being made into a movie. Namo please send me this preview you have to
I have heard that there is a very good chance that P.J. will make The Hobbit into a film, but I’m having a really hard time with the 2006 date, not to mention the existence of a preview, since no footage for this movie has been shot, and there is no cast.

It’s a well-known fact that P.J.’s next project after ROTK is King Kong. Given the fact that ROTK doesn’t come out until almost 2004, and then P.J. will be busy putting the theatrical version, and extended version’s of ROTK together for DVD, I don’t see his personal involvement with the LOTR films ending until at least halfway through 2004 at best, and then he is going to do King Kong. That certainly doesn’t leave much time for The Hobbit to come out in 2006.
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I have heard nothing about 'The Hobbit' being made into a movie. Namo please send me this preview you have to

Taz, I actually think I already mailed it to you, but using my tolkienmail. I don't know to use it quite well son maybe it didn't work out, my hotmail doesn't have so much space for files. I'll see what I can do.
But he did say that if anyone was to sponsor him he would make The there must’ve been some one who saw how much cash LoTR pulled in so they thought let’s make the prequel....The HobbitBig Smile Smilie
Is Taz around. Yesterday I was sending him the preview to his messenger, but he never showed up to take it. The preview is too big for an e-mail. Taz, you have to consider the 6 hours diference, when here is 11:00 in the morning, there is 6:00 in the afternoon.
Can't you divide it into two or three e-mails? Or get an e-mail account with no size limits? There are plenty free e-mail services out there.
Don't hold your breath people. If it happens, it ain't gonna happen in 2006. Like I already stated in this thread, it's FACT that P.J.'s next project is King Kong, and not The Hobbit. In addition, I just read a very recent interview with P.J. yesterday where he stated that no one has approached him about doing The Hobbit, and that he would actually prefer if someone else made it, so he could pay $10 bucks to see someone else's hard work.

I would love to be wrong about this, but I have a crisp $5 bill that says I'm not!
Elf Smilie that a bet Elfstone???
I'm happy to say that Taz has the preview.
I hate to be a naysayer, but I still don’t believe it! I’m not trying to bust your chops intentionally Namo, because that’s not the kind of person I am. The problem I have with your post is this, I personally feel that when you’re going to come on the internet, and commit something serious to printed word on a website that literally hundreds of people all around the World visit, and will read what you posted, you have a moral obligation to be as factual and truthful as possible (again I’m not talking about jokes, or idle chatter in the Taverns, I’m talking about serious content).

When you made your initial post, and postAuthorIDed this thread, you stated it as fact that The Hobbit is going to come out in 2006, and that you’ve seen the preview, and that Ian Holm is cast as Bilbo, and this is what I have a problem with! If you take a good look around this website, you will notice that quite a few of us have been discussing the possibility of The Hobbit being made into a movie for many months now, but that’s just it, a possibility! In all of the conversation we’ve had, everything we’ve discussed has been addressed as possibility, rumor, or speculation!

If you would have started this thread and said something like, ’well I heard a rumor’, or ’there is some speculation’, I would have been cool with that, and that would have been (and is) completely appropriate, but again, you did not do this, you stated it as a fact. I’ll have you know that I’m a HOUND for information, and I surf the net everyday looking for Tolkien related information, specifically in regards to the LOTR films, and what P.J. is up to. This is far from the only site I come to for info, there is about a half dozen sites that I frequent on an almost daily basis, and these people know far more than I do. In fact, some of the sites I go to have insiders working for P.J. right now, and they leak out info all the time, and NONE of these people know a darned thing about what your saying!

There is NO WAY in Helcaraxe that you know something these people don’t! It’s just not possible Namo! In addition you have dodged everything I have listed in this thread about P.J.’s next project, and the timetable conflict that would cause with the date you have listed. Everything I have posted in this thread in regards to P.J.’s next project is FACT!

Please forgive me all if I’m coming off as being overly abrasive, but again, I feel that if you’re going to come on this website, and commit something in print as fact, where literally hundreds of people might, or will read your post, you have a moral obligation to those people to be as truthful as possible. I don’t know if your just confused, or if you think your playing some kind of funny prank on all of us, but this has got to end! And please, for the love of Eru, don’t tell me that you sent some copy of the prologue to FOTR with the Gollum’s cave scene to Taz, and wasted his, and our time! Again I would love to be wrong about this, I really would, and if I am, I will promptly apologize to you, but I sincerely doubt that’s going to be the case!
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My dear friend Elfstone, I am sorry if reading about a probably coming out of the Hobbit movie is a waste of time for you, I've read your posts about PJ next project, but I seriusly think he has more than enough time for doing both of them from here untill 2006. I have the preview, and in it, it says clearly the name of Ian Holm, and Peter Jackson. I heared the news and was very excited about it. It is not my obligation to post every news I have about Tolkien, if I did is because I belive it is right, I posted it as a fact because I belive it is one. And I am truly sorry if it is not one, but I have the preview as a proof that I have also been tricked, ultill any information saying that it is not true I will still say it is a fact.
Okay Namo let’s get this thing settled! First of all I’m sure you’re a nice guy, and I would sincerely much rather be friends than argue with you. I don’t like arguing with anyone ever, it’s a waste of my time, and energy. I want to be wrong Namo, and I hope that you are right, because I would really like to see The Hobbit be made into a film, but my common sense, and the fact that nobody else has heard about this (including those really in the know) prohibits me from thinking that the 2006 date, or the existence of an actual preview is reality. I noticed that in your latest post, you used the words ’probably coming out’ for the first time in this thread, and that’s all I ask. We can’t address something as being fact, until we actually know it conclusively to be so.

