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Thread: Ghosts who can kill???

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The way ive always seen the whole Ghost killing things (and this is only my opinion, not what i think tolkien ment) is that fear CAN kill, these ethereal swords might not actually cut them, but it passes through their bodies, maybe causing enough fear to cause a heart attack or to pass out or become comatose (ok sounds silly know ive written it down, but thats what i think any way)

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What I didn't like was their arriving at Harlond and making their last battle there, instead of just at Pelargir.

Yeah grondy you're right. It makews the battle of pelennor fields end to quickly and too easily.
I agree with you Turion - I'm sure that the fear itself could also kill people BUT that a large number of them ran into the sea and drowned or were killed by Aragorn and Co. in their panic (according to the book).

And I also agree with Grondy and others that I didn't like that they were glowing green or that they were used as a quick fix to the Pelenor battle - what an anti-climax. I thought it was quite amazing that the bodies of the enemy just vanished into nothing.

Another thing that I found a little strange (even though it looked kinda cool in an Indiana Jones way) was when all the skulls came pouring out of the city of the dead. I could be wrong but I don't remember reading that in the book.
Yes that was really wierd.
I am sure they did those scenes as well as could be done, but something seemed lacking to me, what i cannot tell you.Something though............
Actually i liked the green ghost. It gave me some diversification from the usual black or grey ghost in other films... Elk Grinning Smilie
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