I don’t agree with you that P.J. will have time to do both films by 2006. Logistics, and common sense prove this false to me, but if you want to think that, then you are certainly entitled to your own opinion. You have now stated that the reason you posted what you did was due to excitement (which I completely understand, and encourage), and that you believe it to be true, and if it turns out that it is not, you are sorry. I accept that Namo, and I apologize to you if I have hurt your feelings in anyway; it was never my specific intention to do so. If someone has tricked you, than I feel bad for you, and shame on him or her for doing so.

It ’s not a waste of my time to read about something probably, or possibly Tolkien related coming out, and I look forward to many healthy discussions with you, and many others here at PT in the future discussing the possibility of The Hobbit being made into a film, but to read about something that is a hoax over, and over again is a waste of my time. And as you said, until someone can show me credible information proving that this is indeed true, I will still say it is false. However, I hope we can move on from this, and bury the hatchet so to speak, because as I said, I would much rather be friends.
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Is it possible, Namo, that your preview has been made from edited scenes from FotR by some clever hoaxer? There is enough material in FotR to be able to make what would appear to be a Hobbit trailer if someone with the know-how wanted to.
Should this thread be in a tavern? Since it seems to concern the possiblitiy of a 'The Hobbit' movie?
I'm glad we are speaking in the same laguage here Elfstone (I mean, to prefer being friends than arguing) , but I think this has been a totaly respectful talk and I admire that.
Maybe I let my self fall into excitement and didn't think this through, but I said, what would you think if one of your best friends sends you a preview of a movie? I mean, you have the preview, why wouldn't you belive it? That is the reazon I stated it as a fact, and I still think it is one, but if anyone has a problem with it I will say maybe, because I don't fell like arguing with anybody. But I still think of it as a fact.

Is it possible, Namo, that your preview has been made from edited scenes from FotR by some clever hoaxer?

Of course it is possible, but it has to be a VERY clever hoaker to make Smaug apear on it.

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Is it possible, Namo, that your preview has been made from edited scenes from FotR by some clever hoaxer? There is enough material in FotR to be able to make what would appear to be a Hobbit trailer if someone with the know-how wanted to.

This has been my gut feeling all along, but I’ll leave it alone now, I’ve spoken my peace.

I'm glad we are speaking in the same laguage here Elfstone (I mean, to prefer being friends than arguing) , but I think this has been a totaly respectful talk and I admire that.

Well said Namo, and I quite agree (reaching out to shake your hand)!

Let's just hope that whenever it is, that we do indeed get to see The Hobbit on the big screen someday, and that the proper justice is done to the film.
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Well said Namo, and I quite agree (reaching out to shake your hand)!

(Reaching to shake yours also)
ummm, i hope i'm not opening up healed wounds or nothing, but i'm a real nosey bu**er, and my nose is twitching something cronic right now, i really really want to see this preveiw, hoax or no hoax. Where did you find this site Namo, and is it possible to put the link here?....please please please..............pretty please!!!!
Damn Mandos!!! Has Taz got it yet??

I’d love to see The Hobbit preview.....can you see Smaug on it?!?!

Thanks Namo for bringing this to our attention!!

Cheers MateBig Smile Smilie
Yes Mahal, Taz has it and you can clearly see Samug flying over Esgaroth and the men throwing water to the fire.
I doubt if Taz has received it nor will he, as I think this whole thread is a hoax. As Peter has to finish the extended TTT DVD's, LotR: RotK, as well as the DVD for the RotK, and do all the preparations, shooting, and editing of King Kong, he can not do any thing towards the Hobbit until 2006 which means we wouldn't be able to view it until 2008 if at all. Peter won't spend a dime on the digital graphics for Smaug until he has everything else lined up.

I think Namo is having us on; giving us something to chew the fat about while we are all awaiting the DVDs and the final movie. And even if he is pulling our legs, it is fun to speculate.

Of course that's just my humble opinion, I could be wrong. Elk Grinning Smilie
Elfstone goes into convulsions, his fingers reach ever nearer for the keyboard, but he swore to himself that he was done with this thread, as he's known the answer to this riddle all along. Finger's getting closer to the keyboard now, but he manages to pull them back. Fingers reaching for the keyboard again, and alas poor Elfstone doesn't have his Sam to pull his hands back this time,

I think Taz's silence speaks volumes! Case closed, game over!!!
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Sorry to break the anticipation, my delay was unintentional Just been chocker with work. Anyway, I got The Trailer checked over with Gordon Paddison from Newline and it is indeed 'FAKE'. Sorry folks.
Please my dear friends, don't you think I was trying to trick you, I was also misinformed, I thought it was real. I mean, I still can't belive it. The preview seemed so real that...
You know what I mean...
And I am really sorry if I seeded false hopes on you, but it was not my intention.
I really do not believe that you were trying to deceive anyone. You have heard some exciting news and wanted to share it with your friends. I am sorry that it ended up that someone had played a mean hoax on you. But please do not worry about us. We had really hoped that it was true too.
If it had not been you to bring this news to us, believe me, it would have been someone else. So please do not worry about it. We are all still friends. Big Smile Smilie
Thank you for understanding...
Yes, were still your friends Namo. That some of us, including myself, thought it was too good to be true, doesn't mean we think any less of you for being the messenger. You are still one of the 'Good Guys'. Happy Elf Smilie

If you or anyone else find any future items or rumours, feel free to present them. We can have fun talking about them or trying to varify them. You might get credit for a scoop. The worst that can happen is we shoot them down, but we won't hold that against you as long as the hoax isn't malicious.
Water under the bridge Namo!
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Even if it is an hoax, I'd still love to see it. Don't worry about being taken in by it Namo. You obviously had a piece of hard evidence which you wished to share with us all. In the same situation I'd most likely have done the same.
First time I saw it I thought it was the real thing myself Namo. Whoever put it together did a d*amn good job with it so it happens but don't fret over it brother.
Honestly, being a hoax and everything, it would really be cool to see it, is there anyway to get a look at it? isn't there a link to it? or, if not, please, if someone has it, let me know so I can contact you by msn and have it sent
I have seen was a hoax....that I am sure new scenes with Bilbo or Gandalf or Gollum....just old scenes...otherwise it would show a couple of scenes which featured Gandy, Bilbo or Gollum...but it didn’ it is most definately a hoax! Smoke Smilie
Well holy Varda.....You can download it on kazaa....although my friend he just got it from a lucky shotTongue Smilie
AWSOME!! I cant wait till it comes out!! I hope it will be better than the book! (the book was borring)
I only know PJ is going to film his autobiography after his destruction of LoTR : King Kong.
PJ will have to use some of the characters he used in "The Lord of the Rings"... like the guys who play Gandalf and Elrond .... I wounder if he'll use the guy who plays Bilbo.. and I just wounder who he'll use for King Thranduil Elf Confused Smilie
For more on this Hobbit Movie discussion see: The Hobbit.....The Movie, which has more of our speculation about the casting for this movie.
I really hope that they don't make the hobbit. Expecisally if PJ makes it. After seeing all the changes in the LOTr movies i don't want to even think about the changes that would be in the hobbit. I may be juding to early. irima-Arwen
I don’t think it would be such good idea to make "The Hobbit"..... It would feel strange to see it. They should of made it first, then the trilogy!
Actually, the Trilogy appeals to a wider audience than The Hobbit (which is unjustly considered a children's book) so The Hobbit would be more likely to do well as a movie if it was released after the Trilogy, that way the people who didn't read the books ( I could say a few things about these people that would get my account locked right now) are hooked on the Trilogy and want to see The Hobbit just because the two stories are related. Without seeing the Trilogy first they wouldn't bother to watch The Hobbit, and would just label it as a children's movie and walk away.
Filmmaking, in our time, can't do good film that 'll based on "Hobbit"!!! "LOTR" nice film,but I'm very disapointed on it ! Some moments were extremly marvellous!! But only moments.... I think film didn't give to us those atmosphere and feelings which are living in the books.....

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The preview you guys are talking about is images with the prologue spliced with shits from dragonheart 2, that is where the dragon comes from. It definitely is not the hobbit. At the end is says who the trailer was made by and its some random guy. Definitely not newline. Its weird though how there isnt more info about the hobbit like a definite yes or no.
According to, jackson confirmed that he will be working on The Hobbit.
With the level of skills that movie makers have today, it would be very easy for them to make Ian Holm look younger. They did an amazing job makinghim look older in ROTK, so it probably wouldn't be too hard to make him look younger. Plus there's also computer programs now that can edit stills and make major changes to the way people look. I think it would be quite simple for them to make Ian Holm look younger.
I agree with most of you there shouldnt really be any film of the hobbit as the story line will change and would be improper for Tolkien's work to be changed after so many long years.
On the other hand many people do not know about any Hobbit book and the film would have them appreciate the vastness of Tolkien's world they would appreciate the looooooong years of his writings and would enable other ones to understand more about what LOTR is all about. Well that's my oppinion anyway!!!! Smoke Smilie
I h ave to agree with Loss. And how are you by the way, I miss you.
I wish though that somehow the estate or the family of Tolkien would have commissioned such a film and oversaw it from start to finish. That is what I might have done and that way, not only ensure that it is a flawless and honest to the book film as well as leaving my own sort of legacy in honor of my father.